Rose (aka Lily Ward) (Retired)

Name: Rose (AKA Lily Wade but that was before she became a Sin Eater and Stripper)

Concept: Geist Influenced Hooch
Psycic Powers: Automatic Writing
Threshold: The Forgotten
Geist: The Gambling Gigolo (Nicknamed GeGe by rose because saying Gambling Gigolo just doesnt install fear, not that GeGe is any better...

Virtue: Fortitude. Rose has seen a lot of crap since she died that first time. She doesnt back down and will push herself against anything that tries to get in her way. When you have a naked half a man in your mind waving his censor bar around you need to mentally prepared all the time.
Vice: Sloth. Rose has a horrible problem with listening to most things her Geist asks with little or no consideration or input of her own. This can cause slightly unpredictable outcomes since no one except Rose knows what he's thinking and she only knows what he lets her.

"What the **** are you looking at? You never saw someone standing around talking to them selves before? Bitch..."

Age: 33
Eye Color: Naturally a medium brown but she despises it being so blah-ze and almost always wears green or blue contacts
Hair Color: According to Frederic Fekkai Salon's box its the lovely color of 4W Dark Golden Brown-Lara, with bright red streaks through out for an extra omph
Hair Style: Well now that really depends, like most of Rose's second life she sets her self up for different occasions. The length itself is about shoulder blade length but she likes to add extensions so it seems to go to her waist. Normally she would have no idea how to style her own hair, she was never one to care for that, but the dead guy in her head must have been gay because he nags like a little bitch and instructing her on appearances.
Figure: 5'7" if you include the bump-it that adds two inches in the back of her head. Rose has a birth mark above the corner of her left lip making her look like a french prostitute.

Clothing: Thigh High Boots. They are a must, everything else has to make itself work around it!

For Days: Second hand thrift stores actually have some surprisingly good things! You can get a pair of short shorts in an array of colors and styles (bright pink, cheetah, bright pink cheetah) for only two bucks each! Who cares if there to tight and ridding up your ass crack, honestly, its a bargain! Tank tops that are to long? Why just cop them in half! You can even buy some T-shirts that double as a really short dress with strategically placed holes in them!

For Nights: This takes a bit more work. Usually dresses or tight skirts or leggings, purchased from some discount name brand rip off store. On rare occasions when the mood strikes you can sometimes get away with wearing certain lingerie but that's always a tricky deal to do and not be arrested for prostitution! Also while they aren't clothing you must never go out at night without makeup!

Accessories: If she thinks shes going to need it Rose wears a roll of duct tape on her wrist which is actually one of the only Fetter Momento she has. Not being a pocket or wallet girl she usually keeps her money and a small pink cellphone in her bra.

Current Personality and Lifestyle:
Lily had been a sweet girl, her family consisted of a Mother, Father, One older brother (three year difference, he had his own family now) and younger sister (ten year difference and right in the middle of Collage. She was always one of those people you could count on, the kind who gives spare change to bums on the side of the road, donates blood, gives time to soup kitchens and was even a vegetarian! Basically she was a sap, and everyone knew it, told her she was wonderful but they all thought she was dumb. It wasn't just that she wanted to be nice, its that she felt obligated to, the people who knew thos took advantage of it.

"Oh your car needs an inspection? No problem, yeah while we were in there we changed a bunch of technical things you cant understand and you owe us this much instead of that." And she would pay with little or no outward complaints.

"I'm really stressed out right now and my wife and I were going to go a way this weekend alone, you don't mind watching the kids do you? Oh, of course you don't sis! Your the greatest!" and she would give up any weekend plans she may have made to help out.

"What? Three hundred dollars? I didn't I pay you back? Yeah actually, I'm sure I did, like two weeks ago don't you remember? Man your bad with money, you cant even keep track, you should be more careful" obviously she never had been payed back.

Ah, but Lily died.

Sucks for her.

Rose is not about to put up with anyone's bullshit. She knows what happens if you give up your time to help others without gaining anything. She understands how people lie and manipulate, understands so well in fact because she does it quite well and often herself.

