The Russell House, Part III, Finale

Storyteller 10:18 pm
(10:18:15 PM): You found yourself meeting on a late, June, evening at the coffee shop next door to the Russell House. It was late in the day, though the summer sun had only just set. Looking out the side window, past the local artwork (with a discreet tag pleading for buyers), you could see the Russell House itself. Two stories, plus an atic, pale walls and large windows. A tall, rather stately looking structure, as a matter of fact. It looked downright pleasant.

(10:19:18 PM): In addition to Ilkin and Erin, Rakesh was there, serving as brute muscle by carrying things hither and thither and yon, primarily a number of large bags filled with decorating material. The werewolf sipped the remains of his coffee and looked at the bags once more. "Curtains." He had been saying that a lot. ||
Erin 10:21 pm
(10:21:05 PM): "Yes," Erin confirmed again, as if honestly believing the issue was that Rakesh was not certain the contents of the bags were, in fact, curtains. ||
Caelan 10:23 pm
(10:23:25 PM): Cae anxiously tapped her fingers on the tabletop, one knee bouncing excitedly up and down underneath. She stared at the dark liquid in their cups, and mumbled about eyelids for glass eyes. ||
Ilkin 10:23 pm
(10:23:54 PM): "You have a better idea?" Ilkin flashed Rakesh a look. ||
Storyteller 10:25 pm
(10:25:40 PM): "No, but this is not going to do my reputation any good. Curtains." Rakesh said again. "So then. Any final words before we embark on our own rendition of Ghostbusters 3: The Decorators?" ||
Caelan 10:26 pm
(10:26:26 PM): "Eyelids," Cae repeated louder, for Rakesh's benefit, and bit the inside of her cheek. ||
Erin 10:26 pm
(10:26:44 PM): "Oh, Mr. Clements should film it," Erin suggested, with a big smile. "Does anyone have a camera?" ||
Ilkin 10:27 pm
(10:27:03 PM): "I'll dutifully take notes on everything that happens and make it into a script," the mage agreed.
Erin 10:27 pm
(10:27:56 PM): "Yay!" Erin clapped her hands together. ||
Storyteller 10:29 pm
(10:29:34 PM): Rakesh gave Ilkin what would be best term a look. Rakesh did very good looks. "Indeed. Let us be off then." Rakesh said, draining the last of his coffee and throwing the cup into the trash bin. "Curtains."
Ilkin 10:30 pm
(10:30:16 PM): Ilkin was as good at ignoring Rakesh's looks as Rakesh was at giving them. "Yes, let's," he said.
Caelan 10:30 pm
(10:30:51 PM): She hugged her chest and looked wistfully toward all the Brits sipping their various warm beverages. Then she followed after. ||
Ilkin 10:32 pm
(10:32:49 PM): ||
Storyteller 10:33 pm
(10:33:13 PM): A short while later, Rakesh fished out the appropriate key to the Russell House, opened the door into the foyer of the house. The house looked subtly different from your last visit. Possibly because this time, there was a fire burning in the fireplace. Or the Chinese vases seemed to glitter in the light, ever so slightly. The chocolate-colored wallpaper was darker now, the hue of rust, or something else. Tricks of the light, one and all. ||
Erin 10:35 pm
(10:35:10 PM): "It got the fire going for us," Erin commented. "Maybe it's cold." ||
Caelan 10:36 pm
(10:36:25 PM): "Did ...really?" Cae kept biting her cheek. "It wasn't you, Rakesh?" she pleaded. ||
Storyteller 10:37 pm
(10:37:45 PM): "I haven't been here in days." Rakesh said rather carefully. He also had the only key. ||
Ilkin 10:37 pm
(10:37:53 PM): "Mm," Ilkin murmured, "It's welcoming us in today. Maybe it knows we have curtains." ||
Erin 10:38 pm
(10:38:30 PM): "Do you think so?" Erin asked. "Thank you, house." ||
Storyteller 10:40 pm
(10:40:50 PM): "Ye-es. Thank you Mr. House." Rakesh said, glancing at Ilkin. "Right then, you're the only one of us with taste, tell us how to decorate." [To decorate nicely, it is Intelligence+Expression, teamwork action. In other words, the rest of us slobs roll Int-1, and then Ilkin adds the dice to his roll. I will give a +2 roll bonus to all four of us for nice curtains]

