Erin Lamothe

Erin Lamothe

Name: Erin Lamothe

: Fey Toymaker

Species: Changeling
Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Artisan/Antiquarian

Virtue: Charity. Erin was raised as a servant, and her joy still comes from helping others. There is nothing that makes her happier than providing what someone wants - giving the help someone needs.
Vice: Greed. For fifteen years she had nothing, and only desire snapped her out of mental servitude. Erin keeps that simple, childish greed, and once she's decided something is hers, she can't let it go.

Age: Appears in her early-twenties, actual age forgotten.

Eye Color: Plain Brown/Solid White
Hair Color: Very Dark Brown
Skin Tone/Complexion: Fair/Yellow
Hair Style: Cut short and messy, similar to a pixie-cut

Figure Notes: Erin Lamothe is a tiny woman. She is just a little over 4'10", with a petite frame and a slim, boyish figure. She has an air of childish cuteness about her, with large eyes and slightly chubby cheeks, but beyond that is mostly drab and unprepossessing. Her fingers are rather long and slender, like a pianists, and remarkably free of callouses. Her hair is a dull brown, so dark it's nearly black, and her eyes are brown and unmentionable.

In her true Seeming she has dark yellow skin, with just a slightly fuzzy look to it. Her eyes are more spherical and solid white, like marble. Two feathery feelers protrude through her hair like moth antenna. Her fingers are longer than normal, soft and flexible - almost vinelike in their nature, bending backwards as easily as forwards. Words are written across her cheeks, underneath her eyes, in a script that looks like Sanskrit but isn't. On her back are a pair of fluffy moth wings, the backs covered in patterned brown fuzz that almost resembles feathers, the undersides yellow with brown markings. Her back itself is mottled with brown, with a splotchy yellow mark between her shoulders that resembles a skull.

Clothing Notes: Erin tends to dress in a manner to cover her skin. Turtlenecks, long trousers, jackets and winter coats with long sleeves are all staples of her wardrobe. Pockets are a must for everyday wear, hence her preference for slacks. She also has a strong fondness for suede and microsuede. Almost all of her clothes are in neutral browns and whites, though she will sometimes venture into blues, greens, and rarely, reds. For formal occasions, she tends to wear long coats that make her look like she's in uniform. She rarely wears dresses, but does own a sun dress or two. For shoes, she prefers women's penny loafers.

Due to the wings, Erin is forced to personally tailor or alter all of her clothing with slits and clasps in the back.

Accessories: Erin carried a Swiss Army knife on her at all times it is allowable. Other typical accouterments include four iron nails, a book of matches, a lump of lead wrapped in a handkerchief, and a pocket bible. A gold colored St. Olga cross is worn around her neck, hidden under her clothing. When working, she is often ornamented with a loupe for examining small details.

Other: Erin prefers to stand rather than sit, due to her wings often getting in the way.

I remembered the toy, still, all while I was there - the toy and the train. A green, stuffed glowworm, the crude, colorful mall train that rode in circles. I remembered them because they were the last things I saw. Mom's face is gone, walking off into the toy shop, dad's face is gone too, sitting at the table nearby, drinking coffee. Only looking away for a second, and that's all it took. The train flew away through the mall, and through the doors, and out across the parking lot, and into the bushes that surrounded it - but it never left the bushes, and they were suddenly full of thorns, and I wasn't laughing anymore.

There were others, I think. The mistress told us we would work for our food. We scraped and polished, cleaned and scrubbed, climbed and dusted. The mistress liked the dark, and so it was hard to see if we'd done well. When we made excuses, she changed us so we could do better, taking our fingers and giving us new ones, taking our eyes and giving us new ones. We soon made no excuses. The mistress wanted the most beautiful and well tended castle in all of Arcadia, and we gave it to her.

We traversed into her grand libraries, seeking out tales of things the world had long forgotten. The rooms and shelves could take days to traverse, and sometimes things waited for us in the darkness. We carried out tomes of ancient wonders, some of them bigger than we were, and took them to our workshops. Pounding, crafting, etching day and night, we remade those lost artifacts, as good as the original, or even better. The mistress wanted the most marvelous and rarest of creations to grace her castle, and we gave them to her.

We took the others to our workshops too, the new ones, the ones who made excuses. We etched words upon their flesh, we changed the color of their eyes. When the mistress was not pleased with them, when she grew bored of them, we made them better. The mistress wanted the perfect servants to tend to her, and we gave them to her.

In time, some began to feel something was wrong. We carried on the work of the mistress, but we did not see her. She appeared neither to praise or censure us. We were not sent to seek anything, our creations sat unused and unnoticed. We kept to our duties, for fear the mistress would return and punish us for our idleness. But she did not.

Most stayed within the castle, too afraid to abandon their posts. I left, following the twilight; the mistress always wanted to be told when the great hourglass in the hall was empty, and the mistress always cloaked herself in twilight. The trees grew thicker as I followed the path, thorns ripping and tearing through clothing. I kept walking forward. There was nothing else to do. The mistress wanted to be told.

When I reached the other side I was... confused. It had been so long since I had seen cars and pavement. Everything had changed, shops changed, people dressed differently. I remember finding my house, but the people within were different. I had no names to ask for, they were long gone, along with Mom and Dad's faces. I left then. I had to find the mistress. The mistress wanted to be told.

I remember finding the toy again, the green, stuffed glowworm, still wearing it's silken nightcap. It was sitting in a hobby shop instead of a bright box at a toy store, locked away behind glass along with other things that belonged only to the past. I remember pressing my fingers, twisted and vine-like, against the case. Remembering how badly I'd begged mom for it. Remembering how much *I* wanted...

Court Spring
The Order’s power is spectacular to watch in action, but it’s often disparaged by changelings who value martial or arcane abilities. Quite simply, the Thothites know how to construct buildings, earthworks and other solid, monumental things. They don’t need tools or other workers — just materials, time and secrecy. Thothites use Wyrdbuilding to create beautiful yet functional homes, monuments and fortresses for the Lost. They also alter existing constructions for changeling owners, adding secret passages, labyrinths and ornate decorations. The Mirror-Walkers commission them to build secure hideouts, but demands a pledge of secrecy. The Order even fashions lairs inside old bridges and bleak mountains for the most antisocial elements of Lost society so that they can indulge their monstrous whims in complete privacy. Each Thothite discovers her own form of Wyrdbuilding. Some of them sing their work together; each note slams rivets into steel and bricks into mortar. Others yank the pieces into place by hand, displaying the superhuman strength to move tons of concrete, and benefit from strange luck as nails, planks and plumbing bounce into place. None of these benefits transfer to other feats of strength or twists of fate. The weakest Wizened can build a two story house by hand but still can’t out-wrestle bears. Thothites work alone or in groups.

Every hour, one Thothite can complete 20 Size points of construction (about the size of a city bus) at the cost of 1 point of Glamour. The building (or other construction) must touch bare earth or natural rock. He has to have all the required materials on hand, though exact sizes and shapes aren’t necessary. His power can bend and cut sections with precision. He doesn’t need any tools, but he needs to know how to build his project. For complex constructions, this requires an extended Intelligence + Crafts roll based on the difficulty of the project, just as if he was a normal foreman. An engineer or architect can assist with detailed plans (see “Teamwork,” The World of Darkness, p. 134), providing up to half of the necessary successes. Thothites can take breaks in the midst of construction, but must always work continuously for at least an hour at a time. Thothites can also use Wyrdbuilding to alter or destroy existing constructions at the same rate as they can build them, though faster demolitions (still taking no less than an hour) might work if the character targets a vulnerable point.

No mortal can witness the construction process, even via photographs or video, or else it fails. Once a witness sees the process, the project erodes at the rate of 20 Size points per hour (or one Size point every three minutes), regardless of Structure or Durability. This nullifies work in progress. If a mortal sees how a Wyrdbuilt construction was put together after the fact the whole thing gradually falls apart; examination reveals perfectly normal (though at times, unlikely) flaws in construction. Wyrdbuilding can’t be used to construct anything out of cold iron.
Grandmaster of The Honorable Order of the Third Hour,
The Gilded Torc
They hand the Vizier this torc upon asking her to join: a torc is a collar, of sorts, a twisted golden band that lays heavy and rigid upon the neck. Once a day, the changeling Vizier this torc may activate it while touching another courtier. She can either take one Skill from or give one Skill to the courtier. The Skill comes or goes completely; if she only has Crafts •• to give, that’s all she can give. If the subject has Athletics •••••, then the Vizier must take all of those dots, no more, no less. (In addition, if the Skill taken or given is equal to a Skill already possessed at that level or above, no change occurs.) That said, the Vizier does not preternaturally know how many dots a courtier possesses in a given Skill — certainly he can guess that the Olympiad runner has noteworthy Athletics, while the wisp of a poet may not possess a great Brawl score in comparison to what is probably a prodigious Expression Skill. Also worth noting, the Skill traded means that Skill is lost for the day. If the Vizier offers her Craft, then she no longer has it to roll. If the Vizier thieves a courtier’s Subterfuge, then the target will surely have trouble conjuring a lie for the remainder of the day (and this can be the reason the Vizier steals it in the first place, not because she wants the Skill, but because she hopes to rob the courtier of its benefit).
Action: Instant
Drawback: The Gilded Torc would like to remind its Viziers that they must not take all too often, for stealing from one’s freehold is considered… a bit boorish, and certainly out-of-character. As such, if the Vizier chooses to take a Skill, she suffers three bashing points of damage as the torc tightens for but a moment, bruising her neck. Similarly, the Vizier cannot steal skills from another Vizier.
Catch: If one isn’t willing to pay the price to use the Gilded Torc’s benefits, well, fine. Then one must be willing to suffer the consequences. Accessing the torc’s ability without proper Glamour cost or Glamour roll is dangerous: the character must suddenly make a Stamina roll. Failure indicates that the character passes out as the torc tightens about her neck and cuts off her air supply (unconsciousness lasts for one scene). Success means she remains conscious, but she still chokes for a turn. In addition, she feels dizzy for the rest of the day whether knocked unconscious or not, suffering a –2 to all rolls.
The Office of Vizerial Counsel
Seeming Wizened
Kith Artisan/Antiquarian

Mental Attributes: Intelligence 4, Wits 6, Resolve 4
Physical Attributes: Strength 2,
spend 1 glamour for 8s again for a scene, thrice per day spend 1 Glamour to add (Wyrd) to a single Dexterity roll
Dexterity 8, Stamina 3
Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 3, Composure 4

Mental Skills
-3 untrained
8s again
Academics (Antiques) ••••*, Computer ••*,
8s again, automatically reroll all failed dice (once)
Crafts (Toymaking, Cooking) •••••*,
8s again
Investigation ••••*, Medicine ••••*, Occult ••••*
Physical Skills
-1 untrained
: Athletics ••*, Firearms (Pistols) •••*, Larceny ••*, Stealth (Shadows) ••••*, Survival ••*
Social Skills
-3 untrained
: Animal Ken •, Empathy ••••*, Expression ••••*,
+2 to Make a Deal
Persuasion •••*, Intimidate •, Socialize ••*, Subterfuge ••••*

