Just Like Clockwork: Scene I -- Ilkin, Caelan, Rakesh

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"You'll have to show me the room, then," Ilkin said, "But after I've gotten to speak with the director. It should be much easier for us once he knows why I'm snooping around his sets."
"Not a problem." Robert checked his watch briefly. "Gary should be upstairs right now, he's commandeered the curator's office. There's a map on each floor of the museum, by the elevator, so it is hard to get lost. The Curio Room is down that corridor."

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"If you can give me a timeline of Colin's whereabouts before he disappeared, I might be able to postcog some clues. I'll also want to see the Devourer. There's something about it that seems important to all of this."
"The Devourer is in the Curio room, so that won't be a problem. As for whereabouts..." Hammond paused and wracked his memory. "That was the 4th. We were filming one of the cult-scene cutaways in the Curio room, which took pretty much the whole day by the time Gary was satisfied. We had supper on set, someone ordered pizza, though I forget who. This was about six in the evening. We continued filming up until eleven at night. Most of the actors went home then, and Gary went to his office to do some manner of paperwork, I am not sure what." "

"Accounts, I would expect. Unless Mr. Fletcher does script revisions as well." Rakesh said, musingly. "Is Mr. Fletcher more than just the director?"

"That's right. Director, producer, and handles about half the script writing. Colin, myself, and some of the other technical staff stayed in the Curio Room till past midnight, working on some set issues that had come up and generally just cleaning up. There was a faulty connector in the Devourer which we'd jury-rigged earlier but I wanted a more permanent solution." Robert said. "About half-past twelve, I sent everyone home, and that was the last anyone saw Colin, as far as I know. I stayed on for another hour, and saw nothing and no one when I left."

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"Hiring out won't be necessary," she said business-like. "That is, if I have your permission to enter, Mr. Hammond." Her hands squeezed together behind her back, the only sign of a girl nervously acting the part.
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"You can dreamwalk?" he asked Cae.
"You can?" Hammond hesitated only for a moment. "We can try, certainly, miss..." It only now occurred to the changeling that they hadn't been formally introduced.

"My flat is a bit distant, but there's a recliner in the breakroom some of the technical staff use for naps." Robert continued, quite as businesslike as Caelan, if probably with an equal amount of bluffing. "Jason, if you can find Gary on your own, I'll go and set this up."

"And I, meanwhile shall take a few looks around the Museum and see what I may find." Rakesh said, then paused. "I don't suppose you know what the police towards dogs is here?"

"I... admit to having no idea." Robert said.



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