The Russell House, Part II

The Russell House, Part II

Play date: 8/10/10
Game: 2005-06?
[19:26] Storyteller: The Russell House, it appeared, came with furniture. Mostly of the old-fashioned, Victorian or Edwardian style, which meant there was a lot of it and it was covered by a lot of doilies. Doilies, in fact, seemed to be the dominant decorating scheme. The walls had a pale, chocolate-colored wallpaper on them, and as you passed into the foyer, you observed a few more interesting pieces here and there. A set of ming vases, a fireplace with some logs in it, and above the fireplace a portrait of an old man with some truly impressive sideburns and a long beard.
[19:26] Storyteller: "Most of the furniture is a late replica from when the Trust was operating this." Rakesh said, running a finger along the rim of one of the vases. "Though there's a few pieces here and there from Colonel Russell's day." ||
[19:28] Ilkin: Ilkin looked at the fireplace and scratched his chin as if feeling itchy stubble. "Doilies?" he asked, "Will you have a lot of tea?" ||
[19:29] Erin: "Which ones?" Erin asked, going to look for the answer herself.||
[19:30] Erin: Erin rolled 8 10-sided dice: 1 7 4 5 1 9 4 4
[19:30] Erin: Erin rolled 1 1-sided die: 1
[19:34] Ilkin: (brb)
[19:34] Storyteller: "There will be tea, yes." Rakesh said, giving Ilkin a dark look. "As far as what's genuine... a few small tables, the portrait, and a desk on the second floor. Most of the fireplace fixings are original as well, I believe." ||
[19:35] Erin: "This one's Edwardian," Erin said, kneeling next to a small end table. "Mahogany, I think."||
[19:36] Caelan: Cae liked old things, but not when they were tacky. That went for any decade...which meant most of the 1980s was out. "Hmm, and's particularly old, yes." She rolled her eyes around the room, impatient and yet...apprehensive. ||
[19:37] Caelan: Just to let you know, I am getting length limits already and I hate them ))
[19:39] Storyteller: "Somehow I never figured you for doilies, Rak." Jane Patel commented, walking near the fireplace and lifting up the portrait of the bearded gentleman. "This is Russell?"
[19:39] Storyteller: "Col. William Russell, theosophist and occultist." Rakesh confirmed. He shrugged. "I'm curious as to what makes people unhappy with this place. It seems pleasant enough at the moment. Well, if one ignores the aura business." [Wits+Composure!] ||
[19:39] Erin: Erin rolled 5 10-sided dice: 5 8 6 2 6
[19:39] Caelan: //roll-dice6-sides10
[19:39] neritdoherty: neritdoherty rolled 6 10-sided dice: 2 2 3 6 7 4
[19:40] Ilkin: Ilkin rolled 6 10-sided dice: 5 10 7 2 6 8
[19:40] Ilkin: Ilkin rolled 1 10-sided die: 2
[19:41] Ilkin: "Hold on a minute there," Ilkin called to Jane. "Turn the picture around? There's something on the back." ||
[19:42] Erin: "You really should have known better than to say that, Mr. Morgan," Erin commented.||
[19:44] Caelan: Cae was immediately and vastly intrigued by the portrait the words "theosophist" and "occultist."
[19:44] Caelan: ||
[19:44] Caelan: ((ignore syntax))


Storyteller (10:43:35 PM): "Col. William Russell, theosophist and occultist." Rakesh confirmed. He shrugged. "I'm curious as to what makes people unhappy with this place. It seems pleasant enough at the moment. Well, if one ignores the aura business." ||

"Hold on a minute there," Ilkin called to Jane. "Turn the picture around? There's something on the back." ||
"You really should have known better than to say that, Mr. Morgan," Erin commented.||
Cae was immediately and vastly intrigued by the portrait the words "theosophist" and "occultist." ||
neritdoherty (10:44:16 PM): *because of
Ilkin (10:44:21 PM): ( What spell did I have active? Sybil's Sight? )
Storyteller (10:44:28 PM): [believe so!]
