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What is the origin of your username?

Mine actual was invented a long time ago and is used for almoast all my games. If you search another game engine you will probably find me. It come from a acronim of my full name. My initials are SMG. This is usualy to short for most places so what i did was i added the second letter of each name wich is EIR so i put them together and got smgeir

well, azazel was a fallen angel that was banned because he taught men to make weapons, and for women to be devious.
kinda a reference to my original dnd group. im trying to teach them to roleplay. its difficult. O.O
33 is the number i had to use for my first email. from then on, it kinda stuck with me.

Randomly came into my head as an MMORPG character and an alternative to my other handle of FreakUnique (which then gets shortened to Freak by some dumb asses who think they're being so funny). It's kinda stuck and I rather like it even though I keep getting asked if I'm Polish.

Not a song. Uh uh. No way.

Why I use the name goes way back to playing a MUD (back before MMOs had graphics, youngins). And I had a goblin thief, and needed a name. So, Wippit Guud was born. But, it's not from a song or anything.

Incedentally, it's been my online name since like 93.
It's also my primary email address
It's also my
personalized license plate (now you know the depths of my depravity)

But definitely.... Not. A. Song.

Mine is from an odd day in history class. My teacher was the coolest guy you'll ever meet, and he told us he was tired of calling us by our real names. He had us make new ones by picking random words out of books, my full name was Khakhan Kalahari Thunderhead Moratorium. A friend ended up with Islam Eucalyptus.

I came onto this site evenly divided if I wanted to be more of a warrior type or a caster type, so I combined them and got mage blade. Upon further reflection, I realized that it made me sound like more of an item than a character, but I still like it.

From The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever.

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