All Hail the glorious Leader! Sontar-Ha!

All Hail the glorious Leader! Sontar-Ha!

Species Name – Terran
Planet name: Terra – Was later changed to Sontar
Society Name - The 'Great' Sontaran Empire
Physical description - The Terran are a race of humans who have evolved from over the centuries by use of cloning and genetic engineering to produce more efficient soldiers with each generation; With the formation of the Honor guard the Terrans possess a now stocky build, brown-greenish brown skin, and a distinctive dome-shaped head. The Terran reproduce by means of cloning rather than sexual reproduction and Terran’s are asexual now due to a side effect of too many years of cloning and genetic engineering and as such are often viewed as one gender (male); They possess the ability to clone females from the genetic code they possess but not the desire as women are viewed as inferior specimens. Some races comment on how closely individual Terrans resemble one another but they are clones after all so it is to be expected; However, it should be noted that their height, skin tone, facial features, vocal timbre and accent, hair, spacing of teeth and even number of fingers tend to vary slightly to each individual due to the constant break down and defragmentation of the base genetic codes and they have as little trouble telling each other apart as humans do one another since they originally were humans. Due to a culture that is steeped in military tradition and imperial pride clothing and fashion for the most part is highly regulated and you can easily tell a person’s station and rank by these.

-Personality and society
: The Terran have an extremely militaristic culture; every aspect of their society is geared toward warfare, and every experience is viewed in terms of its martial relevance. The Terran have detached, smug personalities, and a highly developed sense of honor. Name’s have been simplified due to cloning and so all the Terran possess monosyllabic names, many beginning with an initial 'st' sound, like Styre, Stor, Stike and Staal. Before the peoples great hero known only now as 'leader' to the current generation the world was Quagmired in what is now known as the five hundred year war. This war was well before their discovery of cloning and encompassed practically all the various named nations of Terra before it was renamed Sontar. The five hundred year war killed off more than eighty five percent of the world’s population, another twelve percent of that population would end up perishing to a second war that only lasted a few months after a period of five years of relative peace that had finally unified all the great people's of the world, or so they thought. And so began the age of creation for the Terran’s; Everything was changed, including the calendar which began at year 0C to mark the coronation of 'leader'.

And with his first decree he said onto his council. "A job for every man, according to his abilities and our needs."

And so the castes were created, there were the Warriors who were the muscle of this new society and from this class sprang the ruling element, the highest of stations being general and the lowest of stations being foot soldiers but regardless all of this Caste were superior to any other and had superior rights and privilege as they were the surviving veterans of both wars. The next most powerful Castes would then be the philosophers and merchants who quickly became the brains and nerves of the new society and would often work together out of practicality. The Philosophers duty was to ponder the world they lived in and improve it, to this end at the start of the age of creation they were responsible for the formation of the first great census and with it they sought the opinion of the entire populace on how to better the society and with this information their efficiency sky rocketed. Improved designs for cities and housing were created and implemented, the food crisis was managed with a massive reconstruction effort as the damage from the war and years of unused land had left it overgrown in the far reaches of the new empire; the process was aided by the warrior caste who used the expansion as a means of keeping their warriors well trained calling the process 'field exercises’ so as not to sully their honor, this also helped in keeping the working caste in line during these years of toil. And what the philosophers thought the Merchants made reality by charting supply lines, contracting work crews, seeking resources and for the most part controlling all business and establishing the economy of this new world. And of course the working caste which started primarily composed of the final conquered and reformed nation now known as Sontar (as one people they decided the planet was thus a part of the nation and thus possessed the same name. It is rumored that 'Sontar' was the original name of 'leader' who took the title in preference but this fact cannot be confirmed.) however as the merchants spread out seeking wealth and resources to expand and the military sent out battalions to set up bases and seize the ruins of other past nations any survivors found were assigned a new caste a vast majority of them became workers however due to the military who would often kill off any warriors who attempted to resist them which led to a series of small campaigns lead by certain individuals in a hopes of recapturing past glory and most merchants were either driven out of business and killed to have their assets assimilated or to be linked into a preexisting merchant house and have their assets and contacts assimilated in this manner as these were still during the time's of gender and marriage which was usually by convenience. By year 100C the great capital was restored and the ruins of the old world for the most part removed, this event unfortunately lead to the dismantling of the Philosophers Caste as free thinking in time's of peace was dangerous and their thoughts and opinions were slowly spreading to the lesser castes. Those not convicted of conspiring against the empire were assigned to either the warrior caste or the merchant caste to which they were more suited mostly as strategists or designers.