(10:41:38 PM): [Those of us with luck magic or willpower or what-not may spend it]
Ilkin 10:42 pm
(10:42:19 PM): ( Wow, you guys are uncultured brutes. )
Caelan 10:42 pm
(10:42:32 PM): (who the **** cares about expression in WoD? Shaddap :P )
Erin 10:42 pm
(10:42:37 PM): [i wanted to bring hammond, but nooooooooooooo why would we bring hammond?]
Ilkin 10:42 pm
(10:42:44 PM): ( Hey, it let me make friends with the Spirit of London )
OnlineHost 10:42 pm
(10:42:57 PM): Caelan rolled 2 10-sided dice: 4 9

(10:43:01 PM): Erin rolled 5 10-sided dice: 8 3 6 5 3
Ilkin 10:43 pm
(10:43:09 PM): ( Let me look at my spells real quick )
Storyteller 10:43 pm
(10:43:33 PM): //roll -dice5 -sides10
OnlineHost 10:43 pm
(10:43:34 PM): Storyteller rolled 5 10-sided dice: 1 10 10 7 1
Storyteller 10:43 pm
(10:43:43 PM): //roll -dice2 -sides10
onlinehost 10:43 pm
(10:43:43 PM): Storyteller rolled 2 10-sided dice: 7 4
Storyteller 10:43 pm
(10:43:52 PM): [thats +4 to you, Ilkin!]
Ilkin 10:45 pm
(10:45:23 PM): ( Let's do some Perfect Timing! )
OnlineHost 10:45 pm
(10:45:41 PM): Ilkin rolled 6 10-sided dice: 3 7 9 9 5 9
Ilkin 10:45 pm
(10:45:50 PM): ( Yay! +3 dice! )

(10:47:03 PM): ( And how about some 9-again powers! )
OnlineHost 10:47 pm
(10:47:08 PM): Ilkin rolled 6 10-sided dice: 8 3 7 4 4 4

(10:47:15 PM): Ilkin rolled 11 10-sided dice: 8 8 3 10 8 6 10 6 3 4 9

(10:47:20 PM): Ilkin rolled 3 10-sided dice: 10 2 7
onlinehost 10:47 pm
(10:47:26 PM): Ilkin rolled 1 10-sided die: 4
Ilkin 10:47 pm
(10:47:34 PM): ( Oh hell yeah, baby. That house looks good )

(10:49:00 PM): Jay spent the next half-hour or so giving direction on how to hang the curtains and change the decor. It was like building a set and a few times he got a little terse when something wasn't just so.
Ilkin 10:50 pm
(10:50:26 PM): But in the end, the place looked remarkably good. The curtains let in just the right amount of light without being too much. The furniture created a nice, open atmosphere,

(10:50:58 PM): and the house even smelled better than before. It looked more like a home. A very wealthy person's home. That hadn't been used in God-only-knows-how-long

(10:51:01 PM): ||
Erin 10:52 pm
(10:52:06 PM): "I like the spice cabinets," Erin commented from the kitchen. ||
Ilkin 10:53 pm
(10:53:27 PM): "There," Jay beamed and dusted his hands off. "It almost looks as nice as my place!" ||
Storyteller 10:53 pm
(10:53:30 PM): "You appear to have many hidden talents, Jason." Rakesh said, examining a rather overstuffed couch and pondering why exactly it had to go there and not, say, six inches to the side where he had originally place it. He glanced at Caelan and made a little gesture towards the fireplace, or perhaps just the house as a whole. ||
Caelan 10:54 pm
(10:54:29 PM): Cae frowned at Rakesh as she straightened her hair from the work of their interior decoration endeavor. She didn't like looking at fireplaces these days. ||
Storyteller 10:55 pm
(10:55:12 PM): Rakesh looked at her again and placed a finger by the side os his head, then looked again at the center of the house. He was giving the vampire a very intent look. ||
Caelan 10:57 pm
(10:57:01 PM): Cae sighed, which took considerable effort, as always. She glanced around, unsure where to settle her gaze.
OnlineHost 10:57 pm
(10:57:05 PM): Caelan rolled 8 10-sided dice: 7 5 9 9 8 6 8 8
Caelan 10:57 pm
(10:57:11 PM): ((O_O))
Erin 10:57 pm
(10:57:15 PM): [nice]
Ilkin 10:57 pm
(10:57:32 PM): ( It appears we totally rock the house. )
Caelan 10:57 pm
(10:57:34 PM): ((Aura Perception 5 Success))
Erin 10:57 pm
(10:57:52 PM): [*chants* who rocks the house?]
Caelan 10:58 pm
(10:58:43 PM): ((Cae should be the creepy little lady in the Exorcist telling the residents what the house is feeling))