To a great extent she still plays a sap for the naked man in the back of her mind. Upon dieing everything changed. He came to her and offered her a chance to live again, of course there was a catch and he would accompany her through life as a back seat driver. He was quite persuasive in his feelings, words were not used but more emotionally based, appealing to her human curiosity.

Think of all the things you could have done, it doesn't matter if you wanted to do them or not, you never will! Not now, now your just dead. Think about all the people who wronged you, you don't think they knew they did something wrong? Are you dumb? Replay this scene in your head and try and see if you can understand what was wrong with it.

He knew what cords to strike and how to play the keys, and lets face it, this was still Lily he was dealing with, he probably could have won her over on the "I'm a poor dead guy who's been dead for along time, please live again so I can come with you" alone, but that would have made things boring. This man wanted a ride, but he didn't want one so mundane he would go insane even more then he was. He was good at spotting lies but he was even better at spewing them.

Since the Pact was made while Lily was still very much herself she was bonded to her Geist by a guilt she feels to almost nothing else any more. She stayed in the hospital for one month, during which she never spoke and most of the employees thought there had been severe brain damage. They didn't realize her observing and listening with her Geist. The hospital didn't know her name since she hadn't brought any ID with her when going to StarBucks, dumb vacationers usually just go out exploring the area thinking the dinky hotel room was the safest place to leave all belongings.

Finally, after many private mental discussions about human nature and the excitement of the world with the Gambaling Giggalo, she decided to leave. Just get up and walk out, don't sign any papers, don't give anyone her name, just walk strait out the door without a care in the world. That day she gave in to her Geist twice, one to leave without a word and two, to change herself starting with her name. From that day on she was Rose, a name he picked out for her.

That was where it had begun, she never really questioned the GamblingGigalo, since he first suggested they leave the hospital. She hadn't even cared that he had wanted her to change her name. From that moment on she had come to terms with Lily being dead, she may not have actively acknowledged this but subconsciously she had come to terms with it. What was the point in going back to a life of being used by others? Of course the Geist was using her to but she wasn't forced to follow whims, she just saw no reason not to. Its hard to say no to someone who gave you your life back? To someone who's always with you, who's apart of you.

The bastard knows it to. Rose hates herself for allowing him to know it and for knowing he knows it but theres no way to stop that. He's usually a very happy fellow, only wanting to live an exciting life. His requests are minimal most of the time unless things get to boring, to normal, then she ends up having to do something stupid. She actually pushed an old lady down once last year and stole her pocketbook because of him! For a split second she had felt guilt but the naked man had quickly snuffed that out asking why? That lady probably did worse when she was younger and she had already been given her time to society so now its time for her to take some back.

Things needs to have an equal exchange rate for her to be happy though.

You want to move to the afterlife?
Well then you better know something valuable enough to make it worth spending time to save you.

You think your stepfathers ghost is haunting you and trying to kill you? Well yeah, he is.
So, how much do you have in your bank account?

If you have nothing of value, whatever your asking better at least be interesting.

Also if you can die at any time there's no point saving something for later, because later you might be dead again.

First Death: Walking in heals sucked. It was a very well known fact, and walking in heels down an escalator that was stuck sucked even more! Lily headed for the nearest StarBucks, there's nothing an ice cold drink that she couldn't pronounce wouldn't fix.


Mr. Picknickle had grown a small fortune making puppets that looked like apples, they were the new silly bands, the latest slap bracelets, the new age tamagachi! Kids couldn't get enough of Maggie Macontosh, Gilbert Golden Deliciouse, or Gran Gran Smiths little round puppetty appleiciouse bodies! Anyway, that is all besides the point. Since the ApplePuppet sensation toy companies around the globe had shown interest in making similar spin of toys, Tommy Tomato, Persila Pear and so forth. The company was small but booming.

He happened to be visiting London, with his two daughters Penny and Soap, to discuss taking his puppets global with the president of BowLowlToys. Discussions like these were always better to do in person and each party had brought a gaggle of attorneys into it. Since it was the seventh day of negotiations the president of BLT had decided that Mr.Picknickle and himself should head out to have a round of golf, there lawyers Mr.Edgeworth and Mr.Phoenix could take care of things for one day. Delighted to get out of the office and into any form of fresh air Mr.Picknickle agreed even though he sucked horribly at the game.

