Colonies, Space Stations and Modules

Modules are enhancements that may be added to ships that are at least size 1. These increase the cost of the craft they are applied to and provide a wide array of bonuses and effects, thgouh colony and space station construction are linked to modules. You may replace and/or add modules like any other system while the craft is at a friendly world or station. A ship may have a total size of modules equal to its own size (so a size 4 ship can carry up to size 4 worth of modules).

Note that the following modules may be equipped to defenses of proper size; Reinforced Hull, Reinforced Shields and Weapon Battery.

Colonizing New worlds
You may begin new colonies using the colony modules (see the 'colony module' listed above for details on colonization). Note that your first colony module is at a reduced cost due to the preparations your race has been making towards settling on new worlds. The number of worlds your race can control is limited by your development aspects (note that your homeworld is never counted against this limit);

World Control Limit: 1 + Level of Economics + Level of Industry + Level of Logistics