Merits: Dual-Kith •••, Eidetic Memory ••, Mantle (Spring) •••••, Court Goodwill (Autumn) •••*, Alternate Identity (Aaron Blackbriar) •, Striking Looks (So Adorable) •,
For any long-term work project of mundane (not supernatural) nature, halve the required time to complete a task as long as you are not being watched by anyone. In addition, Erin may spend a point of Glamour to halve the time again, to a maximum of three points of Glamour and 1/16th of the normal time for any particular task.
Brownie's Boon •, Good Time Management •, Indomitable ••, Tokenmaster •••, Goblin Vow (Religious Crosses) •,
Communicate with demons (and possibly angels and/or True Fae) in their own language. Such entities also tend to assume Erin to be friendly unless they have reason to believe otherwise, netting her a +1 to all social rolls with such things, and to rolls to make deals with them and such. Erin is also capable of summoning minor demons now at will, though she has no inherent control over them (though they are, as mentioned, amenable to making some kind of deal)
Dragon's Tongue ••, Language (Russian, French, Native is English),
Well-Paid; Cap increased by Wooden Frog; Implies total assets of about eight digits (that is, thirty or so million pounds)
Resources ••••••, Quick Draw (Pistols) •, Token (
Doubles stealth score, Reflexive action, costs 1 willpower per hour; glamour or wyrd roll to activate or take 1 bashing damage along with willpower loss
Dead Man's Boots) •••, Token (
4L gun; 2 Token + Light Pistol
Atomic Disintegrator) ••, Token (Deadman's Mask) •• x3, Token (
Extended action, 4 successes required, 1 minute (100 strokes) per roll or glamour for auto activate after first minute; gains SL 4 and can change hair color for one scene, takes -1 to social rolls for remainder of day. Catch: Gains Narcissism derangement. Can be used once a week.
The Bone Comb) •, Token (
Clothes that change as an Instant action. +1 to Subterfuge (Disguise) rolls and can be used to turn into clothing like equipment such as a pseudo-Hazmat suit.
Shifter's Suit) ••, Token (
Need Strength equal to dots in token to open; receive a clue on upcoming events to happen to user personally, and may reroll a failed roll once per dot in token. If used with catch, ST rolls a die on every roll user makes until it comes up as a 1, at which point the user dramatic fails.
Sergei's Journal - Book of Tales) ••, Token (Lachesis Bones), Tokens (
Add subterfuge to craft or computer rolls during following scene
Thimbleblack, Coupnettle x2, Amaranthine, Dream-a-Drupe, Brumblebulb,
Can be used in place of a willpower dot when using Healing Sacrifice; gift from the Jack
Mandrake) ••,
If killed, awaken alive on banks of the Underworld
The Dead Clause (0),
Effect: Your character has refined tastes and can identify minor details in fashion, food, architecture, and other forms of artistry and craftsmanship. Not only does this give an eye for detail, it makes her a center of attention in critical circles. She can appraise items within her area of expertise. With a Wits + Skill roll, depending on the creation in question (Expression for poetry, Crafts for architecture, for example), your character can pick out obscure details about the item that other, less discerning minds would not. For each success, ask one of the following questions, or take a +1 bonus to any Social rolls pertaining to groups interested in the art assessed for the remainder of the scene.
• What is the hidden meaning in this?
• What was the creator feeling during its creation?
• What’s its weakest point?
• What other witness is most moved by this piece?
• How should one best appreciate this piece?
Taste •, Virtuous ••

Status (
Well-Fed: Keep the blood flowing, baby! Members of this organization have easy access to Vitae, Glamour, Essence, or what have you, and their minimum starting fuel is increased by Status.
Support Group: Tell us where the bad True Fae touched you. The supernatural world tends to be bad for one's mental health, and this is an organization that understands that very well. Perhaps it simply mandates psychiatric treatment for all members exposed to the uncanny, or perhaps those cult rituals have a soothing effect. Members gain a +1 to Innocence rolls for Breaking Points, Frenzy, Death Rage, and similar at Status 1, 3, and 5.
Glamorous: Hello gorgeous. For whatever reason, this organization draws the beautiful (and willing) people. Whether it comes in the form of fashion advice or faerie makeovers, members of this organization tend to be better-looking and more persuasive than usual, gaining a +1 to Persuasion (Make a Deal) rolls at Status 1, 3, and 5 (for a max of +3).
Influence (Medical): Maybe half the museum's board of directors are mages, or the CEO kept his Rolodex after being Embraced. One way or another, the organization has a very close relationship with a certain large mortal network. All members gain Allies (Medical) dots equal to their Status.
Otherworldly (Hedge): It says something when even ghosts know your name. The organization has some influence in a plane of existence other than the mortal, such as the Shadow, the Hedge, or the Underworld/Twilight (which count as one for these purposes). The organization is able to use its Reach or Grasp in other planes of existence -- obviously, the specifics will vary, but Reach in the Hedge could be used to get hobgoblins at the Goblin Market to stop selling to someone, or Grasp (Underworld/Twilight) could be used to banish a ghost.
Proprietary Magic (Court Contracts): Hocus. Pocus. Alakazam! The organization has one or more unique Disciplines, Contracts, or similar. So things like Theban Sorcery, say. Possessing the Status merit allows characters to buy this proprietary magic. Note: An organization only needs Rank 3+ to create the proprietary magic. If they later slip down to Rank 2 or lower, they still keep it – though they might start having trouble keeping it proprietary.)
London Freehold ••••,
Contacts (● to ●●●●●+)
Effect: This merit indicates how well the character is hooked into the grapevine. The character can ask a question from the following list (Contacts) number of times per adventure, and receive a prompt answer.
• Who's that?
• Who's new?
• Who's on the way up?
• Who's on the way out?
• Where in the city is the Masquerade thinnest?
• Where's the best fuel in town right now? (Best hunting ground for a werewolf, most emotional place for a changeling, etc). Acting on this information provides a +2 bonus to the character's next refueling roll if used.
• What's the news about [Faction]?
The character also gains a +1 bonus per dot purchased in this merit to any roll made to get news or get introductions to someone. This merit won't help you convince the Prince to do something, but it will help get you five minutes of the Prince's time.
Contacts ••*, Allies (Guardians of the Veil) ••,
From Freehold Status
Allies (Medical) ••••, Mentor (Othello) •••••, Patron (Nicholas Tychevski) •••, Patron (Dr. Alfred Dravot) ••, Servitor (
When activated, the Digit becomes a tiny, living creature with the following statistics:
Attributes: Intelligence 1, Wits 2, Resolve 2, Strength 1, Dexterity 4, Stamina 2, Presence 0, Manipulation 0, Composure 1
Skills: Athletics 2, Stealth 4, Weaponry 1
Willpower: N/A
Initiative: 5
Defense: 4
Speed: 6 (Species factor 1), fly 15 (Species factor 10)
Size: 2
Health: 4
Digit has a rudimentary intelligence that allows it to follow moderately complicated instructions. Although it cannot communicate per se, it is capable of recognizing any person, place or thing its activator recognizes on sight, and it can “report” anything it sees by means of a similar quasi-visual link. The servitor has no real combat abilities to speak of, but it can slip poison into a drink or cut a car’s brake line if provided with the proper tools. Digit Servitor is especially vulnerable to fire, and any source of flame, no matter how small, inflicts aggravated damage. A servitor destroyed by fire melts into a puddle of useless waxy goo; it cannot be animated again. If a servitor is destroyed by a more mundane source of damage, such as being chopped up or crushed, it can be repaired with ten successes on an extended Dexterity + Craft roll. Each roll represents 15 minutes.
Digit remains active until the next dawn or sunset, whichever comes first. Unless given explicit instructions otherwise, the servitor will try to return to its owner before the duration expires. The servitor’s owner may spend one Willpower point as a reflexive action to extend the servitor’s animation until the following dawn or sunset, but doing so causes the creature’s behavior to become increasingly erratic. Bathe in honey once a week, and let it rest in a dark place.
Digit) •••, True Friend (Sergei Zaitsev) ••, True Friend (Heather Drayton) ••, True Friend (Aleksander Melikhin) ••

The rumors are flying fast and furious about you, and by now everyone knows about the time you fought off a True Fae with a spoon. That might not actually have happened, but since when does that ever stop a good story? Get a +2 to Intimidation rolls among people who know of your reputation.
Resolution: Do something that is utterly contrary to your public reputation, and do it in an incredibly public fashion -- and even then it's not guaranteed.
Beat: Someone reacts to you based on your reputation in a way that negatively impacts you (a thug might try and challenge you to a fight, while a potential ally might be too nervous to call your attention to something).
Expiration: Persistent
Fearsome Reputation,
Angela Citysmith owes you a favor. This condition renews every two adventures so long as her son is in your care.
Leverage (Angela Citysmith)

Shadow Organization (
Well-Paid: Clams, bucks, chits, ducats... This organization pays a salary, and it is a good salary. Members gain +1 Resource dots at Status 1, 3, and 5, to a maximum of Resources 4/5/6.
Well-Fed: Keep the blood flowing, baby! Members of this organization have easy access to Vitae, Glamour, Essence, or what have you, and their minimum starting fuel is increased by Status.
Support Group: Tell us where the bad True Fae touched you. The supernatural world tends to be bad for one's mental health, and this is an organization that understands that very well. Perhaps it simply mandates psychiatric treatment for all members exposed to the uncanny, or perhaps those cult rituals have a soothing effect. Members gain a +1 to Innocence rolls for Breaking Points, Frenzy, Death Rage, and similar at Status 1, 3, and 5.
The Harbingers) •••
Lair (The Cat's Cradle): Security
Cap Increased
•••••••*, Warding
Cap Increased
•••••••, Skill Area (Crafts) •••, Herd ••*
Hollow (The Closet Chapel) ••: Doors
Sergei's bedroom
Near Aleksander's Apartment
Erin's office in the Reliquary/Cat's Cradle
, Security •••••, Warding •••

Wyrd: •••••••••
Contracts: Cross
Touch of Gold Flowers (●)

St. John's Wort, named for John the Baptist, was once known as a potent protection and healing against faerie mischief. In more modern times, it has become touted as an antidepressant. Using this contract, changeling can call upon the flower to banish illness of the mind, if only for a time. To use this contract, the changeling must touch or sprinkle water on the target.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Empathy + Wyrd - Subject's Resolve (if actively opposed)
Action: Instant
Catch: The target is at least half-way immersed in water.

Dramatic Failure: The changeling gains the Madness Condition for the rest of the scene.

Failure: The power fails to have any effect.

Success: The contract helps restore the target to some measure of sanity. If the person possesses the Madness, Broken, Obsession, Fugue, Amnesia, or Addicted Conditions, that Condition disappears for a single scene. In the case of multiple Conditions, the changeling may target a specific Condition if she is aware the target possesses it. Otherwise, the contract targets one at random. This contract may be used more than once on the same target, but only affects one Condition at a time. If a changeling wishes to affect two Conditions, she must activate the contract twice.

Exceptional Success: The removed Condition remains suppressed until the sun next rises or sets, whichever comes first.

Suggested Modifiers
+1 The changeling possesses or at one time possessed the same Condition as the target
-1 The subject has taken a penalty or gained a Beat (or WP for NPCs) from the Condition this scene.
Redcap's Bane (••)
It is said that the only way to escape a redcap is to quote a verse of Scripture at it, at which point the redcap will flee, leaving one of its long teeth behind. This clause does not guarantee to drive a monster away, but it can disarm their natural weapons. With a word, the changeling can knock out teeth, horns, and claws, granting the user some manner of protection against her assailant.
Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Medicine + Wyrd - Subject's Stamina
Action: Instant
Catch: One of the targeted natural weapons has fresh blood on it.

