Non Sequitur

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The Neverending Story

Fortunately, Falkor managed to escape the destruction of the planet - with luck! He floated freely through space, swimming effortlessly through the aether, until...

he encountered a glass sphere inside which lived philosopher-coackroaches whom, when he landed near them, were discussing the philosophical and ethical ramifications of the age old question "what's that weird smell?". Falkor ever a good chap decided to join them in the debate, unfortunetly...

Then the sphere was once again blown up, destroying Falkor and the wierd philosophers, as well as the multiple sentences.

And so again the world was reborn only this time it had the shape of a vast done held by an immense golden hand...

named Atreyu, who also hunted the purple buffalo as a side hobby.

They attempted to defeat the purple buffalo with pre-cooked slabs of its lazy cousin... beef.


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