Combat 1 Megara vs. Unknown

Combat 1 Megara vs. Unknown

Trying to heed the warning, you twist around just in time to see a small, burning figure launch itself at you.

The attack catches you by surprise and you feel the impact as a surprisingly solid fist pummels you in the chest. Cursing the lack of armor, your thick hide nonetheless manages to keep you safe, for the moment.

Initiative roll for round one

Battered by whatever it was that was attacking him, Megara spits a curse at his opponent as he puts up his guard and throws a punch at it as best he could. Fighting unarmed wasn't something he was good at, and he wished for a moment he would have brought at least his flail.

The figure reals from the force of your blow, stumbling across the room and smashing against the wall near a window. However, the victory is short lived as you look down at your
Fire Damage:
Dice Roll:
d4 Results: 3
singedhands, and the beast managed to take swipe at you, though luckily it missed

The thing looks at you, and you realize that it has a face, with distinct features; a young girl, a scar or something on her cheek. For a moment in time, you can make out her pigtails, even the beginnings of a dress...
Then with a bestial scream, she smashes out the window beside her and attacks, slamming into you again. Your clothing smolders, but you get a hand on it before it can burst into flame. The old woman is coughing, and doing an able job of keeping distance from the fighting and edging toward the window.

Things had just went from bad to worse. Burns were beginning to cover his clothes and body, and if he didn't get out soon then both he and the lady next to him would be dead. Megara darted away from the flaming child and unceremoniously grabs the halfling woman. Without breaking stride, he leaps out of the broken window and braces himself for impact.

As you tumble through the air you find yourself thankful that the window was already broken, and that the woman had the sense to let herself be picked up. You manage to turn, shielding the halfling from the blow, and some old advice about going limp before you hit. You don't see the ground rushing up behind you, but you do see the face of the fire-beast through the window, and it hits you... You know that face! It's, its
falling damage:
Dice Roll:
d6 Results: 2

The ground hits hard, jarring every part of you. People quickly rush up, and a glass vial is put to your lips; you think you hear a prayer through the haze. Everything feels warm...
Dice Roll:
d8 Results: 4 (Total = 7)

Warm and strangely minty.... You can feel the magic spreading through like a cold fire, healing burns, cuts and bruises as it makes it's way through you. The Young woman is standing above you
"Are you ok? where is that man that followed you in?"

Feeling a bit of vertigo after the events that just happened, he didn't respond for a moment. Something about the flaming creature's face
Intelligence check to remember something:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 18 (Total = 21)
set off alarms. Snapping back to reality, he looks up at his benefactors. "I'm fine... Wait, another man went in? Curses!" He hadn't heard the crazed man come in after him, as his senses were already overloaded.

Megara sets down the halfling lady and rushes over to his gear. Grabbing his flail, he goes over to the building again. "No one should be left behind!" He realizes his actions looked absolutely insane, running headlong into a burning building twice, but he just couldn't let anyone stay potentially trapped.

You're just about to run back into the building when the pitiful form of a kitchen boy, covered in burns and clothing on fire, stumbles out, falling to the ground in a dead faint. The a few of the brigade rushes up to him, and an old man, one of the ones that was standing over you, yells "We've got you lad! You will live to see tomorrow, by the Broken God!"

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