(10:58:49 PM): ((err, I mean Poltergeist))
Ilkin 10:59 pm
(10:59:12 PM): ( Does that mean Erin's head is the one that spins around? )
Caelan 10:59 pm
(10:59:22 PM): Cae turned bright red. ||
Erin 10:59 pm
(10:59:29 PM): [i thought i'd ride the tricycle]
Ilkin 10:59 pm
(10:59:58 PM): "Does the house have a crush on us now?" Ilkin asked, still preening over his wonderful decorating direction. ||
Storyteller 11:00 pm
(11:00:08 PM): Rakesh blinked. He didn't know Caelan could blush. ||
Caelan 11:02 pm
(11:02:30 PM): Well, she could when the time called for it...and when she'd fed at most a few hours beforehand. The blood was most likely Rakesh's own. Awkward, maybe?

(11:02:32 PM): "'s...he's?...He don't know. In love with decorating? Really likes one of us?" She was not capable of articulating what she felt. ||
Erin 11:03 pm
(11:03:13 PM): Erin looked at Ilkin, who seemed to tend to have a lot of people really like him. ||
Storyteller 11:03 pm
(11:03:42 PM): "Jason, if you seduce my house away, I may be forced to bury you in the cellar." Rakesh said, patting Ilkin on the back. "Just so you know." ||
Ilkin 11:04 pm
(11:04:05 PM): "Well," Ilkin cleared his throat, "That's a good start. D'you think it'll let Rakesh live here no--" The Mage paused and raised an eyebrow at Rakesh. Nice try, dogbreath.

(11:04:06 PM): ||
Erin 11:04 pm
(11:04:55 PM): "If he was in the cellar the house could have him forever," Erin noted cheerfully. ||
Caelan 11:07 pm
(11:07:52 PM): Cae plopped down on the couch, except it was more of a ginger and trepid "floof" as not to disturb the house. The house. "I think the man from the painting's trapped in here. He's got a libido," she blurted. ||

(11:08:02 PM): *so as not to
Ilkin 11:08 pm
(11:08:42 PM): Ilkin stared at Cae. "Who is the house, ah, interested in?" he asked slowly. ||
Erin 11:09 pm
(11:09:45 PM): Erin shifted her eyes between her comrades, having only a very vague mental map of what what was being talked about at the moment. ||
Storyteller 11:10 pm
(11:10:14 PM): "Take a wild guess, Jason?" Rakesh looked up at the portrait of Col. William Russell. The colonel was an older man, paunchy, with some rather impressive sideburns. The werewolf chuckled. "Shall we go and see about the secret room? Perhaps you can charm your way in." ||
Erin 11:11 pm
(11:11:28 PM): "Should you buy it flowers?" Erin suggested, trying to dredge up something, anything helpful form her mind. It was exceedingly difficult. ||
Ilkin 11:12 pm
(11:12:45 PM): Ilkin sighed.

(11:12:57 PM): "The things being a nice guy gets you." ||
Erin 11:13 pm
(11:13:11 PM): "Love and affection?" Erin asked. ||
Caelan 11:14 pm
(11:14:23 PM): Cae sat forward and bit her cheek again. At this rate she was going to get a taste or two of blood. "Lots of it on its side..." ||
Ilkin 11:14 pm
(11:14:28 PM): "And a house." ||
Erin 11:15 pm
(11:15:01 PM): "You're very handsome," Erin noted with a smile. "I bet that's why it likes you."

(11:15:35 PM): "Let's go upstairs!" she suggested, trotting off from the room. ||
Ilkin 11:15 pm
(11:15:38 PM): "Oh, ah, well thank you, Ms. Lamothe," Ilkin was still trying to get over the shock of being loved by a house. ||
Storyteller 11:17 pm
(11:17:12 PM): Upstairs, the house once again looked very different. The chocolate-colored wallpaper was a lighter shade now,and the entire place was airier, lighter, though not quite as beautiful as the foyer was after Ilkin had finished with it. But the rooms looked quite nearly golden, and they were immaculately clean.

