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What really annoys you?

I HATE it when you get mail for people who haven't lived at your address for years and years! We've been living at our current place for about 18 months, and we get mail for the people who lived here before us, the people before them, the people before them... about 4 or 5 different people, all of whom haven't lived here for AT LEAST 18 months.

It isn't just junk mail or advertising, it's stuff like letters from doctors, insurance agencies, superannuation companies... hell, even stuff from the tax office and the electoral roll. I *think* that's a violation of laws, isn't it?

I don't know about it being iligal, but it could cause some major problems for the people it's supposed to go to... I wonder why they didt's set up a forwarding address....

I took a few of those, crossed out the address, and put them back in a post box. I don't know if it worked, but I don't remember getting the wrong mail lately.

The post office is only required to forward mail for 30 days after a move. If any other mail is directed to the previous mailing address, they can choose to deliver it or send it back. Simple way to do it is like Bbender said: Write 'return to sender: Recipient not at this address' in big letters on the front, and leave it in your mailbox for return.

I officially hate arrogance and stupidity. When people demand things that they don't deserve, simply because they believe they deserve them.

I work at a bank, in which we answer phone calls and emails, etc. I have honestly never seen as many stupid people in all my life. I get 'commanded' at least 10-20 times per day. I demand you do this... or I demand you do that... I command you to do 'blah' or I'll do 'blah'... It's absolutely sickening. They are stupid enough to make a mistake, and all of a sudden its my fault, and they get the right to kick and scream until they get what they want. (or don't. Give me a reason to hate you, and you wont get what you want.)

Sorry to double post.

I hate those people that still think bread is made in the old world way at the grocery store and go down the bread asile squeezing and pinching every air fluffed loaf in such a way that they are all now squished on one side.

I hate the fact that there are people in the world that are ignorant of where food actually comes from - like the kids in Britain a few years back who didn't know that meat comes from animals, or that vegetables and milk and stuff come from farms. How can people function when they don't even know something basic like that?

I hate this particular telemarketer/scam thing that's been calling me every day, once or twice a day.
This is just me annoyed at a voice saying, "Hey, you've just won...etc., etc."
Is this illegal? And if it is, does that give me a reason to mess with him? (Assuming its not an automated voice, of course)

If you were really mean, you could be sued for abuse. If your name is on the do not call list, it is illegal, or at least very bad, for them to call you. I'm not a lawyer, by the way.

I hate those people that dip snuff or chew tobacco yet refuse to carry or use a spit cup. Instead you can track them by the nasty trails of brown stinky goop you have to dodge while walking down the side walk.


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