The Penrose Offer - Scene I

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The Storyteller (10:50:14 PM): Hello everyone!
Ilkin (10:50:22 PM): Hey!
Caelan (10:51:23 PM): hiya
Ilkin (10:52:57 PM): Gonna go try to calm Church down
Caelan (10:53:10 PM): I think I missed something
The Storyteller (10:53:25 PM): Well, there's been some WS posting.
The Storyteller (10:53:43 PM): First, question. Do we want to do Masquerade talk first, or move straight to the mini-adventure?
The Storyteller (10:54:01 PM): ...I doubt we'll be able to finish the mini-adventure tonight, but its a possibility.
Ilkin (10:54:15 PM): You and I can do the Masquerade talk afterward if you awnt
The Storyteller (10:54:42 PM): This will all become so much easier once one of us becomes capable of memory manipulation.
The Storyteller (10:55:04 PM): Julie, have a preference?
Ilkin (10:55:05 PM): Give me enough XP to get a few more dots of Mind :P
Caelan (10:55:06 PM): >_>;;; *MIB flashstick*
The Storyteller (10:55:29 PM): Avarice is supposed to be Ilkin's vice, not yours.
The Storyteller (10:56:44 PM): ...I'm about to get kicked off the internet, I think
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The Storyteller (10:59:07 PM): *sigh*
The Storyteller (10:59:09 PM): So then!
The Storyteller (10:59:38 PM): That may happen periodically... it cannot be stopped or avoided. The only good thing is that my internet connection usually resurrects after a few minutes
Caelan (11:01:32 PM): Yeaaaah
Caelan (11:01:52 PM): I'm going to need caffeine
The Storyteller (11:02:27 PM): Never a bad thing
Ilkin (11:07:58 PM): So um
Ilkin (11:08:02 PM): are we donig this or what?
The Storyteller (11:08:25 PM): Julie is getting coffee, you were posting, so I was just waiting for you two.
The Storyteller (11:08:52 PM): Everyone ready to start?
Ilkin (11:08:58 PM): I'm ready
Ilkin (11:09:00 PM): I posted
Ilkin (11:09:09 PM): I've been ready for like hours :P
Caelan (11:09:13 PM): Christ
The Storyteller (11:09:25 PM): ?
The Storyteller (11:11:00 PM): ??
Ilkin (11:11:20 PM): ???
The Storyteller (11:11:53 PM): Right, well then, time is ticking, so I'll just start.
Caelan (11:12:14 PM): tea is boiling, I have NO bloody clue what we're doing tonight
The Storyteller (11:12:24 PM): A min-adventure.
The Storyteller (11:12:41 PM): You'll see once I start.
The Storyteller (11:13:22 PM): As before, use || to mark the end of yoru messages, alright?
The Storyteller (11:13:26 PM): That means you Kage.
Ilkin (11:13:34 PM): >->
Caelan (11:14:03 PM): *will try not to interrupt*
The Storyteller (11:14:22 PM): *ahem* I begin.
The Storyteller (11:16:34 PM): The little invitation in your hand was something for which papparazzi world-round would killfor. It didn't look like much. A card, very elegant and simple, with gold lettering that simply listed a time (after dark, of course), a place (one of the West End's most exclusive clubs), and a name. Sophie Penrose.
The Storyteller (11:19:10 PM): To the mortal world, Penrose was one of the nouveau riche celebutantes, a socialite heiress, one of the people who is famous by virtue of being famous. She had also died in 1984, and was now one of the most politically prominent vampires in the West End Regency. The invitation, hand-delivered by a ghoul servitor two days ago, was not to be denied.
Ilkin (11:20:06 PM): (I have a sneaking suspicion this is the kind of party Alex goes to)
The Storyteller (11:20:27 PM): "I don't suppose anyone has the faintest idea of what Ms. Penrose wants with us?" Rakesh said, approaching the club doors quietly. The bouncers stared at him. A somewhat hunched, scrawny, academic looking figure, a club-goer Rakesh was not. ||
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The Storyteller (11:25:45 PM): [*grits teeth*]
The Storyteller (11:25:57 PM): [You did get the thing I ended my post with, yes?]
