Edit: Waiting a bit to post so I don't ninja Kallisto.

Right then. Last round of posts and let me know here when you're ready to move on. We're going to fast-forward the shopping, so give me a shopping list here or in private.

Also, would anyone disagree to being fast-forwarded all the way into the dragon lands? This would be a few days, if not a week, jump.

No objection here.

There. Now I have mocked Sel's weight. We can move on!

With a reply like that, I need a Sel response!

I'll leave room in my post for it - Kallisto if you could be so kind to tell me how Sel responds in your private thread, I'll past it into my post and have the game be that much better.

Silver roses indeed!

Well, silver isn't quite as heavy as lead! Unless I am even less science-y than I think I am and need to edit my post so that my terrible embarrassment never sees the light of day.


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