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What is the origin of your username?

"wyld" comes from World of Darkness, one of my earliest games
"image" is the name of a recurring character from my longest running game - BESM (now he appears in like every single BESM game I run for the guys that first interacted with him)

Originally Posted by iroel
ah, yes... Iroel qvasura is, in all his incarnations, a very odd character... To be completely honest, he's my eq2 main, and my first d&d character. The eq2 one is an erudite illusionist, with rather eccentric behaviour, sesquipedalian loquaciousness, and a peculiar fascination with the darker arts. My d&d character?

Well, let's start with imagining a grey elf. Now, take this grey elf, and make him a wizard. An illusionist to be precise (i like illusions). Give him som archivist levels too, for extra gimpyness. Then make him highly intelligent, a rebel who's not quite sure of his cause, a strong idealist, paranoid, and completely suicidal. Fun times, no? To date, his near-death experiences include:

Being run through by a wererat, and subsequently bitten - good thing we had access to some poisonous wolfsbane...
Being nearly drowned due to the weight of leeches the size of his legs.
Having solid chunks of him devoured by a hydra.
Nearly breaking his neck multiple times due to several fails caused by incredibly low physical scores.
Having a sword run through his back by a 300 years old undead abomination thingy - incidentally, it's the great-great-great-something of our ranger, who's now wielding said sword. Did i mention our ranger is completely psychotic, and that he hates my character's guts?
Being lost for days in a maze, with no spellbook.
Attempting to jump on a manticore to save his fighter friend - cue one critical fail and slipping from the roof.

All in all, a perfect way to introduce someone to the hobby. Oh, and he carried enough weapons to make a fighter blush. Longspears, shortspears, longswords, daggers, staves, bows, crossbows, etc... Yeah, that's me.
a-w-e-s-o-m-e! :d

the first place I used Keytium was on unification wars a online game where you control an interstellar empire so It was the Keytium Empire. That was the first time I used the user name but I originally thought it up to fit into a Sci-fi setting I imagined into existence (the setting got put to no real use. It was originally meant to be for a book but that like my countless other attempts at writing fell by the wayside) But without going into to much detail to the setting. Humanity discovered a new material that was indestructible and this catapulted them into a new age of technology. This new material was the key to the future. so when the word Key was combined with the suffix ium used in the name of many of the elements Keytium was born. I remembered this when creating the name for my empire and decided that a Empire made out of indestructible material would be totally awesome.

After that I signed up to a few other sites using it but it didn't really stick until me and a group of friends created a forumsmotion site for personal use and once I registered as Keytium people IRL started to associate the name with me. Now it's my user name for every site I frequent and I even have a Wow character named Keytium.

My friends tell me that I min max a bit too much and that I need to work harder on blending min/maxing with roleplaying. Then I found GiTP. Pramxnim is just the anagram of MinmaxRP, or just me trying to literally "blend" the two concepts in a silly way.

@Kitsune Tsuki: As it is, your username is just Fox Moon (translate each word separately from Japanese). I think it sounds cool though.

I keep all my char sheets in a 3-Ring binder. After a hiatus from the WotC and other D&D boards caused when my monitor exploded (no, seriously, POP followed by smoke out the top of it ), I came back because I got Tome of Magic and had 48 hours to make a Binder using it, so I was in a bit of a bind. In other words, it's a threefold bad pun.

EverQuest. I was playing a Gnome Warrior named Xtis (who later adopted the surname Cee) who was the biggest flirt around (and so was I, really, at the ripe old age of 12). I met this girl who said I reminded her of an Imp, and started calling me that. The name stuck, probably because that girl is now my best friend of around 10 years now, and has gone through numerous incarnations - but I'll always be 'Imp' online (and to a number of people in the real world who know about it).

My name is from a fanfic my friends and I were RPing about naruto.Based off hannibal Lector his bloodline trait was that he could "Alter" his DNA to mach that of witch he ate.He always carried a black cat with him and was soon dubbed "Neko Sojo, The camo demon" He in turn was my first DnD character, man i had to print off so many things for that character.

Originally Posted by Roi View Post
Nope. Nope. Yes. No.

You'll never guess it! Muahaha!
It means 'King' in French. And I didn't even have to use the GoogleFu to find out either! I had a friend in high school whose last name was actually King. He started using "LeRoi" (pronounced like your typical southern "Leroy") as the name for his character in the original Diablo. I guess that was back in... '99? Yeah, somewhere around there.

Anyway, the story behind my user name isn't all that great. Mechwarrior 2nd edition was my first introduction into roleplaying. I wanted a name that was fairly generic, yet was unique (I know, weird criteria). So I picked Mechwarrior5. Funny thing is, years after I picked the name, the old Mechwarrior video games quit coming out, and they stopped right at "Mechwarrior 4." So never was there another Mechwarrior5. I'm sure they figured out the name was already taken by some teenage punk on the internet and gave it up.

I took Agricolus from the German seventeenth historian Georgius Agricola, who wrote De Re Metallica, a book depicting, through over 200 meticulous woodcuts, central Europe mining methods. The book was translated from Latin by President Herbert Hoover, also a Mining Engineer. The book became a 'bible' for mining engineers.

Originally being a Mining Engineer and writing the story for, and drawing the plans for Wawmar, a Dwarven fortress mined from an extinct volcano in Farland, it seemed like a natural progression.


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