Issue Seven: Infinity Quest

Benni smiles and nods helplessly as the crowd presses in and she nods and smiles and says alot of "I don't know" in various ways to all questions involving the Avengers and is completely swept away by the hero worship. She finds herself wishing she was in a more superheroic outfit then her one pair of regular clothes and the black half mask that Agent X lent her. Which reminds her that she needs to go shopping!

If you look to the reporter who asks where Energystar is, you see Tonya Fields with microphone in hand and a new light grey pinstripe skirt suit.

Fans, as well as the media, then press in on you, shaking hands, patting you on the back, asking you to hold their babies for photographs, asking annoying questions about "is this the Avengers' new lineup?"
Maelstrom looks a bit taken aback by the question and throws up his glassy hands. "Wait, wait, my friends. All we can say for now is that the Avengers will be back in action, working as hard as they ever did to protect the world from any threat. The exact makeup of the current line-up is not yet decided. You can be sure, the best interests of everyone are being considered when determining that lineup. You will know as soon as we do. Until then, every former and current Avenger is on call.",

"where's EnergyStar?"
Maelstrom looks toward the source of that question and chokes a little. "Um, err ..." he says, losing his confidence a little, then he recovers. "Energystar, as former leader of the Buffalo Experimental Franchise and of the Avengers during the disappearance of several top members, is deep in the throes of the membership consultation. Never fear though. She is always closer than you might imagine."

, and "can you confirm that the missing Avengers have returned?".
"That we can, my friend. They are returned in force. The Avengers have never been in better shape for membership than they are right now."

It was strange. Maelstrom, who so often was tongue tied and nervous in front of anyone, seemed to be ... well, competent this time. If he wasn't exactly relaxed, he didn't seem quite panicked either. Maybe it was the half-bottle of cough syrup he had consumed with his new ex-wrestler street friend an hour earlier.

Blackbird finds his voice unneccessary, and so just chooses to play Poster Boy. He makes sure to wave at 'his' class, and just shakes his head at the Captain's sidelong remark.

It would be obviously stupid to appear as Agent X. The best thing about the Agent X identity is he has no history what so ever. Christopher Alexander Micheals has a history as a government agent. With a history of heroic deeds medals and honors. That file now shows him as retired. It is not a big issue for him to show up again like this. His coming back out party. A Grand Hero returns from oblivion. Shooting out of retirement like a star. Whether or not being someone else might help or might not. It might become a problem at some point to not have the medal in his name. He would then need to remember that form and name. He will just go as Christopher Micheals an old hero. He goes looking his full age as Chris Micheals 44. It is easier for me that way. He would have called his contacts in the us government. He would also call his superior in D7 to let them know that he is receiving a medal as Chris Micheals. Hopefully it wont come back to bight me in the ass later at some point.

Chris standing in regalia of past accomplishments and medals smiles and waves. He has not been seen on a large stage in a long time. I thank the Symkarian government for this grand honor. It has been a very long time since I last received such an honor. I shall treasure this Medal for a long time to come. He would then wave the fans on to the avengers. That is unless he receives any questions directed at him. Since Chris just arrived in the museum during the fight meaning teleported. If asked how he knows the Avengers he says. I saw them at the museum. I was there during the fight and I saw an opening where I could lend a hand. I decided why not help out I am still rather young. On days like to day I keep feeling younger and younger. Feeling spry is such a good thing on days like this. He then bows to those gathered and the dignitary's there as well.


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