Dramatic Failure: The failed contract bolsters the target instead. For the next scene, the target receives +1 bonus dice on any attempt to attack the changeling who used the clause.
Failure: The power fails to have any effect.
Success: To use this power, the changeling must target a creature with a natural weapon, and the natural weapon targeted must be capable of dealing lethal or aggravated damage. This includes the Hunterheart Kith blessing or the merit Lethal Mien. Each success rolled on the contract reduces the damage rating of the weapon by one. If the damage rating of the weapon is reduced below zero, the damage inflicted by the weapon is downgraded from lethal to bashing damage. In the case of a natural weapon that inflicts aggravated damage, the damage is downgraded to lethal. The changeling may target more than one natural weapon, and assign successes to each weapon as it choses. For example, a changeling who rolls three successes against a werewolf that has a 2L bite and 2L claws can reduce the claws to 1L and the bite to 0L, or choose to reduce the bite to 0B and leave the claws unaffected.
This contract does not affect speech, or manual dexterity, nor does it affect spellcasting (unless, for some reason, the spell being cast requires unblemished hands, horns, or teeth). The weapon's damage rating heals as if it were lethal damage (one point of damage rating regained per two days), and can be accelerated with healing magic or supernatural regeneration.
Exceptional Success: Regardless of actual damage rating, all natural weapons the target possesses are downgraded to dealing bashing damage (lethal in the case of weapons that deal aggravated damage), and the reduced damage rating heals as aggravated damage (one point of damage rating regained per week).
Suggested Modifiers
+1 The changeling reads a verse of religious scripture from an actual holy text when invoking the contract
+3 The changeling recites a verse of religious scripture that is somehow appropriate to the creature being targeted
Tongues of Fire (•••)
No matter how far a traveler has gone, or how strange a fairy is, they are always able to speak to each other when they meet. This contract allows the changeling to be understood by anyone she speaks to, no matter how disparate their languages.
Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling has swallowed a flame.

Dramatic Failure: The changeling develops partial aphasia, taking a -2 penalty to any roll involving speech for the rest of the scene.
Failure: The power fails to have any effect.
Success: For the next scene, the changeling can read and understand any language she encounters. She can also speak and be understood by any intelligent being that can normally hear her. When she speaks, any listeners hear her as speaking in their own native language. The target must be able to understand language for this contract to affect them, thus, an animal cannot be communicated with via this contract. This contract does not work on magical languages, only mundane language can be understood and spoken.
Exceptional Success: The changeling may choose who can understand her and who cannot. Anyone who cannot understand the changeling rationalizes this away as the changeling speaking another language or being difficult to make out. Any people that the changeling is not aware of default to not being able to understand the changeling. If the changeling is recorded unwittingly or chooses for the recording not to understand her, the recording is corrupted by static and interference that makes the changeling unintelligible.
Suggested Modifiers
+1 Per language the changeling already knows (cumulative, maximum +3)
+1 There is a strong wind blowing
-1 The changeling has never encountered the language being spoken to her before
Bells of Sanctuary (••••)
Changeling live and die by vows, and the vow of hospitality is a highly honored one. The cross understands this as well, through the promise of sanctuary. The sanctuary provided is not a physical one, but a mental one, providing respite from unnatural forces. Through the power of the cross, the changeling banishes the dark taint of the unnatural from the target, protecting them from mystic attacks upon their soul.
The character must touch the target’s forehead to use this power.

Cost: 3 Glamour
Dice Pool: Empathy + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The contract is performed when church bells are ringing.

Dramatic Failure: The attempt fails, instead inflicting a mild derangement on the target that remains until the end of the scene. The target cannot benefit from further uses of this power by any use of this contract until after the following sunset.
Failure: The attempt fails.
Success: The character removes a single supernatural effect from the target. The effect must be something that directly affects the mind. Examples include Dominate commands, all Majesty powers and the powers of Obfuscate. (Cleansing a character of the effects of Obfuscate allows her to see an otherwise hidden character, even if her companions cannot. Attempts by the cleansed character to point out the Obfuscated individual fail, but if she interacts with the creature, by attacking him, for example, she can draw their attention to him.) The contract only cancels ongoing effects; powers that have a permanent effect after they have been completed (such as The Forgetful Mind and Conditioning powers of Dominate) are not affected. The changeling may not use this power on themselves.
Exceptional Success: The character removes two supernatural effects from the target, if two simultaneously exist.

Suggested Modifiers
+2 The character knows precisely what effect she is trying to undo and who inflicted it
+1 For each dot of Wyrd the character possesses over that of the character who established the supernatural effect. Count the supernatural tolerance trait (Primal Urge, Gnosis, etc.) of other supernatural entities and the Resistance of spirits and ghosts as Blood Potency for the purposes of this power.
— The character knows either what effect she is trying to undo or who inflicted it on the target, but not both.
-1 For each dot of Wyrd the character possesses less than that of the character who established the supernatural effect.
-2 The character knows neither the specific effect she is trying to undo nor the individual who inflicted it on the target.
-3 The character attempts to cleanse her target of an Obfuscate effect. This penalty adds to any applicable penalties above.
Waters of Life and Death (•••••)
Like the hero killed by his envious brothers or the saint who was shot full of arrows and lived, sometimes a person's journey does not end with their death. Though this contract cannot bring back the dead, it can stave it off for a few precious moments - time enough for their wounds to be tended, or one final deed.
Cost: 4 Glamour or 4 Glamour + 1 Willpower if Reflexive
Dice Pool: Resolve + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The target is being attacked by a member of her family.

Dramatic Failure: The contract fails, and the target is filled with thoughts of doom and existential despair. The target is unable to spend willpower for the rest of the scene.
Failure: The power fails to have any effect.
Success: The changeling may place this contract upon any living target of their choice. If at any point during the next scene, the target receives wounds (lethal or aggravated) that would otherwise be fatal, the contract triggers. The target of the contract immediately gains temporary health equal to her maximum health, and is no longer affected by wound penalties (she is beyond pain). This effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to the successes rolled when the contract was activated. Once the contract ends, the target's health returns to normal as per the rules for temporary health in the World of Darkness Core book. In many cases, the target dies immediately when the contract is ended. However, if the target's wounds are healed before the contract ends, they are able to survive normally.
If the changeling spends a point of willpower, she can activate the clause reflexively on a target who has received a fatal injury. The changeling must be able to see the target to activate the clause. This clause still counts against the chageling's glamour and willpower limitations per turn.
Exceptional Success: The target gains temporary health equal to her maximum health + 2.
Suggested Modifiers
+1 The target is not carrying any weapons
+1 The target has no armor or other defenses.
-1 The target has harmed another person within the last day.
, Dream
Pathfinder (•)
Scout the nature of the Hedge. Pathfinder can find hollows, trods, paths to and from Faerie and other details like local Goblin Fruits.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Intelligence+Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: Erin must have plucked a thorn from the local Hedge and shed a single drop of blood while doing so.

Dramatic Failure: Wholly inaccurate and dangerous results.
Failure: Erin learns nothing useful.
Success: For each success on the roll, Erin learns a single pertinent fact about the local Hedge. It does not necessarily state where something is, simply that it exists. The distance in which the information-drawing is effective is within line of sight.
Exceptional Success: As ordinary success, but also yields the location of features.
Suggested Modifiers:
-1 The changeling has never encountered the local Hedge before.
Forging the Dream (••)
The changeling may change the subject's dreams to whatever she wishes, with one exception: she can never depict the subject's death (though she can imply it). The changeling must be able to see the subject, but can use a video feed or even a photograph or painted portrait.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wits+Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: Erin must stand or sit beside the subject, touching her temple and that of the dreamer.

Dramatic Failure: For the remainder of the scene, Erin cannot spend willpower. The dreamer also wakes with a distinct image of Erin, though they may not know what she was trying to do.
Failure: The contract fails but shows no sign of attempted use.
Success: Erin may edit the sleeper's dreams and dictate the content, with the exception of portraying the sleeper's death. If one of the True Fae is in the dreams, she must vie for control as usual.
Exceptional Success: No additional effect.
Suggested Modifiers:
-1 Erin is not in the immediately physical vicinity of the target.
+1 Erin knows the target at least superficially.
+3 Erin has a deep personal relationship with the target.
Phantasmal Bastion (•••)
Creates elaborate dream armor or weaponry for dream combat.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Action: Instant
Catch: Erin carried a token or sign of favor given freely to her by a living enemy or one of their loved ones or family members.

There is no die roll on the power. Erin must choose whether to bolster offense or defense. Defense grants her a number of phantom willpower points equal to her Wyrd for the purposed of determining how much dream damage she can take before falling. These points are always lost first. Offense grants a bonus equal to her Wyrd to all dream attacks. She may activate the clause twice to gain both effects, but cannot "stack" offensive or defensive bonuses.
Cobblethought (••••)
Erin can reach into a subjects dreams and pull out an image or object, which then plays out in the real world. The subject need not be asleep, they must simply have had a dream from which to draw from. Objects act as they did in the dream. Objects pulled from the dream do not reasonably have to be carried by the changeling. Erin cannot pull thinking entities from a dream, though she may pull an image that can be worn as a costume. The rule on this are really screwed up so just ask the Storyteller.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Intelligence+Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling has at least a fiber of the subject's bedclothes.

Dramatic Failure: The changeling pulls out something else entirely, that is either inappropriate or hostile.
Failure: The contract fails to function but betrays no sign of attempt.
Success: Erin draws forth the desired object, which remains in reality for one turn per success rolled.
Exceptional Success: As above, but the object remains permanently in reality. Erin may, at any time, banish it back to dreams.
Suggested Modifiers:
-2 Erin tries to withdraw something too fantastic to exist in the real world.
-2 Erin is attempting to draw forth a very specific appearance or item.
Dreamsteps (•••••)
The changeling climbs into the dreams of a nearby sleeper, briefly appearing in her sleeping thoughts, and then emerges from the shared realm of dreams in the proximity of another sleeper. He traverses an actual distance by using the landscape of dreams as a proxy for physical travel. This travel takes place instantaneously, or at least at the speed of thought.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling must carry a physical object that he crafted himself on the journey, which he leaves behind in the dreams of both sleepers. Both sleepers will remember this object, and will feel an inexplicable link to the changeling if they meet him in their waking lives, as they subconsciously recall this item connected to him.

Dramatic Failure: The attempt to travel by dreamways goes horribly awry, with the changeling unable to extricate himself from the dreams at his leisure. Instead, the Storyteller should run a brief nightmare scene in which the dreamer and changeling are both tormented by dreams-turned-nightmares. After that, the changeling is forced out of the dreamscape in the proximity of a sleeper… somewhere.
Failure: The changeling is unable to enter the dreamscape and thus unable to use it as a shortcut in the physical world.
Success: The character enters the dreamscape and may use it to instantaneously traverse physical distances. The physical distance traveled is not greater than 10 miles per success obtained on the roll. The changeling emerges as close as possible to the physical place of his choosing: He emerges from the dreams of the sleeping individual closest to his ultimate destination.
Exceptional Success: As with a standard success (and the extra successes are their own benefit), but with the additional reward of being deposited exactly where he wishes to be. If any changelings understand exactly how this works, they aren’t telling, and those dream-travelers who enjoy the luxury of the exceptional success describe the phenomena as if the stuff of dreams itself carries them exactly where they want to be and then recedes like an unseen ether.
Suggested Modifier
–3 The changeling is rushed or fleeing and thus doesn’t have time to gently part the veil of sleep (jeopardizing the slumber of the dreamer and the function of the Contract therefore).
+1 The changeling personally knows the dreamer at the beginning point of the journey.
+1 The dreamer at the point of entry is having particularly noteworthy dreams (whether of a pleasant or terrifying variety).
, Animation
Knowing Touch (•)
The character must handle, examine and talk or whisper to the object or device for at least half a minute. She learns of any damage it has suffered and the location and nature of all of its weak points.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Crafts
Action: Instant
Catch: The owner of the device asked the changeling to examine it. This catch does not function if the changeling owns the object in question.

Dramatic Failure: The changeling gains a penalty of –2 to any roll to repair or modify this device for the next scene.
Failure: The clause provides the character with no information.
Success: The character understands the details of the object’s construction. She gains a bonus equal to her Wyrd to repair or modify a damaged object or device. In addition, she can halve the object’s Durability (round down) for any attack she makes on it during the next scene.
Exceptional Success: The character also automatically learns of any hidden compartments or spaces within the object she is examining.
Suggested Modifiers:
–1 The character is distracted and not concentrating entirely on the object.
+1 The character examines the object for at least five minutes.
Instant Expertise (••)
Allows characters who have no idea how to use a particular device to use it without penalty and also provides characters trained in its use with additional expertise. To use this clause, the character must touch and fiddle with the device for two full turns before using it. This clause can be used on weapons, vehicles, scientific instruments, individual computer programs or any other device or tool. Changelings can even use this to gain bonuses at picking locks or disarming security systems.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wits + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The character has at least 10 minutes to talk with the device to learn the secrets of its use.

