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Mmm that's true. My mum says when she was in high school (so about 30 years ago) she went on a legal studies excursion and they had satellite surveillance even then (the course was about privacy laws and so on). In 30 years, how much do you think it's advanced?

We are trees in a large forest. If someone wants to target you, then they will. Be it with a satellite or a disposable camera. In the meantime the best anyone can do is look at trends. So if you are doing something against the trend, like stockpiling uranium in your basement, then they will see it (and I gotta be honest, I am rather glad they can). On the other hand if your trend is to drive to and from work, and go to the mall on Saturdays (along with a 1,10,100 million other people) what is it that they can do?

That's pretty much the point... but it's hilarious freaking out people who don't know better by saying "The CIA/FBI/Whatever company has satellites that can see whatever you are doing at any time, anywhere. Nothing is sacred!"

Technically speaking, anything that you will do will always be seen. After all, whatever you do emits EM radiation that does travel out forever and ever from the Earth... and probably run straight into an alien telescope.

They're coming.


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