Ilkin (11:26:51 PM): ( Yep! )
Caelan (11:27:07 PM): Cae was as jumpy as a squirrel. "A club? After dark? V alert!" she whispered to Rakesh. She had the distinct impression of something far beyond her control, and her knowledge (which was more than impression). ||
Ilkin (11:29:07 PM): Ilkin patted Rakesh on the shoulder. "Buck up, my friend," the mage urged, "This is a party, try to have some fun. Act like you're visiting the Queen." ||
The Storyteller (11:30:41 PM): "...Wonderful." Rakesh sighed. It was hard to tell whether the prospect of parties or vampires distressed him more. He passed the invitation to the bouncer.
The Storyteller (11:30:44 PM): The bouncer looked it over, then said, very respectfully. "Follow me, sirs, ma'am." ||
Caelan (11:31:49 PM): "Visiting the Queen means white wine and biscuits, Ilkin. This is different!" Cae followed the bouncer, packed in so close to Ilkin and Rakesh that she kept bumping into them. ||
Ilkin (11:35:26 PM): "I go to these sorts of parties all the time, Cae," Ilkin smiled brightly, "Both on the mortal world and beyond. Have you ever been to the Spring Queen's balls? No, of course not. They are utterly lavish and utterly bizarre."
Ilkin (11:35:28 PM): ||
Ilkin (11:37:07 PM): "We might even see Alex here," Ilkin said cheerfully. Though he didn't seem like it was something he particularly relished in the extreme. ||
The Storyteller (11:39:07 PM): "Yes. Here they prefer red wine." Rakesh murmurred, then cast an apologetic look at Caelan. "Sorry Cae."
The Storyteller (11:39:43 PM): The bouncer led the way to a booth at the back of the club, almost bowing to the young lady seated there. Sophie Penrose was beaty incarnate, at least of the market-tested, pop-culture, extremely expensive beauty. She was a little over average height, with long, lustrous blonde hair sparkling blue eyes. Peculiarly, there was no entourage of reporters, bodyguards, and assorted hangers-on around.
The Storyteller (11:39:45 PM): Cherry-red lips smiled at you. "Have a seat." ||
Caelan (11:40:58 PM): She shrugged her pale shoulders at Rakesh for the comment. It was true enough. But Sophie, Sophie was another thing. Cae was never a fan, even as a human, but her sight was...impressive. ||
Ilkin (11:41:54 PM): "Miss Primrose," Ilkin bowed deeply and smiled warmly. "How lovely to see you. I cannot thank you enough for your invitation"
Ilkin (11:41:55 PM): |
Ilkin (11:41:56 PM): |
The Storyteller (11:45:02 PM): The air must've gotten about ten degrees colder right then and there, and Sophie Penrose's smile went rigid. After a moment, she laughed, a tinkling, gentle sound that did not match her eyes at all. "How droll. Do sit down... Mr. Aylesworth. I've been hearing interesting things about you and your friends, Caelan." ||
Ilkin (11:46:11 PM): Ilkin raised a brow, already getting into his seat.
Caelan (11:48:31 PM): "I--" Caelan opened her mouth and pursed her lips. She was far out of her element. "I hope this is a good kind of interesting," she finally managed, and sat down between the boys. Snugly. ||
Caelan (11:48:41 PM): (then pursed*)
Ilkin (11:49:51 PM): ( I meant Penrose -_- )
Ilkin (11:49:54 PM): ( I misread. )
Ilkin (11:50:23 PM): ( Ilkin wouldn't have made that kind of gaff -_- )
The Storyteller (11:52:02 PM): "If they're true, then very good things." Penrose said, a smile on her bright red lips. "Of course, thats what we're going to find out. Are you familiar with what a bezoar is?" ||
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Ilkin (11:54:11 PM): ( Kertenkele got a 2 :P )
Caelan (11:54:31 PM): "You mean a stone from a goat's stomach? Or any old kind?" She fidgeted. ||
The Storyteller (11:56:10 PM): "I mean the mystical kind. The universal sovereign. Proof against poison... disease..." Penrose's eyes locked with Caelan's. "Fire..." ||
Ilkin (11:59:23 PM): "No," Ilkin said, "Do tell." From his jacket pocket, Kertenkele poked his head out to listen.
