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Your most stupid Character Concept!

Unarmed Fighter. I've always hated the Shaolin/wire-fu flavor surrounding the Monk, so I decided to make a straight brawler-type Fighter, using Unarmed Strike and such feats. Didn't work too wll.

Champions Character: The Cramp - had the ability to induce in anyone the sensation of suffering from painful menstrual cramps.

When I was first starting Dnd, I joined an online Campaign where we started at level 20. For some reason not known to me, I chose to be a 10 Assassin/ 10 Sorcerer. He wasn't really capable of doing anything to the other players. And we had a evil aligned character who casted a death spell on me, which I failed the save for, because I used Wis for a dump stat. Why? I'll never know. The most important thing he did was in the town of Fail. (Yes this was meant to be a non-serious campaign.) The town didn't use the common money system, and instead relied on a bartering system, primarily consisted of Cabbages, and Turnips. 2 Turnips = 1/2 cabbages, but one cabbage = 1/5 cabbages. I never understood how that worked.....Anyways, he stole a gold purse which held 3 cabbages and a turnip, and threw away the purse.



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