The Richardson Case - Scene I

Ilkin (11:10:42 PM): wb
The Storyteller (11:10:43 PM): Back!
The Storyteller (11:11:49 PM): Well, any requests?
Ilkin (11:12:45 PM): Let's see, you've got at least 5 decent NPCs I came up with. Ben and his haunted rugby stadium (I am certain I'll get roped into playing Ben). Melissa and her mind powers. Her Majesty, Queen Merrill of Spring, Robert and the Haunted Movie Set, and Marcus the Ex-Boyfriend who's still attached in a more platonic way.
The Storyteller (11:13:11 PM): yup yup!
Ilkin (11:14:38 PM): so I guess any one of those
The Storyteller (11:14:43 PM): alright then!
The Storyteller (11:14:55 PM): Give me a few minutes to come up with something.
The Storyteller (11:18:54 PM): I have... just... the thing.
The Storyteller (11:19:31 PM): Let's see here....
The Storyteller (11:19:40 PM): I'll begin, as always, remember to use ||
The Storyteller (11:20:48 PM): Question. What do Ilkin's friends and lovers call him?
The Storyteller (11:21:09 PM): Jason? Jay? Jack? Ilkin? J.I.A.?
Ilkin (11:22:02 PM): Ilkin is his "professional name." Ben ALWAYS calls him Jay or Jason. Melissa and Marc are on Jay/Jason terms (technically so are Rakesh and Cae) but might use Ilkin more often.
Ilkin (11:22:13 PM): Robert and Alexandra use Ilkin a
The Storyteller (11:22:43 PM): I suspect Rakesh slips and calls him Mr. Aylesworth from time to time.
Ilkin (11:22:51 PM): *snickers*
The Storyteller (11:22:53 PM): Alright! Let's see here....
The Storyteller (11:27:19 PM): "I'm glad you could come, Jason. And you as well, Mr..." "Morgan, ma'am." "Mr. Morgan." Melissa Westly, private psychiatrist and Mastigos of the Free Council, ushered the two men into her little private office in downtown London. It was a very neat little place, manicured and unemotional, designed to evoke a feeling of peace and calm in all who were there. There were plants, a collection of bright yellow and red LEGO blocks on a table, and several large, slightly worn-looking couches in addition to the usual desk and wall of diplomas. ||
Ilkin (11:27:37 PM): (I KNEW you were going to use her)
The Storyteller (11:28:13 PM): [Cuz she's the best, obviously.]
Ilkin (11:29:44 PM): "Hello, Mel," Ilkin smiled and helped himself to a chair. He and Melissa were on very familiar terms and it showed. "Not much has changed here, I see."

He waited til Rakesh was comfortable -- as comfortable as the werewolf ever got -- and smiled winningly at Melissa. "How's business lately? Get any more interesting clients?"
Ilkin (11:29:45 PM): ||
The Storyteller (11:33:46 PM): Rakesh, oddly enough, also looked at home in the psychiatrist's office, though more because he looked like a psychiatrist than a patient. The werewolf managed to project an aura of tweed that was borderline supernatural all on its own. He sat quietly, watching Melissa in that intense way of his.
The Storyteller (11:33:48 PM): The Mastigos, however, was unphased, and turned to answer Ilkin instead. "Business is solid, and the clients are always interesting." Melissa hesitated now, but having already asked Rakesh and Ilkin to come, she couldn't very well back down now. "There's one in particular who's interesting, and who hasn't shown up for her last two sessions. I'm getting worried." ||
Ilkin (11:35:56 PM): "Don't stare at her too long, Rakesh, my friend," Ilkin stage-whispered, "She'll get into your brain, read your deepest, darkest secrets. It's why she's so successful." He waggled his eyebrows and gave the werewolf a cheeky grin, then turned back to Melissa.