Caelan (11:59:33 PM): Cae stared back, as a prey watches its predator. Sophie wanted something, Sophie already knew where to get it, or where she thought she could. "Yes, the mystical kind, from animals. ...But I have never heard resistance."||
The Storyteller (12:03:13 AM): "They aren't common, by any stretch of the imagination. Just a handful of mentions in old books here and there." Penrose looked at Caelan a little more seriously now, and some of the mocking tone vanished. Some of it, at any rate. "Tell me, Caelan, have you ever considered your place in our society?" ||
Caelan (12:06:55 AM): Cae clenched her jaw. This woman, this vampire, was not only out of Cae's league (up and over), she was damn smarter than she presented herself. It took
Caelan (12:07:02 AM): awhile for the fledgling to express her thought. "I never...thought I had one."||
The Storyteller (12:08:45 AM): "No. You've found yourself a place in other societies, haven't you?" Penrose said quietly. ||
Caelan (12:09:43 AM): Cae clamped her hands on the edge of the seat, or stool, or whatever furniture it was. "Maybe I have." ||
Ilkin (12:10:15 AM): Ilkin steepled his fingers in front of his face and listened quietly to the exchange. ||
The Storyteller (12:11:01 AM): "Would you like one with our society as well?" Penrose leaned forward and put one of her own, exquisitely manicured hands on Caelan's. It was cold, room temperature really. "We can help each other." ||
Caelan (12:15:30 AM): Cae retracted her hand. " hesitation," she said carefully, "but what is the benefit? Of associating with other murderers? Ones that...refuse, abandon...each other?" ||
The Storyteller (12:19:32 AM): "They're people who know your problems. They know your hungers, what you dream about during the day, what happens at night." Penrose glanced at the Rakesh and Ilkin. "These two are impressive, I admit, but do they understand what you go through?" ||
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Caelan (12:23:22 AM): ((kill internet, kill it))
Caelan (12:23:32 AM): ((What was last seen?))
The Storyteller (12:23:40 AM): Caelan (12:15:30 AM): Cae retracted her hand. " hesitation," she said carefully, "but what is the benefit? Of associating with other murderers? Ones that...refuse, abandon...each other?" ||
The Storyteller (12:19:32 AM):"They're people who know your problems. They know your hungers, what you dream about during the day, what happens at night." Penrose glanced at the Rakesh and Ilkin. "These two are impressive, I admit, but do they understand what you go through?" ||
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The Storyteller (12:24:02 AM): [There we go. Carry on!]
Caelan (12:26:14 AM): Cae forced a breath, to prepare. Human habit. "When you were human, do you remember all your friends having identical backgrounds?
Caelan (12:26:18 AM): Did you all come from the same place? What I have in friends is understanding in kind. Not, you know, imitation."
Caelan (12:26:34 AM): "They were there for me when no one else was." ||
The Storyteller (12:28:29 AM): Penrose's smile went brittle for a moment, then she leaned back and applauded silently, a polite clapping. "Wiser than most fledgelings. Very well, I'll make a different offer. A practical one. I know people who can help you with our condition. Weaken the hunger, weaken the hold of fire and blood on you."
The Storyteller (12:29:00 AM): "If you do me a little favor..." Penrose clasped her hands together over the table. "I'll sponsor you for entry into the Ordo Dracul." ||
Ilkin (12:33:28 AM): Ilkin was intrigued, but the offer wasn't to him. So he remained suitably quiet.
Caelan (12:33:40 AM): ((sorry, had emergency AFK))
Ilkin (12:33:54 AM): ||
Caelan (12:35:54 AM): "The...?" Caelan glanced around the table. ((I'm not actually sure she KNOWS what this is)) }}
Caelan (12:35:56 AM): ||
The Storyteller (12:37:04 AM): "A covenant of scholars. Dedicated to one goal, and one goal only. Making it so that one day you, Caelan, can walk in the sun once more." Penrose's smile faded a bit. "We're not exactly there yet, though there have been some successes in handling the vampiric condition." ||
Caelan (12:38:44 AM): Again Caelan looked to Ilkin and Rakesh, as if they were her guardians, her parents. "But I have no idea what I'm getting myself into. Don't you have a, a pamphlet or something?" This was a joke, but it wasn't delivered so well. ||
Ilkin (12:39:02 AM): Kertenkele watched Penrose. "If you're willing," the lizard said in scholarly, clinical tones, "I would be interested in learning more about your successes sometime."
