From the Wreckage

Withdrawing slightly so as not to insult the warrior with an offer of aid, Dazzle waited long enough to ensure that she was able to stand on her own two feet. Casting a quick glance at the carnage he understood what the paladin meant: there was much yet for her to do.

But Dazzle had a pressing concern. Leaping over wreckage and dodging soldiers, the performer made his way to the fallen circle of wind, searching every face for the Lyrandar guildmage.

Before the performer had the opportunity to flee, Iliana reached for him, encircling his delicate wrist in her grip.

"Thank you,"
she said, and then again, softer. "Thank you."

Releasing him, she left behind an imprint of her hand on his skin and sleeve.

Swaying a little, Iliana turned her eyes on the survivors, the wounded, to see where best to apply her care.

Dazzle pressed through the chaos, the injured and dying, inconsolable and confused. No-one tried to stop him as he searched the pile of bodies - for that is what most of them were - for the Guildmage. It took some amount of the inhuman work before he located the man. He was breathing but shallowly and his eyes were failing to find a focus. His face and neck were badly burned and his hair was coming off in great bloody patches. He laughed a little, or perhaps coughed and sticky blood tumbled from his lips. "I told them it would work," he said, so quietly that Dazzle almost did not hear him. "Can't be much left though."

Iliana cast her eyes around the field. Finding injured was not going to be a problem. Triage, picking out those she could help best would be impossible if she worked alone. Others were already moving around the blasted field, checking for life, applying simple bandages or saying last words. Sergei was among them. His stoop banished for now, he appeared uninjured and moved purposefully dealing quickly with whoever happened to be closest to him.

Dazzle's eyes softened as he beheld the dying housemage. Do not let your gift die with you, he whispered slowly. Subtly, he let his gaze wander across the half-elf's body, trying to determine if he was beyond what help his inner fire could offer. What did you do to us?

Callach looks around, making sure no one have noticed his contribution to the fight.
He then checks for any survivors. Being without any skill in the arts of healing, be does what he can.
After all, it is the decent thing to do. Even for a book worm, such as his current self.

He is pleased to see his companions have all endured, and especially the once fragile Sergei.
What powers were invested in him?
A thought crosses his mind. Powers! I hope mine last for a while longer.

There were so many wounded, so many dead, and Iliana knew that piecemeal attempts at healing and care would only end with an even more widespread loss of life. Trained as a soldier, she knew only a few minimal aspects of triage, but even she could establish a triage area, centering the collective efforts of those on the field. With obvious relief, she saw Sergei standing among the casualties, and closed in on him.

"I'm glad to see you upright, friend," she said, laying a hand on his fragile shoulder. Then, because she knew that she had already wasted too many precious instants, Iliana lifted her voice, calling with a reach that extended far in all directions across the field.

"If you can hear my voice," she called, each word resonant with authority and surety. "Get up and walk to me."

A pause, she allowed her words to sink in before delivering a second directive, for those unable to follow the first. "If you can hear my voice, raise a hand or foot."

Before the half-elf could answer, Dazzle closed his eyes and turned his mind inward. Summoning what strength was left, he tried to find the warmth within and fan its flames once more. The rush of relief he felt when he noticed healing magic pour into the housemage was spiked with exhaustion. Dazzle had tapped something deep within himself, and it left him feeling lethargic, drained, and exhausted.

Sergei smiled at Iliana, a wry humourless smile. "A taste of my youth dear girl but what the cost?"

When she called for those to come to her he nodded and assisted. His voice when he repeated her message carried well, and had a hint of a suggestion to it. Soon people were shambling towards the pair, some helping each other walk, Callach among them. Others put their hands up, if that is all they could manage. Others still called out weakly, their voices hoarse from trying to shout over the noise that had only just stopped.


The half-elf quivered under Dazzle's healing touch. He shook his head sadly. "For what I have done... no amount of healing will suffice but I thank you."

He coughed deeply into his hand for long moments. When he took it away it was coated in thick blood. "There isn't long. You- you must ensure anyone like yourself who is injured at all is healed first. Those who are too badly damaged - they will not survive the transformation back. Please," his eyes rolled back into his head and it was only with obvious will that he remained at all conscious. "When I- when I pass take my ring to my Father. Tell him it worked. And, ha- take some of my hair if you would be so kind... I-"

With that the mage stopped breathing.

Long strides drew Iliana away from the Sergei, and the growing congregation of walking wounded. Scanning those on the ground, she sought out bodies in Jorasco colours, healers whose gifts meant everything now. Those healers still living needed to be found, picked up.

"Healers," she called. "If you cannot walk, call out and I will come to you."

Dazzle sighed heavily. He'd heard plenty of stories about this sort of thing: using your last breath to bequeath a relic and/or quest onto whoever happened to be nearby. With a resigned expression, he dutifully searched for the half-elf's ring. While he was at it, he searched the body for anything else that would help identify the man, perhaps, if he was very lucky, the housemage's identification papers themselves.

Suddenly he stopped rummaging and stood up. Though he felt more than a little dizzy, he scanned the horizons. They had already cheated death twice today, and if more sky pirates were coming he wanted to know about it well in advance. Dazzle was done with surprises for one day.

A part of his mind reflected upon the dire warning he had just received. Eventually he would check on Callach and Iliana, in order to ensure that they were healed. And it would be worth asking Vaden if he had been affected by whatever it was that had turned them into gods. But one thing at a time. First: make sure they were dinosaur-free.

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