Dramatic Failure: The character misinterprets the device’s suggestions and suffers a –2 penalty when using the device for the next scene.
Failure: The clause does not affect the character’s use of the device.
Success: The character gains a bonus to dice rolls made to use the specific object equal to the number of successes. This bonus lasts for three turns per point of the character’s Wyrd. It also counts as temporary dots in a Skill for the purpose of eliminating untrained penalties.
Exceptional Success: The bonus lasts for the entire scene.
Suggested Modifiers:
–2 The character refrains from even whispering to the device.
+1 The character speaks to the device in a normal conversational volume.
Inanimate Communion (•••)
The character directly senses and experiences events that happened to the object or device he is handling. The changeling experiences these events from the point of view of the object he is touching. While doing this, he hears and feels how the object was used and who used it.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Empathy
Action: Instant
Catch: The object has not been used or handled for at least a year.

Dramatic Failure: The character gains incorrect impressions from any object he touches.
Failure: The character gains no impressions from the object.
Success: The character can touch or handle an item and learn about the last few times it was extensively used, moved or handled. The character learns who used the object, gaining a clear impression of the user’s appearance and manner. The character also learns where and how the object was used. One of the major limitations on this clause is that the character can only see and hear people and objects that actually touched the object. The character will know who or what a melee weapon was used upon, but not who a gun was fired at, unless the gun actually touched the target. The character requires only a minute or two to learn the past of any single object.
Exceptional Success: The character can clearly see and hear a greater number of the events surrounding the object or device as it was used or handled. Her vision includes people who were not in physical contact with the object, up to a radius of five yards from the object.
Suggested Modifiers
–2 The character does not touch the objects with both hands.
+1 The character polishes, cleans or performs minor maintenance on the various objects.
Animate Device (••••)
The character can cause any device to operate on its own. Cars drive themselves, guns fire while sitting on a table, doors open or close and locks unlock themselves.
Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The character owns the device and has regularly used it for at least a month.

Dramatic Failure: The device malfunctions and cannot be used in any fashion for the next three turns.
Failure: The clause has no effect upon the device.
Success: The device obeys any single simple command by the character — the locked door of a safe unlocks itself and swings open, a car starts and drives in the direction the character indicates, a drawer opens or closes or a gun tucked in an opponent’s belt fires. However, devices cannot move in any way that is outside the normal range of their operation. A car can drive itself and a gun lying on the ground can fire, but the gun cannot aim itself. The efforts of anyone attempting to use the device normally automatically supersede the effects of this clause; the item cannot wrest control. Also, unless the normal function of the device is sufficiently forceful to harm someone, such as a car hitting someone or a gun firing, this clause
cannot cause the device to operate with sufficient force to harm anyone. The changeling can command any single device within Wyrd x 3 yards that he can see clearly.
Exceptional Success: The changeling can control the device for an entire scene, causing the device to operate as he desires, within the limits of this clause.
Suggested Modifiers
–3 The character uses only gestures to direct the object to do what he wants.
–1 The character can see only part of the device, such as being able to see only the grip of a pistol in a holster.
+1 to +5 The character gains an additional +1 to this roll for every success he rolls on a Manipulation + Persuasion roll to convince the device to do what he wants. The character must spend at least half a minute convincing the device to act
as he wishes and must speak audibly to gain this bonus.
Command the Inanimate (•••••)
The changeling commands an inanimate object and imbues it with temporary animation. This clause enables a table to hop across a restaurant floor, a broom to sweep a floor, a knife to hurl itself across a room or a gun to aim and fire itself. These objects can all move swiftly and, if desired, with lethal force.
Cost: 2 Glamour + 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Presence + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The object’s owner is a stranger to or enemy of the changeling, and mistreats or does not take adequate care of the object.

Dramatic Failure: The object briefly animates for one turn in a violent and uncontrolled fashion, in which the object attempts to harm the changeling who commanded it. If this is not possible, it attempts to destroy itself.
Failure: The object remains immobile and unaffected.
Success: The desired object becomes animate for the entire scene. Objects act as if they were controlled by a living being with Strength and Dexterity equal to the changeling’s Wyrd and (if appropriate) a skill equal to the changeling’s Presence. The changeling must issue a single command to the object. The object continues to perform this action for the entire scene. If the character wishes to change this instruction, including ordering the object to instantly stop, he must take a turn to deliver the new order and make a successful Presence + Wyrd roll. As long as this roll succeeds, the object immediately begins performing the new action. If the roll fails, the object continues performing the previously ordered action, but the changeling may attempt to repeat the new order the next turn. Ordering an object to change what it is doing does not cost any additional Glamour. The changeling can command any object within Wyrd x 5 yards that he can see clearly.
Exceptional Success: The object remains animated until the sun next rises or sets (whichever comes first), and the changeling can order the object to change actions without needing to roll. As long as the object is within Wyrd x 5 yards away and the changeling can see or hear it clearly, it will instantly obey the changeling.
Suggested Modifiers
–2 The character asks the object to do something that will harm or destroy it.
+1 The character asks the object to perform its normal and expected function.
, Artifice
Brief Glamour of Repair (•)
The character can repair an object without tools or spare parts. More than half the device must be intact to use this contract.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd+Crafts
Action: Instant or Extended
Catch: The contract is used to fix an item owned by another, which the changeling has never used. A changeling could fix a friend's car the changeling has ridden in, but never driven.

Dramatic Failure: The device is damaged further, giving a -3 penalty to further repair attempts.
Failure: The contract fails but does no harm.
Success: The changeling repairs the object even without tools and parts. If the repairs required an extended action, the successes needed are halved. These repairs last for the next full day, at which point the device reverts back to its condition before the contract was used.
Exceptional Success: The repair is as durable and functional as if normal parts had been used.
Suggested Modifiers
–1 No necessary parts or tools are present
+1 All necessary tools are present
+1 The changeling does not personally know the object's owner or primary user.
Touch of the Workman's Wrath (••)
The character can disable or seriously damage an object with a single touch.
Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd+Larceny
Action: Instant
Catch: The owner of the device stole or attempted to steal something of value from the changeling, or attempted to cheat the changeling in a business deal.

Dramatic Failure: The device is unharmed and anyone watching finds the attempted sabotage obvious.
Failure: The device is unharmed.
Success: The changeling damages the device, and it requires an extended action to repair (one roll every minute). Target number of successes to repair is equal to the number of successes rolled on the contract plus half the changeling's wyrd (rounded up).
Exceptional Success: The item needs major repairs. Each roll takes ten minutes. The number of successes needed to complete repairs is equal to the Changeling's Wyrd + the number of successes rolled on the contract.
Suggested Modifiers
-1 The device is particularly well built
+1 The device is flimsy or ill-maintained
+2 The changeling can touch the device for more than a minute
Blessing of Perfection (•••)
The Character can make an item function better, improving the equipment bonus. The changeling must tinker with the item for a few turns. The changeling can use the same contract to bless an action (including all rolls of an extended action to repair, modify or build a device or computer program, treat an illness or injury or create a work of art.
Cost: 3 Glamour or 3 Glamour + 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Wyrd+Wits
Action: Extended (one roll per turn, eight successes needed)
Catch: The contract is used to bless or repair an item for someone the changeling does not know well, in exchange for some favor.

Dramatic Failure: The changeling curses the device, causing a -1 penalty for the next full day.
Failure: The contract fails.
Success: The object gains a bonus equal to he changeling's wyrd to all die rolls for the next full scene. If the changeling spends a point of willpower and uses Promise Leaves, the blessing lasts until the sun next rises or sets. The changeling can also use this to improve her performance at various crafts (add wyrd to a Crafts, Medicine, or Computer roll).
Exceptional Success: If used to bless an action, gain a +2 to the action. If used to bless an item, lasts until the sun next rises or sets. If used with the willpower spent and promise leaves, the item gains a permanent bonus equal to half the changeling's wyrd (round up).
Suggested Modifiers
+2 Taking at least one minute per roll on the extended task
-1 Using substandard tools to make a repair roll
Unmaker's Destructive Gaze (••••)
The character stares hard at a vehicle, weapon or device, causing the object to cease working until the user unjams or restarts it.
Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd+Presence
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling has the opportunity to touch and examine the device for at least a minute.

Dramatic Failure: The device is improved. All attempts to use it gain a +1 bonus for a number of turns equal to the character's Wyrd.
Failure: The device is unharmed.
Success: The changeling stares at a vehicle, weapon or device within 20 yards, and causes it to cease working. The user must spend a full turn making a normal repair roll (typically Int+Crafts), with a penalty to the roll equal to the number of successes the changeling achieved. On a failure, the device is not fixed, but the user may attempt again on the next turn with the same penalty. No specialized skills, tools, or spare parts are needed to repair the device. This contract works equally well on items that have no moving parts, such as knives.
Exceptional Success: The item needs minor repairs before it can be used again. The repairs require 10 successes on an extended roll, with one roll attempted per minute. Repair rolls suffer the changeling's successes as a penalty.
Suggested Modifiers
-2 The changeling cannot see the device or weapon clearly.
+2 The changeling can touch the device while performing the contract.
Tatterdemalion's Workshop (•••••)
The character can create useful and complex devices out of unlikely parts. The character can create the item swiftly and with unlikely tools and equipment, but in all cases the item must be possible and the parts must be physically able to be used in this manner. Wands that throw lightning or anti-gravity belts are impossible, as is building a car without anything to be used as tires or an engine. Similarly, if the character wants to built a bomb, she must have something that is explosive; if she wants to build a suitcase nuke, she needs a large supply of plutonium.
Cost: 4 Glamour or 4 Glamour + 2 Willpower
Dice Pool: Wyrd+Crafts
Action: Extended (the target number and frequency of rolls are variable)
Catch: The changeling creates the vehicle or device in her own workshop with her own tools. A changeling must use a workshop regularly in order for it to count as hers.

Dramatic Failure: The Contract fails, and the changeling breaks one or more parts in the attempt and cannot use them again.
Failure: The Contract fails, and the parts are unaffected.
Success: The changeling can create a new device out of vaguely appropriate parts, such as an ultralight glider out of a lawnmower engine and copper pipes and canvas, or a machine pistol out of a nail gun. Creating this item is always an extended action. The character can make one roll every minute when building a small handheld item such as a pistol or a power drill, and every 10 minutes when creating a device as large as a small car or ultralight plane. Devices larger than size 10 cannot be made using this contract. The storyteller sets the number of successes needed to create the item, which varies from 5 to 10, depending on the complexity of the device and the quality of available materials.
The device functions for one scene as well as a normal device of the type being duplicated. If the changeling spends one point of willpower and uses the power of an item from the Hedge to further bless the item, the device works until the next sunrise. At the end of this time, the device falls to pieces, and the pieces are sufficiently worn and tattered to be unusable.
Exceptional Success: The device functions until the next sunrise. If the changeling spends one point of willpower and uses the power of an item from the Hedge to further bless the item, the device is built sturdily enough to last indefinitely.
Suggested Modifiers
-3 The materials are both poor quality and relatively sparse.
-1 The materials are either poor quality or relatively sparse.
+1 The materials are abundant or high quality.
+3 The materials are both abundant and high quality.
+2 A wide selection of tools is available
-1 Few tools are available.
, Fang and Talon (Insects)
Tongues of Birds and Words of Wolves (•)
The changeling can communicate with the general type of animal represented in the Contract. This communication is partially empathic, but the changeling must either whisper to the animal in her own language or attempt to imitate whatever sounds the animal uses to express itself. Most animals make some sort of noise while responding, but they need not do so. Animals tied to the changeling by kith or this Contract instinctively feel a kinship with the changeling and readily communicate unless immediate circumstances, such as an obvious threat, intervene. Simpler, less intelligent animals communicate with less complexity. Mammals and birds are relatively easy to speak with. However, reptiles, invertebrates and most fish can provide only very simple information, such as whether or not any humans recently came near or the general location of fresh water.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Animal Ken
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling gives the animal a new name.

