Hello everyone. This thread is just a little place I am building where I can keep people up to date with me, and maybe why I'm not posting as much as I normally do.

Right now, it is the middle of tax season. That alone is enough to keep any good accountant busy. To make my life even more busy, I am trying to get ahead of the game because I will be out of the country March 22nd-29th. If I want to stay on task with work, I need to have some head start on my clients for when I return.

So, I am still here, and I certainly have no intentions of going anywhere. I just am a little busy with real life at the moment. Things will settle down again after April 15th.

^_^ Well I guess since they're working on the site it won't be as much a hit =) Although I wait anxiously =P

I'm leaving on Sunday, so today and tomorrow are going to be crazy days. I'll be back the following Sunday, in the evening, and I don't know if I'll post in between at all.

YAY! I'm home. OK, so hopefully all my ducks will get in a row this week, and next week I'll be back to normal posting speeds!

Although I prefer all my games to hold a healthy 1/day posting rate on weekdays, I admit that life is too hectic for me to keep that up myself at the moment. I do plan to hold on to a 4/week posting rate though, or the best I can to stay near that.

YAY!!! No more taxes! With the new internet submissions, people like me here in the EST actually work three more hours, since we can internet submit up until midnight PST. ARG! But it's done. I hope tonight or tomorrow night I'll get EVERYONE updated.

Happy end of tax season! Freedom is so fun. So what are you up to the rest of the year?

They wouldn't let me e-file because my address is outside the US. So as a result my form will probably be late this year, by the time it gets mailed and all. Boo-hoo.

I just received some bad news about my grandma, who lived in Connecticut, so I will not be able to post up to my usual speeds this week or next, depending on how arrangement are made.

I'm going to spend most of tomorrow (Thursday June 18th) sleeping, so that I can drive through the night to get to Connecticut for my grandma's funeral. I do not plan to be online until Saturday afternoon, when I should be home and caught up on sleep again.

Life has gotten a little hectic lately, but nothing too much. Be aware of some slower-than-average posting, but otherwise hopefully business as usual.

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