Valrik the Vile


You should edit the second post in this thread to hold that info too.

Description of Alchemist's Stone: (In Progress)

Behind the counter is a wall lined with more shelves full of cosmetics, herbal remedies and various alchemical compounds whose purpose is not immediately apparent. A heavy wooden door leads through the wall to the work area behind. At the rear several long workbenches line the dark brick walls, all covered in various beakers, glass and copper tubing, ceramic tubs and various tools of unknown purpose. A staircase going up to the second floor can be seen in the far corner next to a cloak stand where numerous working aprons are hanging and another staircase can be seen to descend to a cellar area.

Ah, I need to know if you already have the details of who Valrik owes the illegal loan payment to or if you need me to come up with the details myself.

With his latest haul, Valrik will quickly turn over what he has so far (to avoid untimely theft) and will work on scrounging the remainder over the next 13 days game time.

I don't think we have worked out specifics of illegal loans as yet. So for the time being keeping track of what you owe and how much has been paid is fine.

Assuming Valrik can avoid being robbed, he will make a beeline to his illegal creditor and apply the 1000 gp to his loan payment.

Ah yes, your creditor is Dinasi Nansen. He's not a professional loan shark, but he does loan money from time to time, particularly to safe ventures like Valrik's shop. He doesn't know (or at least pretends that he doesn't know) that some of your goods are illegal, but then, he very pointedly didn't ask.

Nansen lives in Procan's Way. His wife is a priestess of Procan, and he's friends with a lot of sailors. It's unclear what he does for a living, but he seems to do pretty well for himself.


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