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Most awesome tank pic

well, in the spirit of flyers...

also: no idea how to check image size before post. they all look the same on Google images.

The French Leclerc. It's fast for a tank and I've read it can fire its cannot whilst travelling at a speed of 50 km/hour.

I think i've heard of that. Nevermind the usual french bashing, it is supposed to be a good tank. Give the Abrams a run for it's money.

And a Challenger 2, British, would probably out-shoot it. Rifled barrel.

Black Eagle. Not much is known about it. Prototype Soviet tank, possibly the successor for the T80... i hear the maker has gone bankrupt, which may or may not doom that model.

Edit, 3 years later: The Black Eagle is history; lessons learned in it's development are being applied to the new projet.

The XM803 was a joint US-West German project to replace the M60. Unfortunately, cost overruns and disagreements (The US wanted the Shilelleigh 152mm gun/launcher, the Germans wanted a 120mm smoothbore gun) led to its cancellation. The US came up with the Abrams, and the Germans the Leopard II.

The Soviet T-35 was perhaps the ultimate in "Land Dreadnaughts" with four turrets, one with a 76.2mm gun, two with 45mm guns (one fires rear), and one with a machine gun. 60 were built.

Being humongous targets with surprisingly thin armor, they were utterly uninspiring in service. Most ended up as photo-ops for Whermacht soldiers.


m18 hellcat. Don't care if it's technically a tank destroyer. If you do, sue me.

and, because I can't help myself, in the spirit of pwn the person above, to AW's horsey-dude

also a tank destroyer. In the ancient sense.

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