Combat 2 Dalt vs. flamechild

The body is heavy and the smoke thick, but even though you almost slip when a beam that you were standing on breaks, you manage to make it back across the gap, orc in tow.

That creature can wait. The boy needs help. With the boy in his grasp, he backtracks to the stairs they came from and tries to get out of the building before the flamechild sees him. Hopefully, he's not too late; who knows how long the orc had been in that smoke?

A careful, if rushed retreat leads you
aww, I wanted you to jump out the window again
down the stairs again easily enough, and leads you outside. Immediately you are approached by three people, the woman from before, the Cleric, and a massive Orc. The Orc, with a suprisingly gentle hand, takes the limp body of the youth from you, and lays him on the ground. There is a tence moment when the cleric momentarily hesitates and glances at the Orc, then continues on with his work. He listens at the boy's chest for a heart beat, poking and proding around his singed flesh.

Behind you, the fire rages on, and the people work to contain it. The woman walks up to Megara, but addresses you both. "Thanks be to you both, for helping get these people out." She hands you a water skin "rest here now; there's work to be done, but we can handle it." Then, with no time for more chat, she rejoins the tireless water brigade.

The two of you stand in a town square, covered in water and soot and full of people, most of whom are helping, or waiting to be told how to.

450 XP for each of you

"The fire will not be contained so easily, I'm afraid." Megara takes a quick drink from the water skin. "Inside, there is a fiery creature that no doubt keeping the flames from being extinguished. Until it is dealt with, I fear that there is little hope of stopping the blaze."

The half-ogre looks up at the window he leaped from earlier, wondering how the creature would react when this building finally collapses. More importantly, his mind struggles to recall what it was about the elemental's face that
Intelligence check to remember stuff:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 14 (Total = 17)
seemed familiar...

It takes you almost a full minute of concentrating to bring her picture to mind; the process is similar to learning a new spell, and though it leaves you mentally fatigued, you now remember where you've seen her face before: your childhood rival, Tam Beldon. A waif of a child, and one of the only girls in town of your generation, she was queen of the mudfights for many years, and you remember her slowly developing into a beautiful woman just before you left.

You remember she was going to get married, but not to who. Besides, that was years ago - what's she doing showing up on the face of a fire-demon now?

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