XP rewards:

Naturax, Firky; for The Journey Continues; 500xp
PP; for Fairhaven; 500xp

Everyone, including Lasseram; coz you're so great (plus advance xp for the party thread); 1000xp


XP rewards:

Everyone; 500xp (just for being marvellous)

Originally Posted by ShadowBright View Post
XP rewards:

Everyone; 500xp (just for being marvellous)
What he said!

Oooh, am I a tease? ;-)

Let's have some XP for you all.

Merry Christmas! The second of the game no less!

Everyone: 700xp

Because you are so lovely, and have waited so long...

XP for all: 3,300.

(also note I have moved the totals to the top post)

In addition:

Dazzle gains the feat Fire's Heart
Callach gains the feat Identity Theft
Iliana gains the feat Martyr
Sergie gains the feat Path of the Mentalist

(you will find out what these do in due time!)

Christmas was it? And I missed it? So sorry. 2k XP and a free bonus feat* help make up for it? Good :-)

*as in choose one feat that you qualify for, as a freebie.

Damn. It's been a year since you got anything. Bad DM! Bad BAD DM!!

Have some loot. Merry Christmas!!


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