Dramatic Failure: The character angers or scares the animal he tries to approach and cannot use this clause for one full scene.
Failure: No communication occurs.
Success: The changeling can speak to all animals of the specified type for the next scene.
Exceptional Success: The animal feels affection and loyalty toward the character. The animal is actively helpful and volunteers information unasked if it considers that information important (so far as its intelligence allows).
Suggested Modifiers
+1 The character imitates the animal’s sounds and body language.
–1 The animal is frightened or hurt.
Beast’s Keen Senses (••)
The changeling gains the senses of a specific type of animal, selected when the changeling learns this clause. This clause enhances the changeling’s natural senses, and may well grant him entirely new senses such as a viper’s infrared pits or a bat’s echolocation.
Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wits + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling sees or touches an animal of the type being imitated.

Dramatic Failure: The character’s senses become slightly muddied and confused. The character experiences a –1 die penalty to all Perception rolls for the next scene.
Failure: The Contract fails, and the character’s senses are unaffected.
Success: The character gains a +2 dice bonus to all Wits rolls relating to perception for the next full scene. In addition, he gains the chosen animal’s most notable sensory ability — a wolf or dog’s sense of smell, including the ability to identify people and track by scent, an owl or cat’s night vision and so on. (Pheromones: +2 to Wits, and an additional +3 to Wits+Empathy rolls.) These bonuses last for the next full scene.
Exceptional Success: The character gains an additional +1 die to all Perception rolls for the scene.
Suggested Modifiers
+1 The changeling is touching an animal of the correct type.
+1 The changeling is wearing a mask or other large image (such as a painting on the back of a jacket of an animal of the correct type).
–1 The environment is one that the animal would find uncomfortable and unnatural, such as a jungle animal in winter snow.
Pipes of the Beastcaller (•••)
The changeling can command the animal specified in the Contract. The character can call any single animal of this type that she can see or hear, causing the animal to come rapidly to her aid, and then instruct the animal on what she wants it to do. Particularly small animals may be called in groups. The changeling can call and command up to a dozen tiny animals, such as rats, mice or small bats, if she can see or hear them all. Changelings can also call an entire hive of insects such as bees or wasps. The animal (or animals) obeys to the best of its ability, but its nature and intelligence might cause the animal to interpret its orders in unusual ways. The animal attempts to carry out commands for the next full day, after which it ceases to obey the character. The animal will not cooperate with anything obviously self-destructive, such as standing still in front of an oncoming car. Large groups of small animals such as rats or bees act as one and cannot be split up to perform different tasks.
Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Animal Ken
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling asks the animal to guard or watch the changeling’s dwelling.

Dramatic Failure: The animal either attacks the character or completely misunderstands the instructions and does the exact opposite of what he commands it to do.
Failure: The character cannot communicate with or command the animal.
Success: The animal can both understand the character’s wishes and obeys the character’s orders to the best of its abilities.
Exceptional Success: The character retains an empathic bond with the animal, allowing him to roughly sense its location and emotional and physical condition. For the next full day, the character can spend one point of Glamour to communicate for one scene with the animal at any distance.
Suggested Modifiers
+1 The changeling offers the animal appropriate foodstuffs.
–1 The animal is frightened or injured.
Tread of the Swift Hooves (••••)
The character gains the Contracted animal’s mode of locomotion. This clause allows characters emulating unusually swift animals to run faster, characters emulating aquatic animals to swim better and faster and characters moving like flying animals to jump and glide inhumanly well. If the animal is noted for being able to move exceptionally well in several different ways, such as a type of monkey that excels at both climbing and jumping, the character must choose which type of movement he wishes to gain when he learns this clause and must learn a new version to gain the other ability.
Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Dexterity + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The character is touching an animal of the correct type.

Dramatic Failure: The Contract fails. The character suffers a –1 die penalty to Speed for the scene.
Failure: The Contract fails, and the character is unaffected.
Success: The character gains the movement capabilities of the animal. Swift runners such as horses or dogs allow the changeling to double her Speed. Aquatic animals allow the changeling to swim as rapidly and as easily as she can walk or run and hold her breath 10 times as long (including any modifiers from the Strong Lungs Merit). Flying, gliding or jumping animals allow the changeling to quadruple her jumping distance and fall any distance without harm. Climbing animals such as monkeys allow the changeling to gain +5 to all climbing rolls and climb at five times normal speed. This enhanced movement lasts for one full scene.
Exceptional Success: The character’s enhanced movement lasts until the sun next sets or rises, whichever comes first. Suggested Modifiers
+1 The changeling wears a mask of the animal or a large garment made from its skin.
–1 The clause is invoked someplace the animal is never naturally found.
Cloak of the Bear’s Massive Form (•••••)
The changeling can physically transform into the animal bound to the Contract. The transformation takes one turn. The character’s clothing and small objects close to his skin, such as phones or wallets, blend into this animal form.
Cost: 4 Glamour
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling is in the natural habitat of his associated animal and touching or within touching distance of at least one of these animals.

Dramatic Failure: The character partially transforms, becoming a clumsy half-human being who suffers a –2 dice penalty to all Strength and Dexterity pools and a –2 dice penalty to Defense and Speed. The botched transformation lasts until the character can take two consecutive turns to shift back.
Failure: The Contract fails, and the character cannot transform.
Success: The character successfully transforms into the correct animal. The character can remain transformed for up to a scene or can choose to revert to her normal form at any time. Transforming back into the normal form requires one turn, and ends the clause’s effects. The character’s Health alters if her Size and Stamina change. In animal form, the character automatically gains animal senses, exactly as if she had performed the eagle’s gleaming eyes clause. The creature’s Physical Attributes replace the changeling’s, but she retains her Social and Mental Attributes. Her Skills also remain the same. The changeling gains some measure of the animal’s instinctual drives and motor control, so she can run, fly or swim normally. While in animal form, the character can speak all human languages she knows, and can also communicate normally with animals of the species she has become.
Exceptional Success: The character can remain transformed until the sun next rises. If she has taken the form of an animal with a smaller Size than her own, she retains her full Health as if her Size had not changed.
Suggested Modifiers
+1 In the animal’s natural habitat
–1 Inside a well-lit building closed off from the outside world
Striking Looks bonus applies to activation rolls
Mask of Superiority (•)
The character convinces a single subject that she is a professional or social superior. She cannot force obedience, simply deceive.
Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd+Intimidation - Target's Resolve
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling pretends to be someone whose fame comes from high standing or good looks alone.

Dramatic Failure: The subject takes extra offense at the changeling's obvious lies.
Failure: The contract fails. The subject sees the changeling as she is.
Success: The changeling can either convince the subject that she is a high-ranking subject in the subject's workplace, or that she is a celebrity, someone important and worthy of notice and respect. She does not control who the target specifically sees, only the general. If the subject is expecting someone important to come and talk to him, he assumes the changeling is that person. The contract does not force action on the part of the subject, but every success rolled adds one bonus die to Social rolls to impress, intimidate, or command the target. This effect lasts for one scene, or until someone else convinces the target that the changeling is not who she claims to be.
Exceptional Success: The target is firmly convinced of the changeling's identity and will argue with anyone who claims otherwise. He receives a +1 bonus to convincing others of the changeling's importance.
Suggested Modifiers
–1 The changeling is dressed inappropriately for the position she claims.
+1 The changeling is dressed appropriately for the position she claims.
Songs of Distant Arcadia (••)
Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd+Expression
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling is giving a performance in front of a wealthy and powerful audience.

Dramatic Failure: The changeling receives a -2 penalty to all Expression or Persuasion rolls for the next scene, but believes she is giving an excellent performance.
Failure: No bonus.
Success: The changeling receives a number of bonus dice equal to her Wyrd to all Expression and Persuasion rolls for the next scene.
Exceptional Success: The changeling receives a number of automatic successes equal to her Wyrd to her next Expression and Persuasion roll, as well as adding the usual bonus dice to all other Expression and Persuasion rolls for the next scene.
Suggested Modifiers
-1 to -2 The changeling is dressed in unassuming fashion without props or special accoutrements.
+1 to +2 The changeling is wearing an unusually fine costume, or using especially well made instruments or other accoutrements
Splendor of the Envoy's Protection (•••)
The Changeling reveals her true form for all to see. This dazzles mortals, who can clearly see they are talking to an inhuman creature, but does not harm the changeling's clarity.
Cost: 3 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd+Presence
Action: Instant
Catch: The contract is invoked at a formal party containing at least a dozen people.

Dramatic Failure: The changeling suffers a -2 penalty to all Presence and Manipulation rolls for the next scene.
Failure: The contract fails.
Success: The character appears in her true form. Onlookers are awed, but not frightened. The character gains the equivalent of the Striking Looks Merit at four dots. This bonus adds to any others, such as if the character already has the Striking Looks Merit. In addition, as long as the changeing does not brandish a weapon or attempt to harm anyone, ordinary humans cannot attack her. They can attempt to block her path, but cannot actually harm her except by accident. Supernatural beings may attack by making a successful Resolve+Composure roll before each attack. This contract lasts for one scene, or until the changeling attacks or brandishes a weapon with threatening intent. Either action instantly ends the contract, but she can order others to attack without ending the effect.
During this time, cameras and other devices will not show or record the character's true form. Afterwards, humans still consider the changeling as striking and impressive, but either remember her appearance as a wondrous costume or forget that she looked inhuman. Supernatural viewers recall the changeling's true form. This clause effects everyone who sees it, during the scene, not just those present when it's invoked.
Exceptional Success: The clause lasts until the sun next rises or sets (whichever comes first).
Suggested Modifiers
-1 to -2 The changeling is dressed in shabby or cheaply made clothing.
+1 to +2 The changeling is wearing exquisite or expensive clothing.
-2 The changeling is wearing a visible weapon
Mantle of Terrible Beauty (••••)
The changeling appears in her fae mien to all onlookers in a fashion that makes her appear both frightening and terrible. Onlookers see the changeling as a great and terrible version of her normal seeming, but afterwards cannot remember the exact details of what she looked like, only that she filled them with utter terror. As a result, invoking this clause does not risk a changeling losing Clarity.

Cost: 2 Glamour + 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Intimidate + Wyrd vs. the subject’s Composure + Wyrd
Action: Contested
Catch: The character is fighting a duel or some other combat that has been agreed upon in advance by both sides.

Dramatic Failure: The changeling looks harmless. All attackers gain confidence, giving them one additional die to all attacks on the changeling for the next scene. The changeling also cannot affect anyone within range until the sun next sets.
Failure: The clause fails to invoke.
Success: This clause affects everyone within three yards per dot of the changeling’s Wyrd. One contested roll may be made reflexively for a crowd of mortals based on the highest Composure present. Supernatural beings should each make their own resistance rolls. If the changeling rolls any successes, he fills the affected targets with a mixture of terror and awe. If he rolls more successes than a target, the person must flee the changeling’s presence in utter terror. Those who fail this contest but cannot flee are at a –2 dice penalty to all actions due to fear. They also cannot spend Willpower to gain three extra dice on any rolls, or +2 to any Resistance traits. (Willpower can be spent to activate capabilities or powers that require it, however.) Anyone who rolls as many or more successes as the changeling need not flee, but the changeling awes and frightens them, causing a –2 dice penalty to all rolls to attack or attempt to harm the changeling. The changeling also gains +2 dice to all rolls to Intimidate everyone within range. The changeling’s awe-inspiring appearance persists until the changeling decides to resume her normal appearance or until the end of the scene, whichever comes first. Record the number of successes rolled for the changeling when this clause is activated, and compare it to any rolled for newcomers to the power’s area of effect. This awe cannot be used selectively, and affects all characters near the changeling (save those bound to her by a motley pledge or who share her Court). This clause cannot be used more than once on any subject in a single scene.
Exceptional Success: All who roll fewer successes than the changeling must either flee or cower helplessly until the awe ceases. Those who roll as many or more successes are at a –2 dice penalty to all actions.
Suggested Modifiers
+1 to +2 The changeling’s clothing, accoutrements or weapons are especially flamboyant and impressive.
–1 to –2 The changeling’s clothing, accoutrements or weapons are bland, shoddy or ill kept..
Words of Memories Never Lived (•••••)
The changeling gives a speech or performance, such as a song or play, which profoundly affects the minds of listeners within 50 yards of the changeling. Although the changeling can augment her voice with a microphone, videos or recordings do not contain the fae magic present in the actual in-person performance. Once the character succeeds in preparing the audience, she can begin weaving a speech or other performance that warps their memories and supercharges their emotions.

