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What is the origin of your username?

Fate was always my nickname between friends in RL ever since middle school because I was always the DM in our games. It just fit well enough. Fate was taken over at GitP, when I first enrolled there years ago, so I made this. I carried it here since then because everyone knows me as Call me Fate now.

Originally Posted by Agricolus View Post
Originally being a Mining Engineer and writing the story for, and drawing the plans for Wawmar, a Dwarven fortress mined from an extinct volcano in Farland, it seemed like a natural progression.
Wawmar abandoned due to cat overload or miasma?

I was very much into the Transformers and G.I. Joe when I was a
The 80's version of both
kid. So my name is a combination of two of my favorite characters. First one was Stormshadow, from G.I. Joe. The second part is from Thundercracker, the light blue jet in Transformers. When most people see my name they think I have something to do with meteorology!

@Kitsune Tsuki: As it is, your username is just Fox Moon (translate each word separately from Japanese). I think it sounds cool though.
I know what it means, but I think it makes me sound more like a 12 year old weeaboo. Of course, kitsunetsuki is equally weeaboo-ish.

I have to admit that I nicked mine, from Monstrous Regiment, a Discworld novel by Sir Terry Pratchett. There was a vampire character in there called Maladict, and at the time I was looking for a cool name for a vampire in another RP I was taking part in. I hadn't been able to come up with any ideas of my own, so used that one instead. It was meant to be just for that game but it sort of stuck, and I've used it ever since.

I do feel bad about it, sometimes.

Originally Posted by Kitsune Tsuki View Post
I know what it means, but I think it makes me sound more like a 12 year old weeaboo. Of course, kitsunetsuki is equally weeaboo-ish.
That's mostly because the Narutards ruined it.

Mine comes from back in the days of when I played WHFB. Vampire Counts was my army of choice, and my general was named Mortis, being an undead bretonnian feller type. I have about 30 pages worth of background floating around for him =| Used the name on WHFB forums, and it stuck. I use it all over the shop, or variations on it (people on forums love the name Mortis for some reason...)

Yeah, I was a cool kid. Still am.

My is named after one of my favorite D&D characters, a bloodthirsty halfling who had a massive Napoleon complex and tendency to overreact.

Of course, once I found my avi, I knew the name would stick

Originally Posted by Dakar View Post
Wawmar abandoned due to cat overload or miasma?
He said it was an extinct volcanoe! He abandoned it due to the lack of fun™ of course.

Grimgor is a badass orc waghhlord in Warhammer and I usually end almost every ID name with Dragon so


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