The Storyteller (12:41:18 AM): "A trial period can be arranged, of course. An unwilling apprentice isn't particularly desirable." Penrose said. She glanced at Kertenkele. "At a later time, perhaps." ||
Caelan (12:42:14 AM): "If I agree to any of this," Cae leaned forward, "you won't try to push me away from my colleagues. You'll find them beneficial." ||
The Storyteller (12:43:03 AM): "You're right." Penrose said. She didn't smile, but the corners of her eyes crinkled. She was pleased. ||
Caelan (12:46:16 AM): Caelan crossed her arms and leaned back. "You want a bezoar, to study its fire resistance?" ||
The Storyteller (12:47:12 AM): "I do." The socialite nodded. "My agents tell me that one's recently arrived in London." ||
Caelan (12:47:55 AM): She frowned. "You're not asking us to steal it, are you?" ||
The Storyteller (12:50:24 AM): "Not precisely." Penrose said. She opened an (exceedingly expensive looking) purse and drew out... a pamphlet. It was a guide to the British Museum, specifically an exhibition on gothic architecture of France, on tour from the Louvre.
The Storyteller (12:52:07 AM): "One of the exhibits here is called the Angel of Notre Dame de Rauvain. A piece of broken statuary, formerly a gargoyle." Penrose said. "According to sources I usually consider reliable, a bezoar, a genuine bezoar, is secreted within the statue." ||
Caelan (12:52:53 AM): Cae glanced at Rakesh, wondering if he had the shakes or was perspiring yet. ||
Caelan (12:53:12 AM): ((ie hot for the history))
The Storyteller (12:53:59 AM): The werewolf had that look in his eye. Regardless of what happened tonight, chances were that Rakesh was going to be camping out at the museum for the next few days. He saw Cae looking at him and jerked back, looking just a little guilty. ||
Ilkin (12:54:03 AM): Ilkin seemed rather indifferent. This wasn't his bag.
Caelan (12:55:58 AM): Cae rubbed her forehead. "How is this not stealing, exactly?" ||
The Storyteller (12:56:54 AM): "Because I want the bezoar. I don't care about the Angel." Penrose said bluntly. "The Museum will never know that it missed anything. Get in, get the bezoar, and leave with no one the wiser." ||
Caelan (12:58:03 AM): She did a double take. "We're not thieves." Cae spread her hands over the table. "What about hiring actual professionals who can evade security systems? You must have the resources." ||
The Storyteller (12:59:40 AM): "Most professionals I know of don't have your... unusual talents. And I'd rather not let some other interested parties know about the bezoar." Penrose said, putting one hand over the other on the table. ||
Caelan (1:02:43 AM): Cae was worried now. "A political manuever...?" she muttered. "Well, I...he seems game," she gestured to Rakesh with her thumb. ||
Ilkin (1:03:32 AM): "It sounds interesting," Ilkin allowed.
The Storyteller (1:03:35 AM): "Er... yes." Rakesh said, glancing at Ilkin and Caelan. "My curiosity has been piqued. ||
Caelan (1:04:40 AM): "Christ, fine!" She covered her eyes with her thumb and forefinger. "Before I change my mind, fine. But I'm not making any guarantees."||
The Storyteller (1:07:18 AM): " 'Nothing is Permanent.' " Penrose said, with the air of one quoting an old proverb. She smiled once more. "If I'm correct, the Angel of Notre Dame de Rauvain needs an offering of vampire blood in order for the bezoar to be accessible. When you recover it, call this number, and we'll arrange another meeting." Penrose dipped an elegantly manicured hand into a purse and withdrew a small sheet of paper, folded four times. ||
Caelan (1:10:30 AM): Cae took the paper delicately, looking as equally anxious as when she had arrived at the club. Or maybe more. "Anything else?"