Storyteller (10:47:37 PM): Obediently, Patel turned the portrait of the sideburned Col. Russell over. Attached to the back of the portrait with some twine was a tiny silver key, about two inches long. Jane kept her hands well away from it. ||
Erin (10:49:21 PM): "Oooooooh," Erin adored, propping her hands on the mantelpiece and hoisting herself up to get a better look at the key. "Let me see, let me see? Don't touch it, let me see."||
Ilkin (10:50:38 PM): ( Sec, sorry >_< )
neritdoherty (10:51:37 PM): "I--err..." Cae looked between Patel and Rakesh. "Right. I wonder what it's to?" ||
Storyteller (10:53:55 PM): "A desk or bureau, I'd wager." Rakesh said, leaning in to peer at the silver key. "It's a bit small to be a door key, though not impossible." ||
Ilkin (10:55:42 PM): "Well it's your key," Ilkin said, "Care to do the honors?" || (Occult from Kert to see if werewolves are allergic to silver in this world :P)
neritdoherty (10:55:46 PM): "Too big for a diary or something?" she pondered aloud. It would have been a dream to find old notes...||
OnlineHost (10:55:48 PM): Ilkin rolled 7 10-sided dice: 1 6 5 5 1 3 8
Ilkin (10:55:53 PM): ( 1! )
Ilkin (10:56:23 PM): Kertenkele bit Ilkin on the side of the neck. "Ow," the mage retorted.
Erin (10:56:31 PM): "Let me, Mr. Morgan, let me!" Erin said eagerly, still leering at the key.||
Ilkin (10:56:49 PM): "Werewolves are allergic to silver," the lizard snapped, "Are you trying to get him killed?"
Ilkin (10:56:58 PM): "Ugh. Sorry," Ilkin grunted and rubbed his neck. ||
Storyteller (10:58:44 PM): Jane and Rakesh exchanged a glance, then the British Indian woman lowered the portrait and held it out towards Erin, conspiciously not touching the key or removing it from its setting. "Here you go." Jane said.
Storyteller (10:58:45 PM): "It might be a diary. I hadn't thought of that, but it's possible." Rakesh admitted. "Or even a box of some kind." ||
neritdoherty (11:00:16 PM): Cae smiled and her eyes lit up. Mystery adventure! ||
Erin (11:00:32 PM): "Eeee," Erin said gleefully. She very carefully picked it up in long, spindly fingers ad pulled a scrap of cloth from her pocket, polishing the key to a silver shine.
Ilkin (11:01:28 PM): "I could try and see if it's something in the room," Ilkin suggested.
Ilkin (11:01:46 PM): ||
neritdoherty (11:03:14 PM) has left the room.
Erin (11:03:28 PM): oops. >.>
neritdoherty (11:03:38 PM) has been invited.
neritdoherty (11:03:44 PM) has entered the room.
Erin (11:07:09 PM): "It's to a folio," Erin said, setting the key gently back down. "It's big and leather, and has huge silver chains on it. That's what the key it to, the lock on the chains." She practically beamed at the thought of such a cool scrapbook. "The Colonel locked it and hid it behind this picture."||
Storyteller (11:10:13 PM): "Silver?" Rakesh said, brows raised. This was moderately uncommon, to say the least. "Now where would such a thing be... and why would someone hide the key?" ||
neritdoherty (11:10:41 PM): Cae paused. "Could there be a spellbook or diary or or or...inside the chains?" she asked, slightly crestfallen. ||
Erin (11:11:23 PM): "There's a folio inside the chains," Erin shrugged.||
neritdoherty (11:12:45 PM): "Maybe a ripped page or two..." she muttered and shut up.||
neritdoherty (11:13:57 PM) has left the room.
neritdoherty (11:14:26 PM) has been invited.
neritdoherty (11:14:30 PM) has entered the room.
Ilkin (11:14:51 PM): ( So wait, we have the thing the key opens? )
Storyteller (11:16:11 PM): "I suspect the only way to find out what's in the folio is to find the folio." Jane said evenly. ||
Ilkin (11:16:49 PM): Ilkin furrowed his brow and looked around the room. His eyes went distant, like he was seeing something the rest of you couldn't. ||
OnlineHost (11:16:54 PM): Ilkin rolled 6 10-sided dice: 3 7 10 5 7 4
OnlineHost (11:17:00 PM): Ilkin rolled 1 10-sided die: 2
Ilkin (11:17:05 PM): ( Bleh. 1. )
Ilkin (11:17:43 PM): ( Oh that's an extended action over turns. )
Erin (11:18:10 PM): [let's split up and look for clues :B]
Storyteller (11:18:39 PM): [That is an option!]
