Character Creation

When creating your characters and sheets, please be aware of the following info:

i) Ability Scores: Use
22 Point Buy
Method 2 from the PHB, p. 17. Skills, Feats, Powers and Equipment as per the PHB.

ii) When you create your sheets, can you please reference by source all Feats, Powers and Equipment NOT from PHB (if playing a PHB class) or PHB2 (if playing a PHB2 class). If you would like to use a source I haven't listed below, please run it by me.

iii) Once ready, please inform me your Character's name, so I can create a character thread for you to post your character info, stat block, link to character sheet, and a slight bit of background. This thread will also be used for levelling up your characters in the future.

iv) Please apply your sheets to the game. (Go to Sheets, click the Add to Game hyperlink, then select Scales of War from the menu that pops up.)

You can pick from the following sources for character stuff:
  • PHB I & II
  • Adventurers Vault I & II
  • Martial, Arcane, Divine & Primal Power