Act 2, Scene 2: The Gates

Grasping at armored Rune's shoulders the man shouts, "Do not touch it--or even look on it! Death lurks in it." Looking at Finely he explains, "We are of Tecuhltli, the place by the Western Gate, we two came into the Halls of Silence to ambush some men of Xotalanc, we became separated and the Flaming Skull slew Chicmec!"

"Come--hurry! it is far to Tecuhltli." pushing you towards the nearest passage way the scrawny man implores, "At any moment, the Xotalancas may come on us--in numbers too great for even your swords."

The who? The what? The where? Greil's questions stop as he notices the elven monk stiffen. Perking his ears up he listens for what the martial artists hears. Storytime for later, it sounds like it's time to go, NOW!

Phase of the Sun; HP: 83/83 AC 27 Fort 23 Ref 24 Will 27 AP 1 Surges 0/9 used

That creature makes no sense to my system. There must be something we can do in order to purge them of this place so I will be unable to succumb to them again. Greil, stop dawdling and start moving. Rune begins to pump his legs a bit more than usual in order to get moving and get to the town faster.

Finley strains his senses to sense what might be coming their way. This place is too eerie. Let's get the hell out of here.

"Hush, my large friend." Orion whispers, "Subtlety will serve us as well as speed. Follow me and stick to the shadows."

Dashing down a corridor, the pale man leads you to door. Opening it you see a staircase leading down. Softly as phantoms the party descends the stairs into the mouth of a corridor black as night.

As they move quickly through the black Orion's foot lands on something round, a skull, which crumbles under his foot. The pale man turns, "They'll have heard that clatter, run!" All pretense at stealth is lost as the party sprints through the dark passage, with Rune and Greil taking up the rear pushing the others forward, because now there are sounds at their very heels. Sounds not made by human feet!

As Rune heaves Boone and Finley up the last set of stair and through a doorway Greil turns around to strike a their pursuer.

Might have been useful! Greil yells as he swings his large hammer at the unknown force behind him hoping to keep it at bay. Not wanting to see what happened to the creature Greil quickly continues following the rest of the group through the doorway

Greil's hammer connects with something, could have been flesh and bone. But it could have been something stranger. With that he too dashes through the door which the pale man and Rune slam behind them. Something bashes into the door as they bar it. "The Crawler! We must run!" Sensing your question before it has left your lips the pale man stutters as he runs, "A monster which they have brought from the catacombs to aid them! We've found men hideously slain by it, but no man of Tecuhltli has seen it."

With that you hear the door behind you begin to buckle and crack. Turning a corner you face a long corridor with a great bronze door at the far end, "Hasten! That is Tecuhltli!" As you reach the great door and begin to lower your arms the man admonishes you, "Men have been struck down before this door, when they thought they were safe." Turning to the door he slams his fists and shouts, "Open you fools! The Crawler is upon us!"

Slowly, the great bronze door swings silently open.


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