Cost: 3 Glamour + 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Wyrd+ Expression + vs. the subject’s Composure + Wyrd
Action: Extended and Contested (five successes; each roll represents one minute). If the changeling has not achieved the needed number of successes in a number of rolls equal to her Presence + Expression, the audience loses interest. One contested roll may be made reflexively for a crowd based on the highest Composure present. Supernatural targets may make their own resistance rolls.
Catch: The changeling is attempting to convince the audience of something that she believes to be factually correct.

Dramatic Failure: The audience turns hostile. Those who are so inclined may turn to violence.
Failure: The performance is uninspired and has no effect on listeners.
Success: The character tells, sings or demonstrates an emotionally charged story. Listeners fall into a light dreamlike trance. The events of this story affect them deeply, and they remember the events being described either as having happened to them or as something they personally witnessed or heard from a trusted friend. The audience reacts to the described events as if to vivid reality, but will not likely take any action they would not normally perform under strong provocation. The changeling cannot control how the audience reacts to their new memories. The effects of this performance last until the sun next rises. A crowd verging on riot told a story about how the events angering them have a reasonable explanation will likely calm down and disperse. Similarly, the members of a peaceful community meeting could be moved to mob violence if told that a neighbor is secretly a serial killer plotting to kidnap and kill their children.
Exceptional Success: The performance so completely touches the audience’s hearts that they follow any simple and not obviously foolish or suicidal suggestion that the changeling makes about how to react to the story.
Suggested Modifiers
+1 to +2 The changeling is wearing or using unusually fine costumes, instruments or other accoutrements.
+1 The character has three or more dots in Presence.
+2 The targets are an audience expecting and eager to see a speech or performance.
–1 to –2 The changeling is dressed in an unassuming fashion and without special props or accoutrements.
, Eternal Spring
Gift of Warm Breath (•)
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Resolve + Survival + Mantle (Spring)
Action: Instant
Catch: The subject has freely offered the changeling some form of sustenance since last sunrise.

Dramatic Failure: The subject suffers starvation and fatigue as if deprived of food and sleep for a number of days equal to the changeling's Wyrd, and deprived of water for half that time.
Failure: The contract fails.
Success: The subject becomes healthy and alert as though he had just risen from a full night's rest and had breakfast. All fatigue penalties disappear and any damage from food or water deprivation is fully healed.
Exceptional Success: The subject gains +1 stamina for the duration of the scene, in addition to the normal effects.
Suggested Modifiers
–1 Each point of fatigue penalty the subject suffers
-1 Each point of damage from deprivation the subject suffers
New Lover's Kiss (••)
The changeling can call down rain.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Intelligence+Survival+Mantle (Spring)
Action: Instant
Catch: A mortal human has commented, within the character's hearing and within the past hour, that it looks like rain.

Dramatic Failure: The extended roll fails, it does not rain, and the changeling cannot use this contract for the next 24 hours.
Failure: The character makes no progress.
Success: The character causes a light rain, possibly out of a clear sky. The rain is too mild to inflict penalties, but can be used to help put out fires, water plants, provide drinking water, ruin evidence, or wash away trails (inflicting a -2 to Investigation or Survival (Tracking) rolls in the latter two cases). The rain lasts for one scene.
Exceptional Success: The character can cause the rain to end earlier, if she likes.
Suggested Modifiers
+1 Extensive cloud cover.
-1 Exceedingly clear day.
Warmth of the Blood (•••)
The Changeling mends wounds. This only works on living creatures of flesh and blood.
Cost: 1 Glamour + 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Wits+Medicine+Mantle (Spring)
Action: Instant
Catch: The subject has honestly professed a heartfelt and deep love, romantic or familial, for the changeling.

Dramatic Failure: A wound is upgraded from bashing to lethal; if all wounds are lethal, one is upgraded to aggravated.
Success: Each success allows the changeling to downgrade one of the target's wounds from lethal to bashing, or remove one bashing wound entirely.
Exceptional Success: The changeling may also use successes to convert aggravated damage into lethal wounds. Each aggravated wound converted to lethal requires an additional point of glamour.
, Fleeting Spring
Cupid's Eye (•)
The character learns the target's desires.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wits + Wyrd vs Composure+ Wyrd
Action: Contested
Catch: The changeling has kissed the subject within the last 24 hours, or the subject's object of desire is the character.

Dramatic Failure: The changeling receives false impressions.
Failure: The contract fails.
Success: The changeling learns one of the subject's desires, at the targeted level.
Exceptional Success: The changeling learns two of the subject's desires at the targeted level, or knowledge there is only one desire at that level.
Suggested Modifiers
+1 The character has a pledge with the subject.
- The character discerns a desire at the forefront of the target's mind.
-1 The character discerns a desire not currently concerning the subject.
-1 The character discerns a specific kind of desire (sexual, employment, etc.)
-2 The character discovers a desire the character recognizes but generally keeps hidden.
-3 The character finds a desire the subject keeps hidden even from himself.
Growth of the Ivy (••)
The changeling can direct a subject's desires somewhat.
Cost: 2 Glamour or 2 Glamour + 1 Willpower for Supernatural Subject
Dice Pool: Manipulation+Persuasion+Mantle (Spring) - Subject's Resolve
Action: Contested (Resistance is Reflexive)
Catch: The character is acting to make the subject desire her or is doing so to resolve a pledge.

Dramatic Failure: The target develops an active dislike or aversion to the subject of the intended desire.
Failure: No effect.
Success: The subject's desires change in a manner of the character's choosing. The change lasts for one day per successes rolled, though natural interaction may be able to prolong the desire after the supernatural effect ends.
Exceptional Success: The change is permanent. The desires remain until the changeling chooses to release them, and then they may become natural.
Suggested Modifiers
+1 The changeling changes a momentary desire.
- The changeling changes a long term desire.
- The changeling changes a desire to something similar (e.g. lust for one man to lust for another)
-1 The changeling changes a desire concealed from others.
-1 The changeling changes a desire moderately (e.g. wanting a cat to wanting a Nintendo)
-2 The changeling changes a desire the subject conceals from herself.
-2 The changeling changes a desire significantly (e.g. wanting a Nobel Prize to wanting a family)
-5 The changeling eliminates a desire or creates it from scratch.
, Verdant Spring
Font of Inspiration (•)
By accessing their own inherent knack for sensing others’ desires, Lost with this clause are able to create more successfully. The enhanced results are not a result of the clause increasing their workmanship, but because it allows them to better interpret and anticipate the needs and desires of their target demographic. Thus, the ability can be applied to other’s creations as well, allowing a changeling with this clause to inspire, advise and consult with other people and enhance their ability to create as well.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wits + Empathy + Mantle (Spring) (minus the target’s Resolve if actively opposed)
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling invests his own (literal) blood, sweat or tears into the creation of the object or plans for the project.

Dramatic Failure: The endeavor fails horribly. The creator (and inspiration, should the changeling be exerting influence on another individual) is under a –4 penalty for all creative works (Crafts or Expression challenges) for the next month. As well, even if the failure happens in secret, the creator (and inspiration, if applicable) is set at –2 for all social challenges against members of the Spring Court for one month.
Failure: The creator (and inspiration, should the changeling be exerting influence on another individual) is under a –4 penalty for all creative works (Crafts or Expression challenges) for the next month as the weight of his disastrous efforts hinder future creations.
Success: For each success, the changeling (or person he is inspiring) receives a +1 bonus to his next Crafts or Expression challenge. These bonuses stack with any other supernatural or equipment bonuses applicable to the challenge.
Exceptional Success: Not only does the bonus above apply to the character’s next creative challenge, but to all social challenges made against members of the Spring Court (minimum 1 point of Spring Mantle) for the next week. Only one such bonus can be active at any given time. For better or worse, if another exceptional success using this clause is made before the previous one wears off, its bonuses apply rather than the earlier ones.
, Spellbound Autumn
Warlock’s Gaze (•)
The character detects the presence of the supernatural; even those beings, objects and effects that are deliberately concealed.
Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Occult (vs. Composure + Wyrd, in the case of supernaturally concealed persons, effects, or things)
Action: Instant (and possibly Contested; resistance is reflexive)
Catch: The character physically makes contact with a non-allied supernatural being other than another changeling when activating this clause.

Dramatic Failure: The character falsely detects the presence of one or more supernatural creatures, objects, and/or phenomena, as well as failing to detect any such presences that are truly in his vicinity.
Failure: The character either rolls no successes or fails to exceed the successes accrued by a character concealed by or concealing a supernatural effect, and does not detect any supernatural creatures, objects, and/or phenomena. He is aware that the clause was not successfully enacted.
Success: The character scores successes in excess of those accrued by a character concealed by or concealing any supernatural effect, if any, and detects any non-concealed supernatural creatures, objects, and/or phenomena within a number of yards equal to his Wyrd. (Note that the character may succeed against some subjects and fail against others, depending upon how many successes are scored by each character in the contested roll. The character using this clause, however, rolls only once and compares his total successes against all other nearby individuals using supernatural powers of occlusion.)
Exceptional Success: No additional result, beyond the possibility of penetrating especially strong methods of supernatural occlusion.
, Stone
Might of the Terrible Brute (•)
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Strength
Action: Reflexive
Catch: The character fight multiple opponent simultaneously with her bare hands, not using weapons or tools of any sort.

Dramatic Failure: The character strains herself and takes a -2 penalty to her next action involving strength.
Failure: Nothing happens.
Success: The changeling adds an additional dot of strength to this action per success rolled.
Exceptional Success: The changeling also gains the 8s again quality on the next action she takes using a Strength ddice pool.
Suggested Modifiers
+1 The character yells, grunts, or boasts loudly about her strength.
-1 The character acts calm, restrained and sedate.
Ogre’s Rending Grasp (••)
The character can focus his inhuman prowess against an inanimate object. Using this Contract, the changeling can rip down a wall with his bare hands or bash in the sturdiest door with a lead pipe. The changeling must either touch or be able to clearly see an object to use this clause upon it.
Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Strength + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling is attempting to remove a barrier, such as a door or a wall.

Dramatic Failure: The character strains his muscles, suffering a –2 dice penalty to all Strength-based dice pools for the next scene.
Failure: The object’s Durability is unaffected.
Success: The changeling subtracts one point of Durability per success achieved on the roll. Note that this clause does not affect the object’s Structure. The reduced Durability applies to all attacks on the object and lasts for one scene.
Exceptional Success: No benefit other than that gained from 5+ successes.
Suggested Modifiers
+1 The character attacks the target without taking time to think about it.
–1 The character has carefully studied the target to determine the best way to destroy it.
Display Grandiose Might (•••)
The Ogre can boost his Strength by a significant degree for tasks not involving combat. The character can run, climb, jump and lift heavy objects far more effectively than normal.
Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Athletics + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The character is using this clause for the express purpose of showing off his physical or athletic prowess to others, perhaps to gain some prize or to win acclaim, but not for any more practical purpose.

