Issue Eight: Get Together

Benni hisses as she shakes the rat off of her ankle and not wanting to get bit more, she leaps towards the fire hydrant, "Electrocute the water Jericho!" She will leap the rest of the way to the fire hydrant to reduce the chances of rats biting her again although she will try to avoid landing on anyone.

Agent X teleports two rooftops away while drawing his pistol. Firing a shot at his opponent, Agent X can tell his aim was true, but the tall man-beast seems to take the shot without much difficulty.

On the street below, Bennie successfully leaps through the air, covering an impressive distance and altitude, and manages to land,
38 Karma spent.
without injury to herself or others, fairly close to Jericho. The duo, however, is now surrounded by an angry mob.

Not far away, the recently-arriving vanload of remaining AEF members confers with police that have just arrived on the scene as well. As the sound of Agent X's pistol echos through the streets, the officers look about nervously, one informing distant allies via radio "We have shots fired."

Blackbird taps his commcard again. "Blackbird here. The mob is fighting with a degree of savagery bordering on insanity, and there's a swarm of rats running around underfoot. I strongly believe they are the cause - but I'm not equipped to do much about it. I have no wide-angle fire options that wouldn't hurt the people as well. Suggestions?"

And, while he's waiting for the rest of the crew to come up with a plan, he fires a beam of force at the lion-looking villain who took a swipe at Agent X.

Incredible (40), but +1CS due to being airborne.
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 42
Force blast

Benni braces herself as she places herself by the spewing water from the fire hydrant, sticking her cupped hands into, she intensifies the spray of water and directs it outwards, first into the faces of those closest to her and Jericho and then up and outwards to create a rain fall in the air. "Jericho, liked we planned! Electrify the water so that when the water drops land on people it delivers bee sting like electrical shocks to them! And since the rats are a lot smaller, they can't take as much before the pass out or die!"

"Alright now" Jericho shouts as he leaps on top of the nearby power supply (power lines, street lamp, anything close) "Ladies and gentlemen you've been a wonderful crowd and no wi'd like to leave you with a great dating game goodbye" having overdosed on gameshows in his spare time, jericho blows a dating game kiss goodbye and drops a lightning ball into the spouting water from the bashed fire hydrant.
fighting remarkable
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 95
spend my karma for a success
energy control amazing 46
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 100

X looks down on the AEF from his nice view platform of a roof. He begins to swell with confidence. X changes his com card to contact the AEF members on the ground. This agent X I am on a roof down the street. Let the police officers know that I fired that shot so they can relax. I want you to look out for the groups of rioters they groups are full of rats that are spurring this riot along. When they bite someone the person loses control and goes temporarily mad. Keep clear and try to stop those dang rats. X then levels another shot at saber tooth take time to aim at him. Aim plus shooting.

Blackbird's blast hits the lion-man, who reacts by assessing his situation (two-to-one, neither opponent in melee range) and decides to leap off the roof, onto the street below...

Benni and Jericho, give me Intuition FEATs unmodified by Karma. If the result is Yellow or Red, you see him land on the street. If not, he goes unnoticed by the two of you.

Originally Posted by General Barca View Post
X looks down on the AEF from his nice view platform of a roof. He begins to swell with confidence. X changes his com card to contact the AEF members on the ground. This agent X I am on a roof down the street. Let the police officers know that I fired that shot so they can relax.
From several rooftops away, Agent X would not know what conversation the police are having below.

[Keyote and wazzguy - I will be resolving your actions shortly!]

Unfortunately, the lamppost is out of Benni's reach. Resorting to using her Remarkable Strength to fight the force of the exploding torrents of water, Benni finds she is able to
31 Karma spent.
pretty much direct the spray where and how she wants...mostly...that's not to say that her and Jericho will not look like two drowned rats when this is all over...

Jericho arcs a bolt of electricity at the spewing fireplug. Beautiful, twinkling sparks fill the air. Rats begin to scurry away or roll over dead. Rioters shout loudly as they receive mild electrical shocks (nothing that will cause significant damage). Benni and Jericho get a nifty 'tingling' feeling. The crowd in the empty lot and the crowd adjacent to Lenny Lamberton's begins to come back to their senses. The fighting around you stops as the previous rioters look around, wondering what's going on, and why they are all soaking wet.

Unfortunately, that only takes care of about half of the rioters. The other half are around the other side of the empty lot.

Benni fails to notice the costumed lion-man leaping off the roof across the street as she's busy taking in the pretty rainbow created by the spray of fireplug water and reflected sunlight.

The crowd size remains the same, but only about half of the people are still rioting, pretty much those in the north area. As he focuses his attention of the remaining group of rioters (about half of them outside Crum Apartments), Blackbird spies Rachel's son, Reggie, looking someone panic-stricken, and being pushed along with the crowd.


Somewhere on the ocean, a lonely freighter travels East. One of its crew members scans the horizon through a set of binoculars.

"There it is...there it is!"*, he cries excitedly. An older contemplative man walks out on the deck. Squinting his eyes and staring off into the distance, he comments to himself "Good. Once this delivery is made, we can return home and forget we ever heard of Nap Yaan."*

* Translated from Chinese.


There is still a crowd in the two northernmost areas of the four squares marked with a 'C'.
Benni and Jericho are in the area immediately to the west of the Empty Lot.
Lion-man just jumped from the roof of the Old Town Apartments to street level one area to the east.
Agent X is on the roof of Vera's Apartments.
The arriving AEF van and police are just off the map to the east.
Lenny Lamberston's is the name of the grocery store immediately south of the Empty Lot.
Reggie is being moved along with the crowd that fills up the area just south of the Crum Apartments.
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