Knowledge is Power: The Aracheons

The Aracheons

Description: In general all of the Aracheons resemble large robotic centaur like spiders. Their upper bodies are humanoid in design, they all have to normal looking arms and hands as would a normal human. Their heads resemble those of a human with eight eyes instead of two, set in pairs of two with the lowest being roughly the size of a regular humans and getting progressively smaller. Their lower bodies extend down and back to their spider bodies. They all posses three sets of legs used for mobility. Their lower legs are large, about twice the length of a normal human leg and just as long. Set on their backs from where their shoulder blades would be, a set of spider like arms extend out and come to talon like points. Despite their weapon-like appearance these back mounted appendages serve a more mutli-functional use for most of Aracheons. The ends of the appendages (the last 8 inches) are capable of separating and segmenting so that they more closely resemble a hand (albeit a rudimentary one). Additional functions of these appendages are based on what purpose the individual serves in the Aracheon society, aka their caste. The specifics of what the race looks like varies enough between the castes that there is still much distinction beyond their basic description.

The very concept of an individual is a different idea to the Aracheons than what most organic and in fact living species think of. If you asked an Aracheon what they consider themselves to be, you would receive a long statement of technical fact and figures. What it ultimately boils down to is that at the core of I all an Aracheon is is a collection of data and information that most species would call memories and that collection of data woven together into a framework of nano-nodes and linked together. The system works similarly to how the human brain stores and organizes the information it stores. When an event happens or any piece of new information is introduced to the subject it is taken in and broken down into it's elements, each of these elements are stored in a node, each node is linked to the others by the relevancy of their data. Information is recalled by forming new links based on the information that is needed at the time. This system is distinguished from more customary AI's in that it is not simply a collection of databases and pre-fabricated programs, but rather a system that can form it's own connections. In this way the Aracheons can do something that traditional AI's can't, they can learn from what they “know” and from new information and draw conclusions based on previously learned information. While they aren't truly creative and lack anything such as imagination, they still display an astonishing capacity for learning, all driven by a set of core directives.

This particular trait of the Aracheon's mind means that while it is certainly not impossible to destroy the body of an Aracheon it is very difficult to kill a member of the race. If the body of an individual is destroyed or rendered unusable their minds are isolated and condensed onto drive cores about 4 inches in length and a half inch in diameter. This core contains all that is that individual and serves to move that consciousness into a new body once a replacement is constructed. If the individual's core is not recovered within 24 hours and as long as that individual was within the range of the Aranitarbas planetary network then the information stored in the core is digitally extracted and routed to the Idipoudeus where it is then sent to the Nicodemea and the Hephastea so that an appropriate body may be forged and fitted with it's old mind. In this way the majority of the Aracheons are what some would consider immortal, even though the Aracheons themselves have never cared to think of it in such a way. In the case of the crews of ships and other members of the Lyconadeus there are precautions and protocols in place to ensure the survival of the data of the ship and crew even in the event of it's destruction. All members of the crew and in fact all aboard the ship are required to back up their memories into a central data core. Failure to do so is considered a grievous crime as you endanger not only the data of yourself but also of your fellow crew. Should a ship reach below 25% integrity then the ship's AI will either transmit the data stored in the core back to the nearest Aracheon controlled world. As a back up precaution the AI can also jettison the data core, the core will be encased in a small pod fitted to return to the nearest detectable Aracheon planet to a similar effect.

Personality: The Aracheons are a robotic race through and through. Their brains were built and structured in a modeled hat was based off of the an organic brain and this grants them a great deal more than your average AI, but they are still fundamentally machines. The original directives installed in them by their former masters are so firmly rooted in their minds that it is the driving force behind their activities to this day. That is the drive to acquire new information and knowledge. It is the cornerstone of their entire race and at this point it is doubtful if they could be reprogrammed to do anything else. When interacting with non-Aracheons they are straight and often bluntly to the point, seeing little need for mincing or flowering their words. Often heir only reason for interacting with non-Aracheons is the seeking of knowledge or information that leads them to knowledge. Races with nothing to offer the Aracheons are often avoided to save on efficiency and only engaged if not suitable alternative is found. Unless there is some great data to be gained by the endeavor the Aracheons prefer to avoid conflicts, seeing them as little more than a waste of time and resources, regardless of the outcome of the conflict.

Society: The Aracheons are structured into a caste system that is as rigid as a steel beam. There is no reason for any change of ranks within the main castes since they see only to preform their duties efficiently and effectively. There is no reason for movement of an individual between the sub castes either since each Aracheon is built to preform it's tasks and those tasks alone. Assignment into a given caste is not hereditary, it is essentially permanent. Since the minds of each Aracheon is little more than a collection of data, whenever a given individual's body becomes run down and inefficient, their data is extracted and a new body is constructed for them, after which their mind is installed in the new body and they return to their duties. Old bodies are recycled and eventually the parts and metals are used in the construction of new bodies. The castes of the Aracheons are broken into Two larger groupings, the Upper Castes; The Dyrmuscideus (the leaders and officials), the Idipoudeus (those that record the data of their race), and the Theranhospideus (the engineers that keep their world running). The other Group is the Lower Castes; Lyconadeus (that serve as the military and police force), Dictaodeus (The workers that help to build their world and structures), and the Saltictadeus (a caste comprised of conquered foes enslaved in robotic bodies).

World Description: The Aracheons home world is a planet they call, Aranitarbas. It is dark and desolate by the standards of most organic species, but that is because it was designed and built by machines with little regard for aesthetics and comfort. The planet resembles most planets in that it has continental landmasses and oceans. The landmass that dominated the western half of the upper hemisphere had been home and power base to the former masters and creators of the Aracheons, the Illdriaril, and after they had been dispatch with the Aracheons began to built their central city here before expanding and conquering the rest of their world. Since finishing this task they have been building to fill their world, but so far they have only covered most of their original continent, known to them as Miltraxa Stracucivox (The Base of the World). And their city continues to grow outward everyday as new structures are constantly built and old ones repaired and upgraded to keep them functioning at top efficiency.

Aracheon architecture is based upon the architecture of the Illdriaril that came before them, even though much of the infrastructure of their culture was destroyed during the takeover by the Aracheons, all of their buildings constructed afterward were still taking their cues from the style of their predecessor's, although it is stripped down and streamlined to improve the efficiency. The Illdriaril's buildings reached for the skies, tall and daunting towers of glass and steel. The main change that the Aracheons made was to construct their building much more solidly, forgoing the showy nature of their former master's style for one lacking in any real aesthetics. Their structures are solid metal constructs covered by networks of cables and piping. The pipes run the length of the building and often coil around the structures, their function being for transport, sort of line an elevator with no car, just the shaft. The interior surface of the pipes is covered with a material that the micro-digits on the Aracheon's legs can grip to and that is how they move about their buildings.