Issue Eight: Get Together

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Another week goes by - mostly uneventful. Benni and Jericho spend sometime familiarizing themselves with the city of Buffalo, as Benni has never been here and for Jericho, it been over half a century since he was here. Blue Marvel enjoys taking the two of them on little excursions around the area, occasionally accompanied by MantaMan, who is also new to the Buffalo area. Apparently, Blue Marvel thinks he's being helpful by conducting these little tours. This has helped MinuteMan be a little more trusting of him and not protest to EnergyStar so vehemently as he used to when Blue Marvel wants to go out in public unchaperoned. During one of their excursions, the heroes meet Lenny Lambertson, a storekeep who owns a small store in the neighborhood near Avengers' Tower named, appropriately enough, 'Lenny Lambertson's'. Lenny complained that there have been several robberies and acts of vandalism in the area and that every few days, it seems, his storerooms are robbed and vandalized. He asks you to 'clean up the neighboorhood' and promises a regular supply of deli sandwiches or, if you prefer, beef on weck, should you keep an eye out for his place.
Blackbird goes Lenny one better, and takes an afternoon to tour his way around the man's storerooms and check out what in the way of security (be it electronic, doors or locks) and give a few basic recommendations for improvements. Any he can make with his own expertise and tools, he does at cost of supplies plus lunch.

Like Benni, he also makes a point of diverting his usual flightpaths in and out of the tower to give aerial coverage to the problem spot.

The local school which Blackbird has adopted has been very receptive to his offer of a partnership and the local media has picked up the story, bringing in promises of support and donations to the school from other sources in the city, including the Fisk Chemical Company. As he also discovered in NY, the influence of gangs can unfortunately be found in schools in many cities and Buffalo is no exception. One concerned parent, who introduced herself to Blackbird as Rachel, has told Blackbird that people are paranoid over the gang issue. Her landlord even threatened to evict her and her son because he claims that her son belongs to a gang and will end up destroying his building. Rachel says it isn't possible. She knows her son Reggie is a good boy, and good boys don't join street gangs. Blackbird promised to listen for news about the area. The old AEF...well, Avengers North, now...used to count a former local gang member, Chuck Rogers, among their allies. Supposedly a friend of MinuteMan's, he might be able to supply some information.
And, off to MinuteMan he goes. It's always a pleasure to chitchat with another Role Model figure, after all, even if it's business and not pleasure.

The next time he runs across the other man, Blackbird takes him aside quietly...

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*Rant deleted.*
"I knew you'd adjust to life in the 1990's", MinuteMan quips. "You're already starting to sound like a long-time resident!"

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Benni's standard night becomes, she leaves the base after 10 pm, walks thru Lenny's neighborhood and then goes to her favorite dance club, dances til the club closes or between 2 to 3 am, on way home she walks around Lenny's neighborhood and back to the base to catch 4 hours of sleep before going back to work on helping with the renovations, putting together labs, updating computer systems, and studying history of this world and the supers in it.
Part of MinuteMan's regular routine is to wish Benni "G'Nite!" as they pass each other, going in opposite directions. Benni, out dancing, MinuteMan off to bed. MinuteMan (and some of the others as well, likely) is amazed that Benni can keep up this routine for as long as she does. "When does that woman sleep?"

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Blackbird goes Lenny one better, and takes an afternoon to tour his way around the man's storerooms and check out what in the way of security (be it electronic, doors or locks) and give a few basic recommendations for improvements. Any he can make with his own expertise and tools, he does at cost of supplies plus lunch.
As a result, after trying Buffalo's signature beef-on-weck, BlackBird is introduced to the hearty world of Polish cooking. Extremely filling meals ensue.

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And, off to MinuteMan he goes. It's always a pleasure to chitchat with another Role Model figure, after all, even if it's business and not pleasure. The next time he runs across the other man, Blackbird takes him aside quietly...
MinuteMan listens to BlackBird's story and introduces him to Chuck the next time the boy is around. BlackBird actually recognizes the youth, having seen him around the neighborhood before, but not realizing who he was. The young man frequently lends a hand as unofficial Avengers mechanic when needed but, unlike most of the other staffers and associates, does not live at Avengers HQ. "Reggie, huh?...Naw, the name doesn't sound familiar, but I've been out of that scene for a while now…Still, I could ask around…see what I can find out…"


Somewhere in the Atlantic...