(11:17:50 PM): There was also a new door. One which had not been present previously, but which opened as you approached to reveal a small, somewhat cramped chamber with a large desk, and a few charts on the walls. ||
OnlineHost 11:19 pm
(11:19:21 PM): Erin rolled 7 10-sided dice: 3 3 6 4 5 1 4
Erin 11:19 pm
(11:19:44 PM): [>.>]
Ilkin 11:19 pm
(11:19:46 PM): ( Were we looking for an item in particular? I forget. )
Erin 11:19 pm
(11:19:57 PM): [the folio]
Ilkin 11:20 pm
(11:20:11 PM): ( We've seen it, right? )
Erin 11:20 pm
(11:20:28 PM): [i have. it's covered in silver chains, it should be preeeetty obvious]
Ilkin 11:20 pm
(11:20:46 PM): ( I think I post-cogged it too )
Ilkin 11:21 pm
(11:21:30 PM): ( So! Finder! )
OnlineHost 11:21 pm
(11:21:33 PM): Ilkin rolled 4 10-sided dice: 6 7 5 7
Ilkin 11:21 pm
(11:21:36 PM): ( >-> )
Storyteller 11:21 pm
(11:21:41 PM): [*slow clap*]
Caelan 11:21 pm
(11:21:45 PM): (>D)
Ilkin 11:22 pm
(11:22:04 PM): "Hello? House?" Ilkin offered, "I was wondering, would you be a dear and show me where that secret room of yours is? I'd be most grateful." ||
Erin 11:22 pm
(11:22:18 PM): "Hey look, Mr. Morgan, the plans to... someone's house." Erin tilted her head to the side, scratching behind her antenna a bit.

(11:22:30 PM): "I think it's here," Erin added, to Ilkin. ||
Storyteller 11:22 pm
(11:22:59 PM): "Unless houses normally sprout extra doors, I think this is the secret room." Rakesh said. "I conceed that this is my first time as a home-owner, but nevertheless..." Rakesh said, peering at the charts.

(11:23:10 PM): //roll -dice7 -sides10
OnlineHost 11:23 pm
(11:23:11 PM): Storyteller rolled 7 10-sided dice: 5 6 7 2 4 9 4
Erin 11:23 pm
(11:23:21 PM): [apparently now the house rocks us.]
Storyteller 11:23 pm
(11:23:44 PM): "Architectural charts? To the Russell House, I would assume." Rakesh hazarded an educated guess. ||
Caelan 11:24 pm
(11:24:43 PM): Cae remained quiet, though the new door surely disturbed her. ||
Ilkin 11:25 pm
(11:25:01 PM): ( What's the search roll? Wits + Investigation? )
Storyteller 11:25 pm
(11:25:06 PM): [yes]
OnlineHost 11:25 pm
(11:25:16 PM): Ilkin rolled 4 10-sided dice: 7 6 9 2
Erin 11:25 pm
(11:25:25 PM): "Maybe it's in the desk," Erin said, hazarding the obvious answer. ||
Ilkin 11:27 pm
(11:27:25 PM): "Here it is," Ilkin pulled it out of a drawer and held it up. "Exactly as we hoped." ||
Storyteller 11:28 pm
(11:28:53 PM): It was a large, leather-bound folio, well over a foot tall and not much less across, wrapped entirely in silver chains. Rakesh looked at the thing with extreme distaste, then withdrew an envelope from a pocket and passed it to Erin, not wanting to come close enough to give it to Ilkin. "That's the key we found in the portrait. Could you, ah, take off the chains?" ||
Caelan 11:30 pm
(11:30:37 PM): Cae watched Rakesh more than the book. Though it was a very big book!

