Tech Traits and Breakthroughs

As your people advance their technology, they may find unique ways to apply their new-found technology in unexpected ways. Each time you reach a new level in a development aspect or a sub-category of tech (such as reaching 5 ranks of ship shields for example, which would be level 2 shields), you may select a trait from the associated list. Your species receives this trait for free, and may start using it the turn it is gained. Note that you may choose to select a trait from a lower level rather than pick one of the corresponding level (for example you could decide at level 3 to pick another level 2 trait for that field rather than a level 3).


Breakthroughs are similar to tech traits but develop suddenly when different development and tech elements combine into whole new forms of technology. Any race that reaches the appropriate ranks and level requirements of the following breakthroughs automatically gain those effects. Note that these cannot be reverse engineered directly, and require a race to fully develop all aspects of the technology before being to able to develop it on their own.