Issue Nine: Cornered Prey/Ominous Realm

CM and Motya exchange a knowing glance.

Rad (who has his own reasons for disliking anything associated with AIM) coldcocks the AIM agent whose feet lift off the floor just a moment before the rest of his body hits it. The AIM agent is now happily in sleepy-land.

"Still willing to help us out?" Centennial Man asks the guard, his attention shifting from him and the unconscious AIM agent. "Could be a rough trade if you don't."

Either the AIM agent or this guard is lying about helping us, the hero tells the other telepathically. Clearly the super-slacker has run out of excuses and has decided that he depends on his psychic powers. My vote is that the AIM dude is the liar. MODOK is associated with AIM, after all.

The guard is still quite willing to help you out. Whatever happens to him outside of this building can't be worse that what was in store for him if he were to stay here.

There is only the one door out of here which, if the guard is correct, leads to a hallway.

Rad let a slight grin of satisfaction come across his face and turns with a grin to the other prisoner "That felt good but it's not why we are here. These two may make for some interesting interrogationg at HQ later but I think modok will or already does know that we have freed ourselves. It's a psychic thing ya know. So if we do have the upperhand we need to move now before we lose it and get Modok taken care of ASAP. What we need to know is where in this facility is Modok most commonly in and how fast we can get there undetected. But then again i'm an unstable fella and might enjoy jawing you too."

Benni shakes her head, "Or it could be a camera thing. You know, security stuff on prisoners. Like what we have in our cells?" Benni arches an elegant eyebrow at Rad. "The fact there are no alarms blaring and no one is rushing through the door makes me very uneasy."

"We have three things to consider. Where is MODOK and taking him out before he takes us out. Where the guys who took us out are. And how to hook up with Blackbird." Benni glances at the guard and thinks to Centennial, "We will have to be on the lookout for being lead into a trap. This guy will probably jump which ever direction benefits him the most."

"Our first two goals are the generator room and the control room," she looks at the others, "If we take out the power, all their security systems go down and they lose that advantage. From the security room, we can locate where MODOK currently is."

Benni looks over the group and frowns as she realizes that it is going to be hard to balance the teams, "I suggest we break up into two teams. I should probably go to the control room, I am the best person with computers. Each group should have a mentalist in it. Once MODOK has been located, the other team shuts down the generators, without causing an explosion." Benni tilts her head in thought and thinks at Centennial, "How likely is it that your telepathy can be listened in on by MODOK with out you being aware of it?"

Benni frowns in thought as she calculates the odds, figures out consequences, but can't come up with any thing better with the lack of information she has. Benni looks back at the others, "Anyone have any other ideas?"

Centennial Man shrugs. "Well, since you asked, I think we shouldn't split up. Strength in numbers is the key. We already got our butts handed to us as a group. We're sure to get our butts handed to us again if we reduce our numbers against the bad guys. I think we should all go for the control room."

The young hero looks over at everyone, making sure he pays special attention to the
RM Telepathy to read his reaction and intentions:
Dice Roll:
d100 Results: 47

"We need to stay together, whether we're up against MODOK or Taskmaster and his toadies, we need to be a team. Hitting the control room will cripple them tactically. As for Blackbird, I'll try to be a beacon so that he knows where to find us."

Centennial Man looks at Benni. I really don't know MODOK from Maalox or a Mohawk, he says mentally. What I do know is that a powerful telepathic mind must've set a sophisticated boobytrap in Bob's psyche to have my reading of his surface thoughts kill him. And I suspect that same telepathic mind obstructed me when I tried tracking Bob outside the pool hall. You said MODOK has powerful telepathic powers, so I'm putting all my chips on the odds that MODOK is the telepath messing with us. So, yeah, he could be eavesdropping right now.

(I'm moving forward a bit, assuming there's nothing else you want to do in this room.)

Heading out the western (only) door to this room, you find yourself at the north end of a north-south running hallway. Directly across from you, on the western side of the hallway is a large room. One guard stands in the doorway (melee range) with a second at the south end of the hall (5 areas away). Upon seeing you enter, both train their rifles on the heroes and open fire...

Initiative and actions, please!

Their initiative:
Dice Roll: 1d10
d10 Results: 8

Initiative so far:
Benni 10.1
Guards 8
Motya 2

Dice Roll: 1d10+1
d10 Results: 9 (Total = 10)

Benni charges forward and grabs the closest guard, with the plan of throwing the guard at the second guard, she yells out "Drop your weapons!!"

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