(11:30:38 PM): ||
Ilkin 11:30 pm
(11:30:41 PM): "Ah, right, silver. Of course." The Mage took the envelope, withdrew the key, and delicately unlocked the chains and slid them off, then passed the now-naked folio to Rakesh. ||
Storyteller 11:32 pm
(11:32:48 PM): "Well now, what have we here... mystic correspondances, ancient Atlantean rune-writing, a grimoire of untold power... or architectural charts. More architectural charts." Rakesh said, opening the book and showing it to you. It was indeed, a collection of architectural charts, albeit with a great deal of clear, flowing writing along the edges. "Though if this is Col. Russell's workbook, it may explain why he is currently occuping a house." ||
Caelan 11:33 pm
(11:33:50 PM): "Many people occupy houses, Rakesh," Cae grinned for the first time in hours. ||
OnlineHost 11:33 pm
(11:33:55 PM): Erin rolled 7 10-sided dice: 1 5 5 1 1 7 3
Storyteller 11:34 pm
(11:34:00 PM): [Anyone who wishes to examine the charts may roll Int+Academics and Int+Occult]
Erin 11:34 pm
(11:34:05 PM): [<.<;;]
OnlineHost 11:34 pm
(11:34:08 PM): Erin rolled 7 10-sided dice: 3 6 1 7 4 8 5
Storyteller 11:34 pm
(11:34:17 PM): Rakesh gave Caelan another one of those looks. ||
Ilkin 11:34 pm
(11:34:35 PM): ( Does Magic specialty apply? )
Storyteller 11:34 pm
(11:34:45 PM): [This isn't Awakened, so no]
Ilkin 11:35 pm
(11:35:30 PM): ( Atlantean rune-writing? :P )
Caelan 11:35 pm
(11:35:36 PM): ((Is it research :B? ))
Storyteller 11:35 pm
(11:35:55 PM): [That was Rakesh's would-be guess, which proved wrong. :-P ]

(11:36:04 PM): [And it's more Identification, not research[
OnlineHost 11:36 pm
(11:36:12 PM): Caelan rolled 5 10-sided dice: 5 1 5 9 6

(11:36:20 PM): Ilkin rolled 7 10-sided dice: 9 8 5 7 5 6 2

(11:36:26 PM): Caelan rolled 5 10-sided dice: 3 3 9 6 4
Caelan 11:36 pm
(11:36:33 PM): (1 success for each roll)
Ilkin 11:36 pm
(11:36:39 PM): "That's not Atlantean," Ilkin tched a little.
Erin 11:36 pm
(11:36:46 PM): "Is this kind of thing normal for houses here?" Erin asked. Her experience with architecture involved much stranger places than the Russel House. ||
OnlineHost 11:36 pm
(11:36:53 PM): Ilkin rolled 1 10-sided die: 4
Caelan 11:37 pm
(11:37:58 PM): "Whatever it is, it means buildings not of the mundane," Cae said with a shrug. ||
Ilkin 11:39 pm
(11:39:04 PM): "Let me see that," Kertenkele hopped off Ilkin and onto Rakesh's head, then stared down at the folio.

(11:39:22 PM): "No wonder he likes the decorating so much," the lizard said, "He was into feng shui." ||
Caelan 11:39 pm
(11:39:52 PM): Cae shook her head. "It's clearly architectural, yeah? What do you mean feng shui? I don't see any chi written there..." ||
Storyteller 11:40 pm
(11:40:07 PM): //roll -dice7 -sides10
OnlineHost 11:40 pm
(11:40:09 PM): Storyteller rolled 7 10-sided dice: 7 3 10 7 8 9 3
Storyteller 11:40 pm
(11:40:16 PM): //roll -dice2 -sides10
onlinehost 11:40 pm
(11:40:17 PM): Storyteller rolled 2 10-sided dice: 7 8
Storyteller 11:40 pm
(11:40:23 PM): //roll -dice8 -sides10
onlinehost 11:40 pm
(11:40:24 PM): Storyteller rolled 8 10-sided dice: 3 1 4 4 4 6 3 9
Erin 11:40 pm
(11:40:32 PM): "Why would he lock these up?" Erin asked aloud, tilting her head to the side. ||
Storyteller 11:40 pm
(11:40:39 PM): [Ain't no one rolling well on Academics today]
Ilkin 11:40 pm
(11:40:39 PM): "Well he calls it 'Sacred Geometry,' but it's a similar enough principle," the lizard said, professor-like. ||
Erin 11:40 pm
(11:40:51 PM): [this house is making us stupid]
Caelan 11:41 pm
(11:41:58 PM): Cae clicked her tongue at the cranky fae lizard, disagreeing (obviously). ||
Storyteller 11:43 pm
(11:43:05 PM): "It's based on Pythagorean geometry. Or at least takes its roots from it. The golden rectangle, the vesica piscis." Rakesh said, examining the notes on the side. "It appears that the Colonel was interested in establishing architectural areas based on some rather arcane mathematics, towards the goal of achieving supernatural effects. Emotional resonances and such. Which could explain why he is at present occupying the house... er... metaphysically speaking." Rakesh said, with a look at Caelan. ||
Erin 11:44 pm
(11:44:00 PM): "He put himself into his house?" Erin tried to translate into people speak. ||
Storyteller 11:44 pm
(11:44:24 PM): "I think so." Rakesh confirmed. "Intentionally or accidentally, I can't tell." ||
Caelan 11:45 pm
(11:45:09 PM): "That's what I said," Cae said with a twinge of irritation skirting her tone. ||
Ilkin 11:45 pm
(11:45:43 PM): "He's not supposed to be gay, is he?" Ilkin said with a bit of dread. ||
Erin 11:45 pm
(11:45:47 PM): "I'm sorry." Erin ducked behind the desk and looked very small. ||
Storyteller 11:47 pm
(11:47:08 PM): "I really wouldn't know." Rakesh said primly. [Wits+Composure] ||
OnlineHost 11:47 pm
(11:47:28 PM): Erin rolled 6 10-sided dice: 9 6 9 3 10 5