Here is a list of events that lead to Mr.Picknickle becoming, unbeknown to him or anyone else, a murderer.

Some change fell out of Mr.Picknicles pocket.

It sat upon the ground for three hours undisturbed until a cyclist went past and his tire hit the coin just right it spun off rolling down the street at top speed. It rounded a corner and headed towards a fountain that was half a mile from the golf range that the other two gentlemen had gone to visit.

Janice Tobber, a 3 year old with irritable bowl syndrome, saw the quarter and squealed happily. Her parents weren't paying attention to her so the small child took off after the coin joyfully squealing COOBLEBLARPENININININNI!!!!

The coin rolled towards a rather large group of pigeons who heard the battle cry and saw the frightening two legged beast running at them. Using all there effort the pigeons huffed and puffed and leaped with there lard laden bodies into the sky flying in the opposite direction!

This direction happens to be right towards some roadwork and Lily Wards head! She cursed a string of profanity's that didn't make any sense and tried to turn and duck fearing bird poop would end up in her unpronounceable frappachino more then anything else.

The turning made the heel on her left heal crack and she stumbled to a fall, this of course wasn't just any fall, it was a fall face first, past the caution tape and into a pothole that had JUST been covered over with tar!

This would have made for a great story "Yeah I went to London and got a face full of tar. Oh My God! I know right?!"

As she screamed a muffled sound into the tar and went to pull her face back something round slammed into the nape of her neck causing her to black out and inhale a lung full of tar.

It isn't said for sure how long she was technically dead with tar in her lungs but she didn't regain conscientiousness for five days and when she finally did she had a naked stripper living in the back of her head.

The thing that hit her? Of course you know, and your right, Mr. Picknickle really did suck at golf but he had one hell of a swing.

Geist: Gambling Gigalo AKA GeGe
Place of Death: Unknown
Anchor: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Real Name: Unknown

Personality: Usually very easy going, hes usually happy enough with the fact that Rose is a stripper and seems to absolutely love the environment BUT if he gets bored he will request something interesting happens. The meaning of something interesting from GeGe can vary from stealing a pack of gum to kicking a cop in the nuts and then escaping.

Appearance: Sandy haired that spikes he has a creepy giant smile with all razor sharp teeth. He has some random scars, one eye looks like it was shot at close range while the other his hidden in shadow. He has a spade shaped hole going through his chest and instead of fingers his fingers flare out into cards with the suits on them heart, spade, club, diamond and the last a skill. These actually change what finger they're on every day! He has a black circle on the back of each hand symbolizing snake eyes and his lower half is missing, a giant censor bar covers where his important parts would have been. Money is seemingly stuck behind and behind the bar but underneath where his legs should be is just a dangling spine with nerve endings that sometimes wiggle when hes excited. There are also a pair of over sized dice that floats around, sometimes he sits on them, juggles them, or just holds them.

Covenant Unbound
Clan Daeva

SMental Attributes: Intelligence ••, Wits •••, Resolve ••••
TPhysical Attributes: Strength ••••, Dexterity •••, Stamina •••
PSocial Attributes: Presence ••••, Manipulation ••••, Composure •••

TMental Skills: Academics •, Computer ••, Medicine •, Occult (Ghosts) •••, Politics •
SPhysical Skills: Athletics ••••, Brawl •••, Larceny ••, Stealth ••, Survival •
PSocial Skills: Empathy •••, Expression (Dancing) ••••, Intimidation ••, Persuasion (Seduction) ••••, Socialize •••, Streetwise •••, Subterfuge •••

Ghosts get a +3 to rolls to manifest or communicate around Rose -- basically, ghosts get more active (but only in non-violent ways) around Rose
Haunted Channel •••,
Rose gets a +4 to all rolls made opposed to ghosts, whether to talk to them or attack them or banish them
Haunted Hand ••••, Fighting Style (
• Low Blow = If Brawl attack has more successes than target's Composure, target loses next action
•• Shank = Can use Brawl instead of Weaponry for small improvised weapons
Dirty Fighting) ••, Friend (Todd White) ••••, Friend (Whim) •••,
Rose can see ghosts
Kindred Medium ••,
Staunchly middle-class
Resources •••,
+1 to social rolls involving Rose's beauty (including, especially, seduction)
Striking Looks ••,
+1 to social rolls involving Rose's sexuality (including, especially, seduction)
Sexualized ••
Lair: Nice House; Size ••, Security ••