Dramatic Failure: The character strains his muscles and functions as if his Strength was half normal (round down) for the duration of the scene.
Failure: The character’s Strength is unaffected.
Success: The character gains additional dots of Strength equal to his Wyrd. The character can only use this added might for non-combat purposes. If the character attacks an opponent, the affects of this clause instantly end. Otherwise, it lasts for one full scene and provides bonuses to Speed, to lifting objects, breaking down or holding back a door, climbing, jumping and all other Strength dice pools not including combat. Attempting to break inanimate objects does not count as combat.
Exceptional Success: Along with bonuses already provided, the character gains the 9 again quality to all appropriate Strength rolls for the scene.
Suggested Modifiers
+1 The character is dressed in a way that shows off his muscles and physique.
–1 The character is dressed in a way that hides his physique.
, Omen
Vision of Strife (•)
The changeling looks at someone and gains a vision of the most traumatic and emotionally charged event that the target has experienced.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Empathy
Action: Instant
Catch: The target is currently speaking about her past.

Dramatic Failure: The character has a vision of an event that never happened to the target.
Failure: The contract fails.
Success: The character has a brief vision of the most traumatic and intense negative or harmful event that happened to the target. In all cases, this event is something that filled the target with fear and is likely to be one of the most memorable events in his life. When looking at most changelings, the character usually sees their abduction by the True Fae, and for mortals, typical events include perpetrating or being the victim of violent crime or experiencing some event such as a severe car accident or natural disaster. This vision lasts for only a few seconds, but provides the changeling with a general understanding of the nature of the event the target experienced, as well as a few vivid sensory images of this event. The changeling must look at the target to use this clause.
Exceptional Success: The changeling also gains a general understanding of all of the other major traumatic events that occurred to the target.
Suggested Modifiers
–1 The changeling cannot see the target clearly or only catches a brief glimpse of the target.
+1 The changeling touches the target.
Glimpse of Fortune’s Favor (••)
The changeling examines the outcome of an action she is about to perform. She can then use this knowledge to improve her chances of success.
Cost: 1 Glamour, 2 Glamour if used reflexively
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Wits
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling is playing a game of skill.

Dramatic Failure: The character’s glimpse of the future is incorrect, and she suffers a penalty of –2 to the action this clause is being used to assist.
Failure: The clause fails.
Success: Succeeding at this clause allows the player to roll twice for a single instant action that the changeling performs in the following turn, taking the better of the two results. If the changeling spends two points of Glamour, she can use this clause reflexively, applying it to any instant action taken during the same turn that this clause is performed.
Exceptional Success: The character’s knowledge of the future is exceptionally clear and she can apply the 8 again quality to both rolls.
Suggested Modifiers
–1 The changeling has already used this clause at least once during the last scene.
+1 The changeling can glimpse herself in a mirror or other reflective surface when using the Contract.
Reading the Portents (•••)
The changeling looks at a target and sees the most significant upcoming event in his near future.
Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Wits
Action: Instant
Catch: The target is a child under the age of 18.

Dramatic Failure: The changeling gains a false impression of the target’s future.
Failure: The clause fails.
Success: The changeling describes a course of action and asks what it will result in for a given character -- it can be the changeling, or anyone else within sensory range. The Wyrd gives the changeling a brief vision that states whether the action will result in Woe, Weal, or is neutral/mixed blessing for the target character, along with a cryptic explanatory clue.

So, if a course of action would cause a character to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff, the Wyrd would return 'Woe' and flash a vision of drowning in dark waters. The Wyrd is also capable of judging things, so if a course of action causes the target to have a flat tire, buy a lottery ticket at a gas station, and then wins the lottery, then it returns a result of 'Weal' and gasoline-scented money.

In game terms, a changeling who uses Reading the Portents may re-roll a single dice pool during the remainder of the adventure, provided that the dice pool is in some tangential way related to either the course of action or to the character who's portents are being read. A changeling may have only one unused re-roll at a time -- they can use this contract five times to test out different courses of action, but will 'bank' only a single re-roll.

Usually, this power sees a fairly limited time into the future -- most Woe or Weal come to pass within a matter of days or weeks, though particularly potent or certain destinies can be seen from years out.
Exceptional Success: The Wyrd offers a further clue, either an idea of how to bring about / avoid a Woe/Weal outcome, or a further explanatory note for mixed/neutral outcomes.
Suggested Modifiers
–2 The changeling is viewing his own future.
–1 The target is a sworn enemy of the changeling.
+1 The target is a relative of the changeling.
Vision of Disaster (••••)
The changeling has a brief vision of the immediate future. This vision allows the changeling to be able to replay one turn of play with the knowledge of what happened the first time this turn occurred.
Cost: 4 Glamour + 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Wits + Wyrd
Action: Reflexive
Catch: A trusted friend or ally suddenly betrays the changeling.

Dramatic Failure: The Contract fails, and the changeling suffers a –2 penalty to all Wits rolls for the remainder of the scene due to disorientation.
Failure: The Contract fails, and events play out as they would without any interference or previous knowledge.
Success: The changeling has a clear and vivid vision of the next turn. In play, this means that the player can use this clause at the end of any turn, before anyone else acts. Using this clause resets play back to the end of the previous turn, but with the difference that the changeling now knows what will happen in the next turn if she does nothing.
None of the events of the turn when the clause was used have any effect on any character and no one except the character who used this clause remembers any of the events of that turn. In effect, the turn when this clause was used is treated as a vision of an impending but not inevitable future. This clause is most useful in situations in which the changeling walks into an ambush, unknowingly sets off a trap or alarm or otherwise makes some critical mistake that could be avoided by adequate foreknowledge. A changeling can use this clause only once during a single scene. Repeated use during the same turn is impossible.
Exceptional Success: In addition to generally knowing what will occur in the next turn, the changeling noticed a host of small details that allow her to act more effectively during this turn. During the turn being replayed, the changeling gains the rote quality to any action she performs.
Suggested Modifiers
–1 The changeling was blindfolded or otherwise had trouble seeing the events that occurred during the turn that will be replayed.
+1 The changeling was injured during the turn that will be replayed.
, Mirror
Riddle-Kith (•)
Creates the impression of belonging to another seeming, cannot emulate or choose features. The new appearance is notably different from the old.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Manipulation+Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling dined with a member of the selected kith within the past week.

Dramatic Failure: The changeling looks horrendous and takes a -1 penalty to Presence dice pools (except intimidation) for the scene.
Failure: Nothing happens.
Success: The changeling takes on features of a seeming and kith of choice, the exact features left to the storyteller. The power lasts until the next sunrise and sunset, though the contract may be ended before then.
Exceptional Success: The changeling may chose the exact array of features, so long as they are congruous with the seeming she chose.
Suggested Modifiers
-2 The changeling has never seen a member of the seeming in question
Skinmask (••)
The changeling alters her flesh to appear like another individual. The change only affects a single limb or aspect of the character. It affects both mask and fey mien. Changelings can use the contract multiple times, but the cost must be paid and the roll must be made each time.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Stamina + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling appropriates an object belonging to the individual whose features she plans to reproduce

Dramatic Failure: The changeling looks horrendous and takes a -1 penalty to Presence dice pools (except intimidation) for the scene.
Failure: Nothing happens.
Success: The changeling emulates the feature well enough to pass inspection by those who know the modeled subject. This power lasts a scene, though it may be ended earlier.
Exceptional Success: The changeling does not have to roll to re-emulate this feature should she invoke the contract at a later date. She must pay the cost as normal, however.
Suggested Modifiers
-2 The character has never seen the feature in question
Healing Sacrifice (•)
The changeling can cause a target to instantly heal any wound or illness, but must pay a dot of permanent Willpower to accomplish this healing. The changeling can use this Contract on any human, changeling, hobgoblin or other living supernatural being, including the changeling herself.
-House Ruled- (••) Contract, 2 Glamour + 1 Willpower Dot cost, heals damaged limbs -

Cost: 1 Glamour + 1 dot of Willpower
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Medicine
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling is using this Contract to heal or cure a blood relative.

Dramatic Failure: The character loses the dot of Willpower, but the target is not healed.
Failure: The Contract fails; the target is not healed, and the changeling does not lose a dot of Willpower.
Success: This Contract heals all of the target’s wounds and cures any diseases she is suffering from. Immediately after this Contract is used, the target falls briefly unconscious and cannot be awakened. The character remains unconscious for five minutes, minus one minute per success rolled on this Contract. At the end of this time, the target wakes up in perfect health and feeling well rested. Succeeding in this Contract causes the changeling to permanently lose one dot of Willpower. Using this Contract does not remove scars or other existing damage from already healed injuries or illnesses and does nothing to alleviate congenital conditions such as poor eyesight or a missing limb.
Exceptional Success: The target does not fall unconscious and also heals all wounds twice as fast as normal for the next week.
Suggested Modifiers
–1 The changeling is using this Contract on himself.
+1 The target was injured within the last five minutes or has just noticed symptoms of her illness.
Healing Sacrifice •,
Burden of Life
Heals damage, but then takes all damage instead the target for the next day. Must be used by touching the target within Wyrd rounds of them taking the damage. Only benefits a specific target once per day. Can be used on as many people as desired, but cannot be used to heal Erin herself. For a day after using it, Erin cannot have this contract cast upon herself.
Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Empathy + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The target was injured in the act of saving the changeling from harm.

Dramatic Failure: Pay the price with no benefit.
Failure: Nothing.
Success: Two points of damage healed per success, healing aggravated first, then lethal, then bashing. If four lethal or aggravated damage is healed, Life Burden is activated: all damage the target would suffer affects the changeling instead, for the next 24 hours. Nothing can prevent this damage unless the target is struck by cold iron.
Exceptional Success: Regardless of severity, the target's injuries are completely healed.
Suggested Modifiers:
+2 The target literally saved the changeling's life, taking the injury.
+1 The changeling injured the target.
-1 The changeling barely knows the target.
-3 The changeling has never met the target before.
Burden of Life •••,
Sight of Truth and Lies (•)
The changeling can automatically tell truth from lies, but while doing so, he must tell the truth. If he lies while using this Contract, he becomes temporarily incapable of telling truth from lies.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Subterfuge
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling uses this Contract at an official occasion, such as a trial or a formal gathering of the leaders of the local freehold.

Dramatic Failure: For the remainder of the scene, the changeling automatically believes all lies that are not immediately and obviously false.
Failure: The Contract fails, and the changeling is left with his natural ability to tell truth from falsehood.
Success: The character can automatically detect any lie spoken in his presence. For this Contract, the ultimate definition of truth or falsehood is whether or not the person saying the statement believes it is true or not. The character may use this ability for one full scene, but must speak the truth at times during this scene. The character can remain silent, but any statement he makes must be true to the best of the character’s knowledge; he also cannot knowingly exaggerate. If the character lies for any reason, he becomes completely unable to tell truth from falsehood for the remainder of the scene. As long as a statement is not obviously false, the character is certain that the person is telling the truth and also that the statement itself is true. The character’s ability to tell truth from falsehood applies only in person or in two way verbal conversations such as phone calls.
Exceptional Success: The character can also tell truth from falsehood in recorded media such as television shows or in print.
Suggested Modifiers
–1 The character has told a lie within the last scene.
+1 The character is acting as a judge or is otherwise charged with determining the truth of statements or events.
Sight of Truth and Lies •,
Seven-Year Gift (••)
By permanently reducing her Willpower, the character can give a target seven extra years of life.
Cost: 2 Glamour + 1 dot of Willpower
Dice Pool: Stamina + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The target is a blood relative of the changeling within three generations.

