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weather question (any meteorology buffs?)

weather question (any meteorology buffs?)

Has anyone actually watched a cloud coalesce (talking actual formation, not shift from one to another of course) in the sky? Or does it happen too high for the naked eye to see? I've never had the time to stare upward long enough to see.

If anything fits in this particular forum, this question has to be it. Just a random thought.

Here's a short page on the matter.

I think staring up into the sky until clouds form would be about as fun as watching grass grow. But you can see them: have you ever been in thick fog? It just doesn't look like anything, I'd say: they just become more and more visible as they get thicker.

Ugh yes. Grew up on the far east coast of Canada. Stinkin' fog was nonstop sometimes.
I'd assumed you can see them, but again, much too busy to stare upward for a long period of time. Always thought a telescope would be fun for clear nights as I don't look up long enough at night time either.

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