Spend 1 for +3 to any non-reflexive rolls, +2 for resistance rolls, spend 1 to keep body mods
Humanity: 7
White is a mourning color in some cultures, and vampires occasionally develop a compulsion to wear white. If the vampire does not visibly wear at least one white article of clothing, he feels out of sorts and exposed. In game terms, the player applies a -1 penalty to all rolls until the character can dress appropriate. If the white article of clothing becomes soiled, this penalty applies until it can be cleaned or replaced.
Must Wear White (Mild),
The vampire stands out to ghosts. No matter how cognizant a ghost is, he recognizes the vampire as an undead creature. Ghosts respond differently to vampires based on their lingering passions. A vengeful ghost might follow the vampire hoping to do her harm, while a protective ghost might want to make sure the vampire doesn’t kill anyone. In any case, the ghost can spend a point of Essence per night to anchor himself to the Kindred (ghosts and their anchors are described on pp. 208-209 of the World of Darkness Rulebook).
Haunting (Severe)

Initiative: 6 (8 with Celerity)
Defense: 3 (5 with Celerity)
Health: 8
Speed: 12 (15 with Vigor, 36 with Celerity, 45 with both)

Blood Potency: 2
Disciplines: Auspex
Heightened Senses - Senses are doubled, night vision
, Celerity
1 Vitae per turn, dots are subtracted from any and all enemy attacks this turn, add dots to Initiative per turn, Speed is tripled
Mortals can resist by spending 1 WP + a successful Wits+Composure roll. Kindred can resist by spending 1 WP + a successful Blood Potency+Composure roll. If the Kindred has higher BP than you, they resist all Majesty for the rest of the scene.
Awe - Presence+Expression+Majesty, make people like you, if you get an ES they cannot resist
Revelation - Costs 1 vitae, Manipulation+Persuasion+Majesty vs. BP/Wits+Composure, make target confess all their sins, make Manip+Socialize roll to get specific info
Entrancement - Manipulation+Empathy+Majesty vs. BP/Wits+Composure, make someone love you for an hour or so, if you get an ES it works for at least a week
, Obfuscate
Touch of Shadow - Wits+Larceny+Obfuscate, conceal a held item, +2 for smaller than palms, +1 for smaller than pockets (no mod for tight fit), -1 for large pocket, -2 for under jacket, -3 for carryable or negative space, -4 for as large as yourself, -5 for larger than you
, Vigor
Costs 1 vitae, Strength increased by 1 per dot, On a vertical leap, a character jumps (Vigor + one foot per success rolled). For a standing broad jump, the character jumps (Vigor + 2 feet per success rolled). On a running jump, the distance jumped is Size + (Vigor + 4 feet per success rolled).
Vitae: 11/
Amount that can be spent per turn. 1 spent to wake each night, 1 spent for flush of life, 1 spent to not vomit food immediately, 1 spent for +2 to any physical roll, 1 spent to consume drugs (LOL), 1 spent per turn to heal 2B per point, 1 spent to heal 1L, 5 spent to heal 1A (takes 2 nights)

Rose Can:
1) She can see in the dark
2) She can move at triple speed, and thus has better initiative and defenses
3) She can hide any object she wants on her body
4) She can increase her strength to 7 (human maximum is 5)
5) She's got three social tricks. She can raise her charm in general (bonus dice), she can make someone talk about themselves, and she can make someone fall in love with her temporarily.
6) She is really attractive to Ghosts. They like her, they want to do stuff with her, she can see them, and she gets bonuses for interacting with them.
7) She knows how to fight dirty. In other words, she knows how to hit someone in the balls (they lose their next action if she deals more damage than they have composure), or how to use a small knife with the brawl skill.
8 and last) Spend blood to heal herself or get a temporary boost to any physical action