Posting and Turns


When posting, be sure to tag each post with a private coordinates tag (tag them so only you and I can see the location), this way I know where things are happening, and the other players do not. The same is also true of Transmissions. When one of your ships, stations or worlds attempts to contact another ship, station or world, make the entire transmission private and tag with the origin and destination of the transmission. These will be private (though can be intercepted by some means, but I will monitor access to such information as appropriate), but be sure to mark your security or subterfuge value at the beginning or end of the transmission (also in private). If you don't know how to use the private function, just ask .

When posting be sure to note the time of the occurrence. For example if something was happening halfway through turn 1, you'd mark the entry as "Turn 1.5" and mark the location right next to it (location being private for you and I however). I expect AT LEAST 2 posts/turn, one opening and one closing if nothing else. If you can't post during a turn for some reason, notify me ahead of time please.

Each turn last 3 days. At the start of each player's turn, they gain new infrastructure and may begin construction and/or production of new ships and structures. Races also gain 1 Development Point each turn to spend at the start of their turn (though you may opt to save these up to buy higher levels of development and technology). Every 10 turns there is a new 'Era', after which the DP/turn increases by 1.

Every couple turns I will award RP and NRP to players, see the 'RP and NRP' section for more info on this.