Ilkin (11:19:29 PM): "Let me see the key a moment." Ilkin held out his hand. ||
Erin (11:20:59 PM): Erin looked at Rakesh and passed Ilkin the picture and key.
Erin (11:21:01 PM): ||
Ilkin (11:21:56 PM): Ilkin murmured something arcane and made a few gestuers, then stared into the key. His eyes flashed for a moment and then he seemed off in his own little world. ||
Storyteller (11:22:00 PM): "Can we put the portrait back on the mantel before someone drops it?" Rakesh said in a slightly pained tone of voice. Watching a hundred-year-old painting being passed around was making him nervous. ||
Ilkin (11:23:26 PM): ( Oh, hi, I don't have that as a rote. Oops. )
OnlineHost (11:23:30 PM): Ilkin rolled 4 10-sided dice: 8 1 8 4
neritdoherty (11:24:54 PM): Cae hrmed in agreement. It was the one dignified portion of the house thus far. ||
Ilkin (11:32:00 PM): "It's in a small room, with plain walls." Ilkin paused and looked around. "There are charts on the walls." ||
Ilkin (11:32:21 PM): He looked down. "A desk. The folio was left on a desk. And then Russell took the key and left." ||
Erin (11:34:23 PM): "That was a hundred years ago," Erin noted.||
Storyteller (11:35:08 PM): Jane looked around the foyer, with it's pale, chocolate-colored wallpaper. "Plain walls should not be hard to find." She commented.
Storyteller (11:35:23 PM): "Yes, except there is no such room in the building." Rakesh replied, frowning. "I'm fairly certain the walls are like this all over. The wallpaper is from the Edwardian Era, I'm almost positive they didn't re-wallpaper any of the rooms." ||
Erin (11:35:52 PM): "Oooh, secret room!" Erin guessed, excited at the thought.||
Ilkin (11:36:05 PM): Ilkin closed his eyes and shook his head, then handed the key back to Erin. "How much of this house have you explored in detail, Rakesh?" ||
neritdoherty (11:37:01 PM): Cae shrugged at the conversation--the folio could be anywhere in London, then--and gently took the painting from Ilkin by its frame so she could hang it back up, if she was tall enough. ||
Storyteller (11:38:14 PM): "Almost all of it. I've been on the tours the Trust gave before it closed down." Rakesh said, nodding thankfully to Caelan. "And I've done a few quick explorations when I bought it." ||
Ilkin (11:39:53 PM): "Did you sniff it out?" Ilkin asked curiously. ||
Storyteller (11:41:55 PM): "Houses, by and by large, do not have strange and intriguing smells which require advanced olfactory perception." Rakesh said drily. "Unless you can tell me what I should be sniffing for." ||
Erin (11:42:32 PM): "I guess one hundred years is too long for you to track by scent?" Erin said, although still a little hopeful she might be wrong.||
Ilkin (11:42:46 PM): Ilkin sighed. "I thought you might be able to, I don't know, smell a difference in the air or something." ||
Storyteller (11:45:18 PM): "Worth a shot, at least." Jane said, glaring at Rakesh before he said anything else. "If this is a secret room, perhaps we can take measurements of the walls? A room large enough to hide a desk in should be noticeable on the floorplans." ||
Ilkin (11:45:53 PM): "Give me a minute and I'll cast a spell to let me see distances accurately," Ilkin suggested. ||
Ilkin (11:47:09 PM): ( Nix that. The Space mage sight doesn't work like I guessed. )
Erin (11:47:12 PM): Erin pulled out a piece of string for a makeshift ruler.||
Storyteller (11:47:23 PM): [Alright! Everyone make a Wits+Investigation roll!]
Storyteller (11:47:33 PM): [Possibly along with a searching montage. ]
Erin (11:48:02 PM): [i get negative dice and thus will go play with a doily]
OnlineHost (11:48:18 PM): Ilkin rolled 4 10-sided dice: 8 7 6 9
Ilkin (11:48:26 PM): ( 2, and I'm gonna step afk to take out my contacts. )
neritdoherty (11:51:00 PM): (*sigh* do I really have to roll 1 die?)
Erin (11:51:21 PM): [i can roll it for you]
neritdoherty (11:51:28 PM): (e_e fine)
OnlineHost (11:51:36 PM): Erin rolled 1 10-sided die: 2
Erin (11:51:41 PM): [huzzah]
Ilkin (11:51:52 PM): ( Back. )
Storyteller (11:52:03 PM): [Is rakesh the only one with any Investigate here? Aside from the Mage?]
