Father Silas Taro

Congrats on quitting smoking! I smoked for more than 20 years. Quitting was hell. What, if anything are you using?

It's been close to a year now. I'm still addicted to Nicorette!

Thanks! I opted to use the patch again. The thing about the patch is, I have learned not to smoke while wearing it...the hard way. A few years ago, last time I tried to quit, my patch fell off when i got to work, and I thought I was ok so I smoked. Got the shakes really bad and couldn't stand up. Had to go him. Resumed smoking.

This time, I was to try Chantix, but insurance wouldn't pay for it. So I tried the patch again, a little wiser. That was the first week of September. I did ok until I finished the program. I craved every minute for nicotine, and smoking was the only thing I could think of. I was in a wedding on November 1st, and I smoked about 5 or 6 cigs. I knew I would. God, it was incredible. I miss smoking.

But...I haven't had any since that night. Nor have I bought any. I crave hard, and suffer from bouts of depression, anxiety, and anger. I feel like something has been ripped away from me.

It is tough. But I have my kids to think about. Cancer runs in my family, so my wife is super-happy I quit. If it wasn't for her and my kids, I'd go buy a carton right now.

You might consider supplementing the patch with the 2mg uncoated Nicorette for those "need one now" cravings. I suggest using half a piece.

The benefit of Nicorette is that you get hits of Nicotine when you need them most.

If using the gum while on the patch is too much for your system, I still suggest keeping some on hand for those cravings you get once you get off the patch.

The first time I was on the patch, I had to place it on my rib cage because if I had it on my arm, when a craving hit I was unable to resist wedging my tongue under the patch for that extra rush of Nicotine.

That might not be a bad idea. I did try gum YEARS ago, and it tasted so bad I couldn't continue with it.

The coated Nicorette tastes the best, but I find that the coating somehow makes the gum work more effectively, and if you're on the patch you have to be careful.

There's a bunch of new flavors. I like the citrus, and the coated mint.


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