"So what's this client? Why would she run off like that?"
The Storyteller (11:45:16 PM): "Giving away my trade secrets now, are you?" Melissa said, even as Rakesh switched the direction of his stare and added a somewhat resigned undertone to it. "Her name is Lisa Richardson, and bear in mind this is all confidential. Incredibly bright girl, smarter than Hawking, most likely, but with a very long file. Obsessive-Compulsive disorder, depression, Schizoid-personaltity disorder, a mild case of agoraphobia... the list goes on."
The Storyteller (11:46:53 PM): "She's also not the kind of person to break off her treatment for no good reason." Melissa continued. "She started it herself six months ago, and it's been doing some good. Now... two weekly meetings missed, and she left a single voice-mail which sounded... odd." ||
Ilkin (11:49:13 PM): "Is she a supernatural?" Ilkin asked. "What'd the voice mail say?" ||
The Storyteller (11:51:05 PM): "Not to my knowledge, but hear for yourself." Melissa moved a phone over on the desk and quickly tapped a few buttons. After a moment, a cold, emotionless voice began to speak. "Dr. Westly I am very grateful for your efforts, but I have decided that I do not need further treatment at this time. Payment has been transferred. Goodbye." [Wits+Composure] ||
Ilkin (11:52:26 PM): (2)
The Storyteller (11:52:59 PM): [The voice is completely flat and unvarying in its tone or speed. It sounds like a computer was reading off a teleprompter.]
Ilkin (11:54:12 PM): "It sounds like a machine," the Acanthus observed, "You don't think she said this. What time did this happen and where did she call from? I might be able to postcog something if we can get a location." ||
The Storyteller (11:55:35 PM): "The phone call was after the second missed meeting, which was last Monday, at 2:35 PM." Melissa brought up the Caller ID on the phone. "The location is from her home. Lisa lives in a basement apartment, near Picadilly." ||
Ilkin (11:56:34 PM): "Well," Ilkin replied, "It would be breaking and entering to go in there without permission." He flashed Melissa a charming, crooked smile. "I don't suppose you're able to get us in on some kind of medical authority?"
The Storyteller (11:57:53 PM): "Afraid not. She's perfectly within her rights to call off treatment. Try not to get caught." Melissa said cheerily. Then she sobered. "It's odd, and I'm worried, but I couldn't prove anything in a court of law." ||
Ilkin (11:59:01 PM): "What has you worried, exactly?" Ilkin asked, "What is it about this girl that makes you nervous enough to send us after her? You only get like this about the special ones."
The Storyteller (12:03:42 AM): "Part of it is that she's a certifiable genius, and that can be dangerous. Part of it is that this is a very out-of-character act for her. She was determined to see treatment through." Melissa said, then paused again for a moment. "And part of it is that in some ways, she seemed to be getting worse over the last few sessions. She was functioning better, fewer compulsive behaviours, less fear of open spaces. But she was also even less emotional than usual, which doesn't make a great deal of sense." ||
Ilkin (12:07:00 AM): "A genius," Ilkin muttered. "All right, then. I'll see what I can find." He stood up and gave Melissa a chaste kiss on the cheek. "Ring me if you figure out anything else?" ||
The Storyteller (12:07:58 AM): "I will. Thanks Jay. And thank you, Mr. Morgan." Melissa said, as Rakesh nodded politely. She wrote out an address and handed it to Ilkin. "Be careful." ||
Ilkin (12:08:54 AM): "And that's Melissa Westly, brilliant and ever-concerned psychiatrist." Ilkin had that starry-eyed look in his eyes that many got when reliving experiences with past lovers.
Ilkin (12:08:56 AM): ||
The Storyteller (12:09:57 AM): Rakesh looked at his friend, then put a gentle arm on his shoulder and propelled him towards the door. "Come along." Melissa smiled as you left.
The Storyteller (12:10:36 AM): "Well now. That was intriguing. Your views, or should we prepare ourselves for a little late-night breaking-and-entering?" Rakesh asked, once you were outside once again. ||
Ilkin (12:13:27 AM): "Ben would probably get us in better than I could with magic but he's at practice tonight." Ilkin rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "I'm no more certain what to look for than you probably are. Perhaps we'll find something when we get there. Her scent, maybe? Perhaps a journal? My control over Time will only get us so much information." ||
The Storyteller (12:15:02 AM): "Some more information of any sort would be useful. I wonder what we have here... kidnapping victim?" Rakesh said, musingly. "It's certainly worth an attempt." ||
Ilkin (12:17:35 AM): "That's my guess," Ilkin affirmed, "Kidnapping or blackmailed. I may be able to find some connections through fate, too. Other than that, we'll see what happens when we get there, won't we?"