(11:47:38 PM): Erin rolled 1 10-sided die: 10
Erin 11:47 pm
(11:47:41 PM): o.o
OnlineHost 11:47 pm
(11:47:49 PM): Erin rolled 1 10-sided die: 7

(11:48:10 PM): Ilkin rolled 6 10-sided dice: 7 7 9 2 1 6

(11:48:20 PM): Caelan rolled 6 10-sided dice: 4 1 3 1 9 6
Erin 11:48 pm
(11:48:24 PM): "Oops," Erin said, looking at the door. Or lack of the door. ||
Caelan 11:49 pm
(11:49:57 PM): "Door. DOOR." Cae practically jumped out of her skin as she noticed what Erin noticed. "What did we do? I'm sorry!" She hissed. Apparently small spaces were only good when she chose them. ||
Ilkin 11:50 pm
(11:50:24 PM): "It's all right, it's all right," Jay said, "We'll figure something out." ||
Storyteller 11:51 pm
(11:51:22 PM): "Well this is unfortunate." Rakesh said, walking over to tap where the door used to be. There was a decidedly dull sounding thud in answer. "And it's thickening walls. Caelan, aura read, please? Did we offend the House in some fashion?" ||
Erin 11:51 pm
(11:51:54 PM): "Maybe it wants to keep you here," Erin said to Ilkin. "Maybe you could talk to it?"
She didn't have much helpful to suggest about how to talk to house, but she was bad at relationships in general. ||
OnlineHost 11:52 pm
(11:52:04 PM): Caelan rolled 8 10-sided dice: 6 7 10 5 8 1 10 2

(11:52:10 PM): Caelan rolled 2 10-sided dice: 10 8

(11:52:16 PM): Caelan rolled 1 10-sided die: 9
onlinehost 11:54 pm
(11:54:11 PM): Caelan rolled 7 10-sided dice: 4 6 2 1 5 2 1
Caelan 11:54 pm
(11:54:22 PM): Cae was distressed, but not enough to see the emotions in the plaster, or wherever it emanated from. "He...loves you, or us? He wants us to stay," she whispered.

(11:54:44 PM): ||
Ilkin 11:55 pm
(11:55:41 PM): "Hello? House? Colonel?" Ilkin called, "Rakesh plans to live here, you realize? And I can make sure he keeps you looking nice. A maid service and everything!" He smiled winningly at the ceiling. ||
Erin 11:56 pm
(11:56:07 PM): Erin, wordlessly and without explanation, began to hover protectively around Ilkin. ||
Caelan 11:56 pm
(11:56:52 PM): ((hover literally?))
Erin 11:57 pm
(11:57:07 PM): [sadly, no.]
Storyteller 11:57 pm
(11:57:32 PM): "Keep it talking? Er, possibly with Caelan to translate." Rakesh said in a really very calm voice. Sure, this may lead to possible suffocation He took the folio back to the desk and started examining it. "This is really rather dull behavior for a Theosophical scholar and a military officer, even if he is presently a house. Erin, can you help me with this?" ||
OnlineHost 11:58 pm
(11:58:14 PM): Caelan rolled 8 10-sided dice: 3 1 9 4 6 1 1 1
Caelan 11:58 pm
(11:58:42 PM): "Go on," Cae hissed and nudged Ilkin with a cold hand. ||
Erin 11:59 pm
(11:59:25 PM): "I... Mr. Clements..." Erin murmured senselessly to Ilkin, before going to look at the folio. ||
OnlineHost 11:59 pm
(11:59:40 PM): Erin rolled 7 10-sided dice: 2 8 2 4 2 2 4
Storyteller 12:00 am
(12:00:23 AM): "How in hell am I to afford a maid service?" Rakesh said. He could just about feed himself most days. "Erin, you measured before, how many walls are there downstairs?" ||
Ilkin 12:01 am
(12:01:23 AM): "How did you afford a house?" Ilkin asked brightly. "We'll be happy to make sure you're well-cared for, Colonel. Rakesh can be quite a hosuekeeper when he puts his mind to it.