Erin (11:52:13 PM): [c'moooon faildog.]
Storyteller (11:52:24 PM): //roll -dice11 -sides10
OnlineHost (11:52:24 PM): Storyteller rolled 11 10-sided dice: 9 4 7 9 10 6 7 1 6 9 7
Storyteller (11:52:34 PM): //roll -dice1 -sides10
OnlineHost (11:52:34 PM): Storyteller rolled 1 10-sided die: 10
neritdoherty (11:52:35 PM): (jesus on a pogo stick)
Ilkin (11:52:36 PM): ( I have 1 dot. )
Storyteller (11:52:41 PM): //roll -dice1 -sides10
OnlineHost (11:52:41 PM): Storyteller rolled 1 10-sided die: 10
Storyteller (11:52:43 PM): //roll -dice1 -sides10
OnlineHost (11:52:43 PM): Storyteller rolled 1 10-sided die: 2
Erin (11:52:55 PM): [whooo!]
neritdoherty (11:52:58 PM): (I think he found it)
Storyteller (11:53:06 PM): [Rakesh has Wits 4, Investigation 3, and wolf form gives +4 to perception]
Storyteller (11:53:08 PM): [yes]
Erin (11:53:09 PM): [even with us dragging down the average]
Storyteller (11:53:12 PM): [give me a moment]
Storyteller (11:55:38 PM): It took a few hours of poking around a large, old house, but pretty soon you found something rather peculiar. On the second floor, nestled between two bedrooms, an outer wall, and a clothes closet was a space some six by six feet wide which could not be accounted for. Unfortunately, despite two wolves poking around the top floor, what they did not find was a door.
Storyteller (11:57:04 PM): You congregated in the larger bedroom, Col. Russell's old room, in a party that consisted of one changeling, one vampire, one mage, and two wolves who were sitting on their haunches and examining the expanse of wall behind which the secret room should be. "I would really rather not take an axe to a historic building." Rakesh's Recieved Pronunciation accent came from a large, blackish-grey wolf. ||
Erin (11:57:37 PM): "See any candlesticks?" Erin suggested, looking for one to pull.||
Ilkin (11:59:14 PM): "You can always repair it," Ilkin suggested. ||
neritdoherty (12:00:04 AM): Cae shrugged. "Expensive to repair." She tapped on the wall in one place, then directly to its right to compare the noise. ||
Ilkin (12:00:53 AM): "Oh, haven't you heard?" Ilkin asked dryly, "Rakesh is rolling in money now." ||
Storyteller (12:01:19 AM): They sounded equally. Whatever else, this was a well-made secret chamber. Rakesh's look at Ilkin could've burned grass. "I'm afraid my remaining funs are inadequate to the task." ||
Erin (12:01:57 AM): "That's unkind," Erin protested to Ilkin, more about wrecking the house than making fun of Rakesh.||
neritdoherty (12:02:32 AM): The vampire then ran a hand over the floor, right where it met the wall, feeling for the passage of air. She vaguely smiled toward Erin. ||
Erin (12:08:14 AM): "Don't listen to him," Erin murmured to the wall, putting her head against it. "We're not going to take an axe to you. You deserve more respect than that... you are very old, yes? You must have seen many things come and go. Would you like to tell me your story?"
She sat there and talked to a wall for a good while, and then said, "There's no secret door on this side."||
neritdoherty (12:09:11 AM): Cae raised her eyebrows. "No?" ||
Erin (12:09:40 AM): Erin blinked back at her. "No. Maybe in the closet or the other bedroom."||
Ilkin (12:10:13 AM): Ilkin shook his head a little and murmured under his breath. Then stared around the room intently. ||
Erin (12:10:29 AM): "Or the ceiling," Erin suggested as an afterthought.||
Storyteller (12:11:48 AM): "Then let's try this from the other rooms and from the attic." Rakesh suggested. [Three more attempts for it, if you like.] ||
neritdoherty (12:15:34 AM): Cae ambled to the room next door, somewhat befuddled. || ((rolling? I don't want to >.> )
Ilkin (12:16:26 AM): ( More Wits + Investigation? )
Storyteller (12:16:38 AM): [Ah, sorry. More uses of Erin's contract]
Storyteller (12:17:06 AM): [Though you can use Wits+Investigation or Wits+Craft for a mundane equivalent]
Erin (12:17:39 AM): "No door in the closet," Erin reported, after knocking around in there for a bit.||
OnlineHost (12:18:29 AM): Ilkin rolled 4 10-sided dice: 10 4 8 5
OnlineHost (12:18:33 AM): Ilkin rolled 1 10-sided die: 3
Storyteller (12:20:15 AM): //roll -dice11 -sides10
OnlineHost (12:20:15 AM): Storyteller rolled 11 10-sided dice: 1 2 2 10 7 9 10 2 7 7 2
Storyteller (12:20:24 AM): //roll -dice2 -sides10
OnlineHost (12:20:24 AM): Storyteller rolled 2 10-sided dice: 7 9
Ilkin (12:20:34 AM): "I don't think anything's in here," Ilkin said.
