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Well then i'd say it's up to dm discretion at this point. The dm for the game I applied for with that epic character approved it for multiple uses.

Can a robe of contingency enchantment be transferred to Pendrax' leather armor? Might be a good idea.

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Nope, its cloth only. We'll be able to do something with it though, even if its just disenchant it.
Don't disenchant it. You'll only get 1/5 of its value. At a minimum, you should trade it in for a different set of armor. I should have noticed that Pendrax was wearing armor, but I didn't, which is how you wound up with it in the first place.

If you want to disenchant something, disenchant the Shared Suffering Armor. That belonged to a PC who left, and that PCs replacement will (presumably) already have some armor, which makes the Shared Suffering Armor, like Baslim's old sword, basically surplus.

The armor of shared suffering can be used by Zin, if he so chooses. I think Bards get to use chainmail, right?

But yeah, I forgot we can trade stuff in! Both the chainmail and the robe can be traded in for armors/items of equal level when we get back to Blood Island!

I'd like to find a mordenkrad to transfer the +2 bloodclaw to when we get back. Beyond that, armor upgrade and cloak/amulet are my priorities.

Yup. BTW, I'm not gonna let you TRADE fr masterwork platemail. That'll be more like a trade-in. You might get credit toward purchase or something.

Eh? But a drakescale armor +2 and a masterwork platemail are the same price and level . . . I mean, if you really want to, I'll throw in something else. Jaeron's got a Beholder's eye. Everyone needs a Beholder's eye. It's an eye.

Alright. Hahaha! Fair enough. I'll take that.

I've just finished posting the crunch of Shaman Vurkle in the character sheets thread. As you may know the Spirit Companion is a big part of the Shamans abilities. The things you need to know about Vurkle's mechanics are as follows..

When I heal someone I can give an extra 2d6 hp to someone within 2 squares of the target, not just someone next to my companion.

If you are next to my companion you get +1 to all Non-AC defenses!

Enemies can't move through my companion and moving around it triggers an Opportunity action called Spirit's Shield which lets me heal an ally within 5 squares.

I can attack through my spirit companion, but it cannot attack. A laundry list of what the companion can or can't do is here.

I have an encounter power that lets me add 5 to my or an ally's skill check. We should use this all the time!

I think this should be a really fun character to play with.

P.S. Has anyone else used the website http://iplay4e.appspot.com/ ? It allows you to upload the Character Builder files to a web interface using a Google login. Then your characters shows up on a nice iPhone interface or a full page one. I used it to copy-paste all of my powers and math to my Mythweaver's sheet.

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