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Most awesome tank pic

They had some of the craziest ideas, that's why lol

oh. and wouldn't all those pictures be like classified stuff? shouldn't they be in crates in big warehouses?

no words are needed

First produced in 1983. Top speed: 42 mph. Range: 289 miles. The Textron AGT 1500 gas turbine engine gives Abrams a power-to-weight ratio of 26.64 horsepower per ton. Armor thickness: classified. Primary armament: 120-mm M256 gun.

The M-1 scores full marks for firepower and armor - it is the match of any of today's top tanks. The gas-guzzling engine loses points for mobility, though it still scores way above average. For its production rating, the score is low. This is a monstrously complex tank, expensive and difficult to engineer. Arguably the deadliest tank of all time, it gets full marks for fear factor.

Deadliest tank of all time... ha ha ha no bias here!

Tanks are built according to their doctrine and expected environment. You build it for the job. Russians have (or had) a different set of needs to the Americans and built very different tanks to meet them. They would find an M1A1 inferrior for mass attacks, their god-aweful Russian bogs, extreme winter cold and mass production, not to mention distances they have to travel. You build it to suit the job. There is no best tank.

That said, the M1A1 is pretty awesome. But so's a Merkava, or a Leopard-2, or a Challenger-2, or a T80.

The first generation Mark series were horrible in many ways... but they could fight in heavily-shelled nightmare terrain that would halt any of the modern MBTs. For that job, in those days, they were exceptional.

Is it a whale? Is it Pinocchio? No, it's a St Chamond!

There may not be a best tank, but there sure are some stinkers.

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