And then began the century of Rexpansion. With growing protest to the imperial order on the rise beyond the ruins of the old world, in the distant yet unenforced lands many people sought to immigrate to lands across the great sea to avoid assimilation and at first it was tolerated until it began to affect the morale of the working caste and escapes became common enough of those hoping to escape their station to become a warrior for this new nation forming in the west. This is when the birth of the true Terran people of the great Sontaran Empire came to pass with the invention of cloning. It was imperfect at first as it was hard to stabilize the ageing of the clones and took at least ten years to train them into proper soldier. Despite this the first mass cloning labs had been established in the year 112C and the entire mainland of at that time the known world had been conquered by year 135C. And with a decree from the new leader and with a limitless supply of warriors and workers the old sites of the ruins of the old world were rebuilt upon in memory of the great struggle and to honor the original leader. To further cull out weakness without informing anyone the leader had the clones sterilized and removed such urges from their minds. Seeing the efficiency of his new people he cast aside the old and issued the culling of all women (at first) from his great empire. This of course met with heavy resistance from certain individuals and factions within the warrior caste and a campaign was rallied against the current leader. In the year 150C the final elements of this resistance had been expunged from the mainland, however at least a third of their forces and sympathizers had unfortunately received the opportunity to escape during the great battle of the tides where the enemy forces held the western coast for over two years against the empire.

And so to quell any doubt as to the true authority of this world a great navy was forged to carry the warriors and the weapons across the sea to make war against all. From small indigenous island natives to the very coasts of 'Ha' the second great continent, the new world mockingly named in defiance of the empire all were conquered; and slain. Not a single prisoner was taken during this violent fifteen year campaign, nor even a sample of their tissue as their genetics were deemed inferior by Leader. And a great chant echoed its way across the planet that day, a chant of celebration and triumph that is still used to this day to prepare for battle. "Sontar-Ha!" Seeing his days coming to an end the now senile leader continued production of clones, generation after generation and so at year 200C he looked out onto the world and said "This world, is our world..." and died. The new Leader who stayed by his side until the very end unfortunately stared up at the sky only to utter "But what now?"

Due to the now true unification of their planet the Terran’s have begun focusing their technological advancements into fields other than pure warfare; which has lead to their rapid advancements into space travel, terraforming technologies, mastery of cloning and thus Nutritional absorption from the atmosphere which they have had to artificially stimulate due to pollution and concerns for clone health and production ease; this gave them more land to expand the glory of the empire instead of using it for useless farming to feed their excessive numbers and of course the formation of an honor guard to ensure loyalty from the shadows. The honor Guard was effectively part of the military caste, their first great academy founded in the world capital of Sontar, however its members have higher status then most officers and their generals are second only to 'leader' in authority. Many Terrans believed this was a move by the current 'leader' to rally together specific loyalist to form his own private army, perhaps to perform his own takeover as his father and grandfather did before him. This lead a good portion of those who would have fought against him to simply ponder the reason when he also controls the entire military as well and before they knew it they were all dead. With a simple issue of the kill code built into the genetics of all Sontaran clones all previous clone generations besides the honor guard (and himself) fell dead. The new leader stood alone with his 'perfect' soldiers as the night of silence began. The bodies were cleaned from the planet and sent to the Atmos units at the clone fields to be broken down and recycled into nutrients for the new clone armies of the army guards and the other castes, that was spewed into the atmosphere to rebuild the world in the current leaders image as he readied his people for a new frontier, space.

-A brief description of Sontar - Terrans come from a large, dense planet named Sontar(Previously Terra). The world is spattered with large urban areas that are more like barracks and training facilities then actual cities. The remaining surface of their planet has been completely cleared and scoured of anything useful over the past century in preparation for the empires expansion and installation of their massive cloning fields where they grow more Terrans. The Design of the clone fields however have required an atmospheric change to Sontar to improve efficiency and towering structures named 'Atmos' sprout from the center of every urbanized area spewing a constant stream of yellowish mist into the atmosphere. The clouds allow enough light through to the surface of the planet to see properly however one would not even know the planet was populated or more likely abandoned due to pollution from space at first glance.

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