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Most awesome tank pic


Char 2c, French. Only superheavy tank in history to see service; too late for WW1 and totally outdated by WW2, the class was used for propaganda and kept well away from the fighting - nevermind what was on the posters! They were, in a word, enormous: those men are the crew.

^Captured one i'm guessing. German officers.

Big tank.
Err...not awsome, per se.

The famous British nosedive position... don't know if the crew survived.

An 8th Hussars Centurion that, in the confusion of the fighting along Route 11 in the morning mist, went over a paddy bund and immobilized itself. A third of C Squadron, 8th Hussars, was knocked out in the space of less than three hours.

Courtesy John Preston-Bell, 8th Hussars

On a lighter note, we have...

Tank girl! I'm told that somewhere under the, uh, extras is an M3 Stuart. If anyone cares. lol

Somewhere in this picture is a tank! See if you can find it! :P

Leopard-2, exceptional piece of work from Germany.

Here with less foliage. Most parts are assemblies; damaged sections are removed, working ones installed, the damaged section sent back for repair. Unusually, it is driven with a steering wheel.

A Nazi attempt at a Super Weapon. The Landkreuzer P 1500 Tank. It weighed in at 1,500 tons and luckily never made it beyond prototype testing.

it never made it off the drawing board, and that one's the P1000. Awesome idea. Totally impractical. I've read that the turret MAY have been built and later used as a naval defence gun, but the rest of the tank? Never built.

That's probably a good thing. If it had ended up working... that could have been a problem. That thing looks huge.



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