Jericho Tesla's Side Adventure

As Jericho begins to pshyche himself up for what appears to be a long swim, something huge erupts out of the water near him, causing a massive wave to drench him and partially fill the cavity of the downed ship.

A huge, floating disk, like a massive island, covered in ocean silt rises out of the water, passes overhead, and moves towards the distant city. Within seconds it is off in the distance, growing gradually smaller.

Jericho stares up in amazement at the U.F.O. and waits to see if it comes back to collect him, hoping it doesn't. When it does not arrive he breaths a sigh of relief and continues on his swim.

He then thinks to himself ocean silt. Without a second to lose he tries to find some way to get an idea of where he is from the ship

Swimming in the direction of the skyline he spied earlier, even as the floating object disappeared from his view and the sky grew ever darker, Jericho swam for what seemed like hours. Until...finally...


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