Storyteller (12:20:45 AM): "No door in the bedroom." Rakesh said a bit later, sniffing around the edges of the room. He wrinkled his muzzle. "Any luck on the attic?" ||
Erin (12:22:33 AM): "No," Erin said, puzzled. "Nothing beneath it, either."||
neritdoherty (12:23:25 AM): Cae frowned. "That's great." ||
Storyteller (12:23:26 AM): "The last wall is fifteen feet above ground level." Rakesh said as you returned to the master bedroom. "I don't see how one can get in here." ||
Erin (12:25:42 AM): "Sealed in, I guess," Erin suggested, given that the folio had been locked up with silver chains and now was in an inaccessible room.||
Ilkin (12:26:08 AM): "Maybe it can't be reached from inside the house?" Ilkin suggested. He seemed a little nervous and kept rubbing the back of his neck. ||
Storyteller (12:28:03 AM): "I don't believe that Russell put up a ladder to the side of his house every time he tried to get inside." Rakesh said, wrinkling his muzzle again.
Storyteller (12:28:07 AM): "Better question. If it's sealed in, do we want to un-seal it?" Jane asked, though in her case it involved transforming back into human form. "I realize it's against your religion, Rak, but some things might be better off untouched." ||
neritdoherty (12:29:56 AM): Cae laughed at Jane. "It might be worth a look outside...unless we want to drop the Colonel. But you know...vibes?" ||
Erin (12:29:56 AM): Erin stared a little blankly at Jane.||
Ilkin (12:30:30 AM): "This place bothers me," Ilkin agreed with Jane. "It has bothered me since I stepped inside." Rakesh would know what it meant when a Mage was "bothered" the way Ilkin meant it. ||
neritdoherty (12:31:52 AM): She sighed. "Yes, yes., not pleased to have us." ||
Storyteller (12:32:47 AM): "Given that we're talking about axes, I can't imagine why it wouldn't just love us." Jane said absently, tapping the wall again. There came a dull thump. [Wits+Intelligence-3] ||
OnlineHost (12:33:01 AM): Erin rolled 3 10-sided dice: 1 9 9
OnlineHost (12:33:22 AM): neritdoherty rolled 4 10-sided dice: 7 1 8 9
OnlineHost (12:33:35 AM): Ilkin rolled 2 10-sided dice: 9 5
Ilkin (12:34:20 AM): "Wait, bang on that wall again?" ||
Storyteller (12:35:22 AM): Jane blinked, then banged on the wall again. The sound was definitely even duller this time. ||
Ilkin (12:36:21 AM): "What the hell is that?" ||
neritdoherty (12:36:23 AM): Cae now seemed more concerned. "I just...did that...why did it change?" ||
Erin (12:37:54 AM): "It sounds less hollow," Erin mused, her antenna tapping the wall. "Filling with something or... going somewhere?"
She proceeded to circumnavigate the area around the room, running eagerly but not very fast. Someone needed to cit back on the cakes.||
Storyteller (12:38:10 AM): "I have no clue..." Rakesh said uneasily. "Buildings do not generally change their architectural elements without reason." ||
Ilkin (12:42:20 AM): Ilkin shook his head and murmured something, then stared at the wall. His eyes glowed a little bit and then faded. Then he rubbed his eyes and looked again.
