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I hate that every night/morning at 3:05 am EST the server on Myth-weavers goes busy for what I'm sure is routine maintaince. I always however seem to be in the middle of a post or an edit despite knowing this fact. Some of the time to my dismay it totally ruins my post as I get the "Server busy" message instead of my multiple paragraph post.

I hate working for a Marketing Research company. But what I hate even more than that, people that take a sanctimonious tone with me when I call them and they inform me that they are on a do not call list. I take great pleasure in enlightening these people in a few key points.

1. I am not a telemarketer and while my phone call may annoy them I am not selling anything and I don't care if they are on a do not call list.

2. Since I am not a telemarketer, do not call lists do not apply to my job. WHATSOEVER, I can call anyone unless they have a blocked number.

3. If you are in the middle of a tornado watch and hiding under a table or another piece of furniture (which I question the sanity of in the first place.) Why are you picking up the phone to yell at me?

4. I am not intentionally calling you, your family, or your family pet. I have an automatic dialer that dials random digits after an area code. I am not hunting you down nor am I collecting anything besides data for whatever company project I am working on at the moment.

5. You don't have to talk to me... So hang up if I am really that much of a nuisance. Because trust me on this, I can and will hang up on you.

6. I love lists... (not that it has anything to do with the previous rant at all)

Amen Insomnia... I'm on the receiving end of phone calls. (Mostly people call me, rather than me calling out, but phone call rants FTW)

To add to your rant...

7. Stop being a whiney @$$ and hang up the phone. Your being a complete @$$ anyway, its not like hanging up on the person is worse than what your doing. In most situations I'd respect someone more if they just hung up instead of scream...

8. Either I call you or you call me... You ask a question, then shut up as I answer... One question at a time!

9. Quit telling me how to do my job! You called me for answers... not to tell me the answer I give you is the wrong one...

10. Common Sense!!! *nough said* [At least once a day, I get a question "Why do I have a late fee on my account" ... I would love to go back to them and say... "Cuz you were... late... duh!" but I gotta sugarcoat it instead.]

11. It doesn't make you a bad person to not know... ask! I can't tell you how many times people use acronyms and verbage that they have no idea what it means. Assuming you know what it means gets you into trouble, because then I assume you know what it means... It just makes people more confused, and it becomes a hassle for me to straighten things out.

12. I love lists too...

I work in hospitality at the moment (part time while I finish my degree), and I can add to the list!

13. It irritates me no end when we have a massive line of people waiting to be served, and the person I'm serving was in line for a good 5 minutes, and we have menus up EVERYWHERE, including at the front door, along the entry hall, as well as at the register. Instead of using the time they are waiting to be served to decide what they want, they wait until they are at the register to make up their minds, and then they take about 20 minutes to do so. And you can't do anything about it!

14. When you take someone's order, read it back to them, they say "yes, that's correct" and then they change their mind; so instead of dealing with eating what they ordered, they wait until it arrives, then whinge at the manager that "this is totally NOT what I ordered, blah blah blah" and I get raked over hot coals.

15. The system we have is - we take your order, we seat you at a table. That table has a certain number according to where it is in the restaurant. We write your table number on your docket and it gets taken out to the kitchen. IF YOU MOVE AFTER THIS, YOUR FOOD WILL NOT GET TO YOU! But of course, sheeple know best and they decide to move anyway and then wonder why their food hasn't arrived after an hour.

16. When the restaurant is at capacity - I mean, standing room only, - and the table you're taking your guests to has only just come free and is the ONLY one in the whole restaurant that is free, and they say, "I don't like sitting here. Can I sit somewhere else?" and you want to say, "Sure. The floor's clear." or "No, use your eyes, dumb@$$, this is the only table that's free" or something like that, but instead you have to take them back to the lobby and wait for another table, which can take a good 5-10 minutes sometimes, and then they bitch at you because it took to long for them to be seated.

I have a clue, I just keep "office" hours because I'm not sure on the legality of falling asleep while I'm in charge of a class.

I hate those little princesses in my classes that turn all pouty on me when I give an instruction, and then tearfully tell me that they "don't like being told what to do!" - Well, guess what, sweetheart? Swallow a cup of concrete and harden the hell up, in the real world you're ALWAYS going to be subject to "being told what to do" - it's called HAVING A <Message redacted> JOB!

Swallow a cup of concrete and harden up... mate, i like that, ha ha ha! I'm stealing that.

<Message redacted>

Funny note. The real Chopper Read has had the odd winge about this guy in turn, lol i think it's in Youtube somewhere.

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