Act 1: The Ixian Prisoner Scene 2: Once More into the Breach

"Most people find gladiators fighting to their deaths entertaining," Orion replies to his iron companion, "but the men who's live end on the sword surely find no joy in it. Bloodlust has never been a virtue."

He turns to the escaping slaves, "I say we walk out the gate as you say. Of the two options it is the one not obviously criminal."

"Agreed," says Boone. "Why jump when you can talk your way out? Those guards don't look over-smart."

OOC: Option B
Dice Roll: 1d20+13
d20 Results: 5 (Total = 18)
Bluff or
Dice Roll: 1d20+7
d20 Results: 16 (Total = 23)

Well I'll take to trusting the thinkers of the group for once bending to the will of the group Greil agrees to go along with the straight forward approch. However as you all know words exchangin' isn't exactly my thing. Load me up with any excess gear you can. People don't generally talk to the pack mule, rather the important man standing next to him.

Deciding that they'll attempt to pass through the Gate rather than attempt the clearly suspicious climbing the wall the party heads towards the Gate. Irimus takes the lead, still leading the way in his assumed persona as a minor merchant, and after waiting your turn in the queue to exit the City he begins to converse with the City Guard on duty at the gate.

And as Greil strains under the not-entirely imaginary load and Rune's artificial eyes gleam with venom the others begin to speak with the City Guards and it becomes clear that they made a good choice. The Guards perform a cursory inspection of your packs, but without a cart-load of goods or slaves or a bill of sale, the Guards aren't interested in you. Nothing for them to charge taxes on. Course that makes them suspicious of what you were actually doing in Ix, and where Boone begins to stumble over his words to explain, Irimus steps in and explains, "I'm a minor member of a Merchant's group, these are my escorts and servants. I came to Ix to look at slaves and goods, in order to determine if they should set up a branch in Ix."

This explanation slakes the Guard's curiosity and they usher you through the Gates that they might begin to inspect a someone who might have reason to pay them taxes or bribes for permission to exit.

As you walk through the gates of Ix as an intangible load is lifted from your shoulders knowing that you have escaped the city unnoticed. You begin to head west into the desert past gangs of toiling slaves to lead Kona to the secret Oasis at Luscott's Ravine.


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