Ilkin (12:42:56 AM): "There is Matter magic happening there." He looked up and around. "Spirit, too. Spirit all over." ||
neritdoherty (12:43:48 AM): "So is he...?" She stopped. And just sorta stared. ||
Ilkin (12:44:27 AM): "It is not Awakened," Ilkin murmured, "Rakesh, don't you have some ritual you can do? I believe spirits are working here." ||
Storyteller (12:45:09 AM): "So. To recap. The house, which is heavily infused with spiritual energy, is doing something to make the wall thicker." Rakesh said, vaguely perplexed. "And yes I do. Give me a moment."
Storyteller (12:45:34 AM): [Click click, Two World Eyes]
Erin (12:45:50 AM): "I guess it doesn't want us going in," Erin shrugged.||
Storyteller (12:46:15 AM): It was at this point that the door to the bedroom opened of its own volition. ||
Erin (12:46:38 AM): "Or maybe not?" Erin looked really bashful and sort of got smaller.||
Ilkin (12:48:26 AM): Ilkin stared, unblinking, into the doorway. ||
Storyteller (12:50:47 AM): There was nothing beyond the doorway, just a corridor and then stairs leading down, back to the first floor. Then you noticed something else. There were rugs on the floor, and they were edging towards one another, to form an unbroken line from doorway to stairs. ||
Ilkin (12:51:11 AM): "This place bothers me," Ilkin muttered.
neritdoherty (12:51:35 AM): Cae grimaced and whipped her head to the door, where the rugs were moving. "So, know how I accidentally read the aura of...this place?"
neritdoherty (12:52:28 AM): "Well," she continued, "it's sentient enough to have an aura. You know. Catch my meaning?" ||
Storyteller (12:53:14 AM): "Yeees?" Rakesh said after a moment. "Ilkin, I do believe you are right. This house is a fettered spirit. A very, very large one. It must have been subsumed in the structure itself earlier, but now it's become... active." ||
Erin (12:53:21 AM): "It really seems to want us to leave," Erin noted again.||
neritdoherty (12:53:42 AM): "Yes," she agreed. ||
Storyteller (12:53:58 AM): There was a sharp clap as the window of the bedroom opened to reveal the outside world. ||
Ilkin (12:56:52 AM): Ilkin turned to look out the window. "Rakesh, I was supposed to go on a date tonight," he growled, "If that gets cancelled because of your house, I shall be very cross." ||
neritdoherty (12:57:35 AM): "Well, then, leave!" she said, heading to the door, resisting the chill in her spine.||
Erin (12:57:45 AM): "Don't get close to the window," Erin suggested.||
Storyteller (12:59:58 AM): "You always have a date." The werewolf said without the least trace of guilt. He padded along after the others. "In any case, I can't afford to leave here permanently."
Storyteller (12:59:59 AM): "Being homeless isn't so bad." Jane offered mildly. "Never have to worry about being fired." ||
neritdoherty (1:02:53 AM): Cae had some trouble with the rugs, as in, not wanting to step on them. At all. ||
Ilkin (1:03:40 AM): "Let's, ah, exit carefully, then. Maybe you can get a better read outside where you can see the whole house, Rakesh?" Ilkin suggested, "And then we can figure out what to do." ||
Storyteller (1:05:28 AM): At the foot of the stairs a path of carpets once more formed a rather clear path to the outside door, which swung open of its own accord when you approached. The none-too-distant future found you exactly where you had begun the evening, standing outside the house and looking back on its Edwardian facade.
Storyteller (1:05:29 AM): "A major spirit, and now it appears to be fading back into the house." Rakesh reported, even as the door closed shut behind you, complete with the click of a lock. "What did Colonel Russell do?" ||
neritdoherty (1:07:52 AM): Cae shrugged helplessly, wanting to keep retreating to keep her spine from jumping out of her skin. ||
Erin (1:08:55 AM): "Ask it?" was all Erin could suggest.||
Storyteller (1:09:50 AM): "This is Rak we're talking about." Jane murmurred. "He invokes people to blind fury by asking for coffee." ||
Erin (1:10:29 AM): "I'll make you coffee, Mr. Morgan," Erin offered.||
Ilkin (1:11:59 AM): Ilkin snickered at Jane, then looked at Rakesh. "I could use the key to maybe divine something about him. If it has a strong enough connection, I might figure something out." ||
Ilkin (1:12:39 AM): "It'd be easier if I had something of him but intimate connections exist between things and people as well as people and their parts." ||
Storyteller (1:14:47 AM): "Ah... thank you erin. I expect that I shall query the local spirits." Rakesh said, gazing at the house dubiously. "See what we can learn?"

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