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Most awesome tank pic

Most awesome tank pic

Whether real or imagined, post a pic of the coolest tank you can link.

So, just to get people started:

Little Willy! First tank in history. Prototype, no armament, made by the navy for the army who in true British style didn't request it & weren't aware of the project. Despite appearences the armour wasn't much chop either - but it could move! Eh, sometimes.

Presenting...the water tank.

With extra doughnut-shaped goodness.

(Sorry, I had to.)

Sorry, we're talking fish tanks, correct?

Next someone will post a guy with a sword & board. *rolls eyes*

Tiger tank. Clear evidence they can go around corners on one side! Or finish on one side at least. Anyone got some rope and a tractor?

Toilet Tank AND a Fish Tank in one!

LC tank.

Ask a stupid question...


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