Dramatic Failure: The changeling loses a dot of Willpower, but does not succeed in granting the target a longer life.
Failure: The Contract fails; the changeling loses no Willpower, and the target’s lifespan remains unchanged.
Success: The changeling loses a dot of Willpower, and the target will not age for the next seven years (though she is not protected from disease or other potential ills). By spending eight experience points, the changeling can regain this lost dot of Willpower. To use this Contract, the changeling must touch the target. However, the target does not need not know what is being done.
Exceptional Success: The changeling loses a dot of Willpower, and the target becomes seven years younger. The target cannot become more than physically younger than 20 years old and ages normally.
Suggested Modifiers
–1 The changeling is being paid for the use of this Contract.
+1 The Contract is being used without the target’s knowledge.
Seven Year Gift ••,
The Beggar Woman's Gift (●●●●●)
One repeated motif in faerie tales and myths is that the questing hero does a favor for someone mild and unassuming -- a rabbit caught in a snare is freed, an old woman is given the hero's meal -- and in return he receives some potent boon or blessing. With this contract, the changeling can bestow such a magical trinket onto another person, an unassuming object that nevertheless contains a sliver of their own power -- though by so doing they are themselves lessened.
Cost: 3 Glamour + the activation cost of the chosen clause
Dice Pool: Crafts + Wyrd
Action: Extended (The selected Clause's level x2 successes; each roll represents one minute of fiddling with the object)
Catch: The chosen recipient of the gift is not yet an adult (under 18 in most Western countries, though the definition may alter based on the culture -- unmarried is another common definition), and does not know about the supernatural world.

Dramatic Failure: As a Dramatic Failure for the transferred contract.
Failure: Nothing happens.
Success: The changeling takes an object of no larger than Size 3 (a comb, a broom, a piece of bread) and imbues a single Contract clause into it, and then gives the object to the recipient, who must be another changeling, a mortal, or some other kind of faerie-entity (hobgoblin, fetch, etc). Thereafter, the next time the recipient uses the object (combs their hair, eats the bread), they are able to activate the contract -- even if they themselves are a mortal. They can set all parameters of the contract as if they were using it normally, but they use the changeling's dice pool for the activation roll and the cost of the contract is already paid.
The object may not be given away to anyone else -- only the chosen recipient can use it. Further, if the object is stolen or otherwise illicitly taken, then it does work... but the stored contract's activation results in a Dramatic Failure.
This gift last indefinitely, until the stored clause is used or until the changeling who gave it spends 1WP to revoke it. However, so long as the gift exists, and for a further 24 hours afterwards, the changeling is unable to use the stored clause -- they gave it away and it will take some time to find its way home.
Exceptional Success: When the stored clause is used, it gains a +4 to the activation roll.
Suggested Modifier
-2 | The object in which the clause is stored is particularly ornate or valuable -- a golden ring, an iPhone
+2 | The object in which the clause is stored is particularly homely or worthless -- a broken comb, an old pair of sneakers
+5 | The recipient has just done an act of kindness even though it came at their own expense in some way; this does not apply if the act was carried out specifically so as to benefit from this contract.
The Beggar Woman's Gift •••••
Incite Bedlam
Cost: 1 Willpower + 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Wyrd vs. subject’s Composure + Wyrd
Action: Contested; resistance is reflexive. Affects a maximum number of targets equal to the changeling’s dice pool before any modifiers.

Dramatic Failure: The target does not feel what the changeling desires, and immediately gains a strong sense of antipathy toward the changeling. The target is immune to further uses of this power by that changeling for the rest of the story.
Failure: The target is unmoved.
Success: The target gets caught up in the emotion radiating from the changeling and is inclined to act on whatever behavior it inspires in her at the time (running from the most obvious source of danger while afraid, lashing out after becoming enraged, seeking pleasure while in the grip of the desire, etc.) The target remains in the grip of this emotion for the rest of the scene, and while not completely irrational, should a question arise, the target will always choose to act on instinct and emotional response rather than the dictates of logic and practicality. The target is not blind to danger and will not commit plainly suicidal acts, but depending on the situation and the emotion unleashed, his judgment may become somewhat impaired as to the risks of actions that are not as obviously self-destructive. The target does not recognize anything unusual about this emotional outburst or the behavior it causes while it is happening, though once the scene ends, he may question his sudden change of heart, and supernatural creatures might very well suspect an unnatural cause.
Exceptional Success: As a success, with the added benefit that subjects find a way to rationalize their behavior as stemming from their own desires, and will not think to investigate the matter further unless given a compelling outside reason to do so. Depending on the outcome of the situation, subjects may also find themselves revisiting it frequently in dreams or nightmares for some time afterward.
Suggested Modifiers
+3 The changeling is unleashing his Court’s chosen emotion.
+3 The target has a major derangement (only counts once).
+1 The emotion is from the Court most closely related to Erin beyond her own (Autumn).
+1 The target has a minor derangement (only counts once).
+1 The target is already feeling emotions similar to those being unleashed.
+1 Each additional point of Glamour spent, up to a maximum of five.
+0 The changeling is Courtless.
–1 The target is relatively calm and relaxed.
–1 The emotion is from the Court of minor opposition (Winter).
–3 The target is feeling emotions strongly in opposition to those unleashed.
–3 The changeling is unleashing the emotion of the Court of major opposition (Summer).

Note that this is a wild, unrestrained release of emotional energy, with none of the safeguards or fine control of a proper Contract. Only the four major emotions represented by the Courts can be unleashed in this fashion — desire, wrath, fear and sorrow — and Incite Bedlam is utterly incapable of sending out nuanced emotional messages or any kind of actual commands. Indeed, unless the character scores an exceptional success, the changeling might very well be targeted by some of the individuals caught up in this wave of emotion, so using Incite Bedlam to enrage a group of enemies is seldom a good idea. Naturally, a character may attempt to guide the behavior of the targets through other methods, such as offering up a scapegoat for an angry mob or shouting “run for your lives!” after unleashing a wave of fear through the crowd, but the Storyteller is the final arbiter of exactly how any given individuals react. This power automatically targets those in closest proximity to the changeling at the time it is used, including fellow motley members or other allies, and this power always attempts to affect the maximum number of targets possible given the character’s dice pool and number of individuals present — the character cannot choose to affect a smaller number of targets, selectively target individuals in the midst of a crowd or even bypass those standing closest to him in order to reach more distant targets.[/size]
Incite Bedlam
Cost: 3 Glamour
Action: Instant
Duration: Scene
Dice Pool: Presence+Expression
An optical/aural illusion. Creates a number of illusory Erins equal to successes. This gives Erin +(successes) to Presence rolls for the rest of the scene and +2 to defense as the illusions make it hard to figure out who to hit. They copy Erin's actions at a 1-3 second delay, and are insubstantial, but they can make a lot of noise.
Faerie Chorale,
Erin has the power to conceive a child with a human woman without any sexual contact ever having taken place. Spend 4 Glamour and roll Presence+Medicine, possibly at a penalty if the woman in question would not normally be able to bear children. If the roll succeeds, the woman enters into normal pregnancy. The woman can be of any age, and does not have to be physically able to bear a child —– she can be too young or too old to bear a child, or be without the necessary generative organs (because of disease, for example). If the pregnancy is carried to term, the child who is born probably has some high expectations upon her. Perhaps the child grows up to have supernatural powers, but she doesn’t need to. The weight of expectations can be enough to make the child of such a miraculous pregnancy remarkable in many ways. This might be able to cause pregnancy in supernatural species not normally able to have kids (vampires, changelings, revenants), but in that case, it costs a Wyrd dot from Erin and a Power Stat dot from the mother (if applicable), and would have a pretty high penalty to the roll (the mother's Power Stat x2).
With this Numen, Erin can cause frogs, fish, blood or some other organic material to rain from the sky, breaching the Masquerade and making everyone angry at her. Spend four Glamour and roll Intelligence+Occult. The frogs, fish, blood or whatever are spontaneously generated, and may cause, at the Storyteller’s discretion, some danger to people caught outdoors in the rain (including herself-this power is so bad). Naturally, science has no explanation for what happens and can find no origin for the animals or blood. If blood rains from the sky, on analysis the blood matches the blood of no known animal. The storm is centered on Erin and has a radius of about a half-mile.

For a day after the unnatural rain, all rolls made to influence emotions in the area of the storm gain a +1 (such as Growth of Ivy, Majesty, or Bedlam).
Rain of Frogs,
With this Numen, Erin can can change the gender of a living being (including a mage, changeling, or werewolf, but not a Promethean, vampire or demon). Spend 4 Glamour and roll Manipulation+Wyrd. If the mortal wishes to resist, his player can roll Resolve + Stamina. If Erin succeeds, the mortal changes sex, becoming as if he or she had been born belonging to the other gender. Erin could use this Numen to “heal” a transsexual, supplying those generative organs and making the changes that surgery could not fully perform. Under the normal course of events, this lasts for 24 hours, at which point the target reverts to their original gender. Spending 1 Willpower Dot makes the change permanent.

This power is covered by the changeling's Mask, which tends to mean that most people just flat out forget brief gender alterations once they have passed.
Teiresian Metamorphosis
Glamor (1) - 8 again on Dex rolls (scene)
Glamor (1) - reroll any failed dice on a crafts roll
Glamor (1) - add wyrd to dodge (scene)
Glamor (1) - activate Encyclopedic Knowledge (Int+Wits)
Glamor (1) or existing doorway (wyrd roll) - open hedge portal
Glamor (1) - prevent other fey from seeing true mein (scene)/see other fey's mask (half a minute)
Willpower + Glamour (1) - Incite Bedlam (1 per Story)
50/10 (
+5 from Organizations, +2 from Herd
+7 to starting glamor)

Willpower (1) - Kenning (sense supernatural)
Willpower (1) - Add mantle bonus to roll to harvest glamor
Willpower + Glamour (1) - Incite Bedlam (1 per Story)
Clarity: 7 (+3 to Breaking Point rolls)
Whenever a Wizened fails a Social roll, they take a -3 penalty to non-Contract Presence rolls for the rest of the scene, after a Wizened has failed a social roll they cannot spend Willpower to boost social rolls for the rest of the scene
Seeming Curse, Cold Iron,
Your character cannot stand the sight of a children's toy breaking, and it causes intense pain. This only occurs when the character can see or hear the toy, and it only happens in the presence of the actual event; recordings will not cause pain. She takes (10 – Clarity) dice worth of bashing damage, but can only take this damage once per minute.
Harmed by Breaking Children's Toys, Compulsion (Clean Messy Places), Taboo (Using Contracts on Sundays), Taboo (Refusing a Request without Offering some other form of Restitution)
Virtue: Generous, Kind
Vice: Shy

Initiative: 12
6+5; applies to firearms; 1 glamour to add wyrd to dodge (scene)
Armor: 1/2B (Thin Kevlar Vest)
Mind Shield: 2 (Indomitable)
Size 5
Health: 8
Speed: 15

Put the Servants of the Books to rest (long term)

-successfully integrate changeling back into life without killing Fetch
-Get Sasha's Merlin powers under his complete control (talk to him about order of succession)
-girls night w/heather and chavez?? poke chavez about family situation
-investigate Sasha's ability to dream project
-look into a tentative alliance/network among the Iron Soldiers and Duppy Boys
-Keep getting involved with LeS pacifistic sect.
-completely melt down inside at dinner with mum and dad
keep an eye on Oswin and Leon and help out there where possible.
check in with Monkhbat in aftermath of angel explosion
research more about the house tetris in St. John's
Harvest new technologies/medicines/proprietary magics for the Harbingers
have Actual Girl-talk with Heather
Put the Angel Mafiya through supernatural boot camp
(do something plotwise with Heather's crazy regen)
figure out what is up with spiky ghost things
get rid of spiky ghost things
help Heather get further in tune with her chosen court
Get Sergei to show some initiative

Occult Quests
Lenoir's old notebooks
Dream stuff/Tenebros
Enochian tech
Studying Own Numina
Studying what's going on with the others as presumably it's Verite/the angels' fault

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