Two large inflatable boats, each filled with six to ten individuals in wet suits, bounce up and down on choppy waves. Several long cables extend down into the water near the boats, extending upwards to some flying vehicle, probably a helicopter of some sort, based on the repetitive, choppy noise in the background, which sits just outside the viewing area of the comic panel. Four frogmen bob on the surface of the water near the cables, which are slowly being pulled up and out of the water.

Suddenly, a large structure bound with the cables breaks the surface of the water. Unrecognizable to most people on the planet, there are only a handful alive today who could recognize an Orphu time machine.

"OK, we've got 'er", a man speaks into a radio.


Benni does make Sunday's her sleep in day, getting in a good 8 hours of sleep and letting Sunday be a lazy day of relaxation and personal time.

Christopher Alexander Micheals

Chris will during this nice week off begin to shrink down the amount of things he has out in the office. One day he makes sure to run into his counterpart Byron Gamble on his way back from his office. So then Byron this must be a really inconvenient walk that you have to make. Considering that we have moved my teams location into the annex maybe something can be done about that. You are currently in a different building then your proper team. I suggest that by working together we may be able to alleviate the situation. Well that is at least for you. I will than have to commute but it will be quicker and make more sense. Though I might not move directly into your office. That is if there is another office open that is closer to the chosen leader of the New AEF and my team. That is no matter which office I move into you would still get your old office back. Well then what do you think Byron are you on board.

Chris plans on setting up a meeting with everyone in the AEF. most have been doing there own thing I think as a group we can do with some good team training. Along with that Chris makes sure that everyone tells him about what work they are and plan on doing in the new building. Chris then puts there plans on the blue prints that he has. After working over all of the plans the architecture, floor and the electrical routing needs. He than transfers all of the combined information on to the Master Blue Prints. These blue prints he keeps in a contained vessel so that they will be protected. He puts there location on a system plan on his personal computer.

Since the Avengers North team has decided to stay in the tower, with the AEF taking over the new building, Christopher's suggestion does make sense. Byron kindly takes him up on the offer. Christopher may have made a new friend.

On the subject of Byron Gamble, Weezi seems to get along with him pretty well. Maybe it's just her personality or maybe Byron actually knows how to act like a gentlemen around ladies older than him (no, that's probably not it...)

On Sunday, as Benni decides to ease into her day of rest, the team gets a call from the local authorities. So much for a lazy day of relaxation and personal time...

There is apparently a large crowd of people moving east down Broadway, smashing shop windows and causing significant property damage. The authorities don't know the cause behind the riot, but are asking for your help to quell it. Broadway is only a few blocks north of your HQ.

Benni takes a deep breath as she throws on some jeans and a t-shirt and rushes to meet up whoever else is going to respond to the call in the meeting room.

If no one else shows up in 5 minutes, she will write a note, "I am responding to the emergency on Broadway, I will go to Lenny's Shop first and see what is going on."

Christopher Alexander Micheals

Chris decides to run through the complex gathering up the other AEF team members along the way. It's time to get going. There's a mob moving down Broadway destroying everything as they go. The buffalo police department has asked for our assistance and we need to get moving. Head down to the garage and get a vehicle. Head down to Broadway and get in front of the mob. I am going to take Benni and Tesla ahead we will see if we can hold them back. I am leaving you guys to do this on your own I am sure you will not disappoint me. I will be there ahead of you so hurry it up guys.

Agent X

Chris then heads down stares to where Benni and Tesla are waiting. On his way running down the stares Chris transformers into the hero like Agent X. It has been a good long while since he was last Agent X. When he reaches the two that are in the meeting room already he walks right up to them. I assume you are about to go and respond to the call we received right. I must find some kind of bonus for you two. That is for being the first 2 to respond to the call. Especially considering the fact that you've had less than normal sleeping patterns of late. Well than we should get going I already gave orders to the other AEF members. Now then lets get going the people are waiting for the AEF to help them. The quickest way would be for me to teleport us there. So then the big question would be do you trust me enough to get you there. Agent X steps passed the team aims himself toward Broadway. He then turns and looks back at Benni and Tesla. He reaches a hand out to each of them. Well do you trust me huh. Assuming I get a yes from the team here is my roll for Teleportation.
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 82
Teleportation + karma for red 1/2 mine 1/2 party
These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d100

"Sure, what could go wrong with you teleporting us," Benni grins and shrugs and hopes her toughness extends to any teleport accidents as her mind calculates how Agent X can teleport and what various things could go wrong.

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