Caelan (1:10:32 AM): ||
The Storyteller (1:11:18 AM): "Good luck." Penrose said, her blood-red lips drawing into a smile. She rose, and with a small wave, left the booth. ||
The Storyteller (1:11:35 AM): [And that marks the end of the First Scene!]
The Storyteller (1:12:23 AM): [Do we want to call it a day, or move on to Scene 2?]
Ilkin (1:12:36 AM): ( I'll be up for a bit. )
Caelan (1:12:58 AM): how long is the scene, you think? I'm done with the interview so I won't be multitasking
Caelan (1:13:03 AM): ))
The Storyteller (1:14:00 AM): [Um.... Well, there's a third scene afterwards, so we can cut in the middle. Scene 2 is the one with the most material planned, but the first scene ended up taking a while.]
The Storyteller (1:14:27 AM): [At a guess.... 2-3 hours total?]
Caelan (1:15:19 AM): [bah I'm the one furthest behind GMT so wtfever. I'm awake]
The Storyteller (1:15:40 AM): [lol. Alright! Let's hit it!]
Ilkin (1:16:25 AM): ( Okay, sounds good )
The Storyteller (1:17:13 AM): So it was that a few hours later, the three of them stood outside the British Museum on Great Russell Street, London. The imposing, classical facade seemed downright gloomy in the night, and a few cars drove down the streets, headlights bright.
The Storyteller (1:19:01 AM): "Established 1753, with a collection of close to seven million objects. It was originally the collection of one man, Sir Hans Sloane, but it's been expanded quite a bit over the years. The Rosetta Stone, the Elgin Marbles, the Lewis Chesspieces... and now, the Angel of Notre Dame de Rauvain." Rakesh said, looking up at the facade with just a little awe on his face. Not that Rakesh didn't visit the British Museum at least once a month. ||
Caelan (1:21:59 AM): "Rakesh, what the hell! What do you think we're going to be able to do tonight? We have no idea what kind of security they have in place! Don't you watch any movies EVER?!" Cae tugged on her hair.||
The Storyteller (1:23:18 AM): "I saw the Sound of Music the other day." Rakesh said defensively, casting a sad look at Cae. Rakesh was inordinately good at casting sad looks. It came from being part-canine. ||
Ilkin (1:23:59 AM): ( Sec )
Ilkin (1:27:19 AM): Ilkin shook his head. "Rakesh is horribly uncultured," he said, "He thinks he's haute couture but he doesn't know the half of it. It's not worth trying sometimes."
Ilkin (1:27:20 AM): ||
Caelan (1:28:06 AM): "Okay, stop walking," she tugged on their elbows, "and somebody tell me what the bloody plan is." ||
The Storyteller (1:29:16 AM): The werewolf allowed himself to be stopped. He looked at Cae. "Stealth?" ||
Ilkin (1:29:29 AM): "I can sweet-talk people, you know. Do you need some distraction?"
The Storyteller (1:31:09 AM): "The only people around will be the night watchmen, and I doubt they'd be amenable to conversation." Rakesh pointed out. ||
Caelan (1:32:06 AM): "British. Museum. Do you people live in 1920? What about the lasers? And the blaring alarms?" ||
Ilkin (1:33:33 AM): Ilkin sighed. "I can't do much about the lasers themselves but I may be able to predict when they're going to occur. If they're on a timer and we find out the timer, I can predict it perfectly."
The Storyteller (1:34:46 AM): "...I could cause a power outage." Rakesh suggested. ||
Ilkin (1:35:53 AM): "That could help," Ilkin said, "Beyond that..." The mage pondered.
Caelan (1:37:39 AM): "Power outage is good, but they probably have a backup?" She blinked, not really knowing where that came from. ||
Ilkin (1:37:39 AM): "I have some power over Fate and Time, a little bit else, but I don't know what else I can contribute other than some good luck."
The Storyteller (1:39:15 AM): "This is London. There should be an electricity spirit in the area I can persuade to handle the power." Rakesh said. "After that, it's just being very quiet and avoiding any watchmen. Good luck in stealth might be beneficial there." ||
Ilkin (1:42:10 AM): ( Sec, looking up my rotes to see if I can do anything beyond giving 8- or 9-again )
The Storyteller (1:44:30 AM): [So it looks like we're calling it a night here?]