(12:01:24 AM): And he'd be excellent company for discussing all matters occult!" ||
Erin 12:02 am
(12:02:25 AM): "Nineteen," Erin answered mechanically. "This is going to be awkward when Mr. Clements comes over for dinner..." ||
Storyteller 12:03 am
(12:03:21 AM): "I lied on my bank statement. A great deal." Rakesh retorted, then did some quick mental counts. "If this is the floorplan of this house... and I think it is, then we appear to have one wall too many downstairs." ||
Erin 12:04 am
(12:04:17 AM): "In the plans or in the house?" Erin asked. ||
Storyteller 12:05 am
(12:05:11 AM): "In the house." Rakesh said. At this moment, a door-frame began to emerge from the wall. It just pushed itself out of the wall, as though rising out of water. ||
Caelan 12:06 am
(12:06:27 AM): "Ha...ha..." Caelan didn't look that relieved, really. Her mind kept screaming deathtrap deathtrap deathtrap! ||
Ilkin 12:09 am
(12:09:32 AM): "Well, shall we take a look? I don't think this house will try to outright harm us. Not after our smashing decorating job." ||
Erin 12:10 am
(12:10:47 AM): Erin gestured as if to say 'as you wish, sir,' though she continued to hover anxiously. ||
Storyteller 12:10 am
(12:10:51 AM): A door now emerged out of the wall to complete the door frame. "Let's do just that. Lead the way, my house-beloved friend." Rakesh suggested. ||
Ilkin 12:11 am
(12:11:15 AM): "Indeed. Let's be off!" Ilkin opened the door and stepped across the threshold. ||
Storyteller 12:11 am
(12:11:47 AM): [Wits+Investigation! You may roll this as a teamwork thing, if you wish.]
Erin 12:12 am
(12:12:22 AM): [lets. only rakesh even has that. >.>]
Storyteller 12:12 am
(12:12:36 AM): [... you people need to buy more skills. <_<]
Ilkin 12:12 am
(12:12:42 AM): ( I have 4 dice in it )
Erin 12:12 am
(12:12:55 AM): [i have a lot of skills. just not THAT skill]
Ilkin 12:13 am
(12:13:05 AM): ( My lizard has 9 dice in that pool. )
Storyteller 12:13 am
(12:13:12 AM): [...Kertenkele is the primary]
Erin 12:13 am
(12:13:18 AM): [go dog and lizard!]
Storyteller 12:13 am
(12:13:26 AM): [Roll away folks]

(12:13:32 AM): //roll -dice7 -sides10
OnlineHost 12:13 am
(12:13:33 AM): Storyteller rolled 7 10-sided dice: 8 10 8 4 4 1 10
Storyteller 12:13 am
(12:13:40 AM): //roll -dice2 -sides10
onlinehost 12:13 am
(12:13:40 AM): Storyteller rolled 2 10-sided dice: 2 7
Storyteller 12:13 am
(12:13:47 AM): [Four dice to Kert's pool!]
onlinehost 12:14 am
(12:14:07 AM): Ilkin rolled 13 10-sided dice: 1 9 9 9 9 2 6 9 9 7 6 3 9
Ilkin 12:14 am
(12:14:12 AM): ( That's a lotta 9s )
Erin 12:14 am
(12:14:36 AM): [o.O bet he wishes he had nines again]
Ilkin 12:15 am
(12:15:18 AM): ( Hey, that's 7 successes on 13 dice. I'll take it. )
Ilkin 12:16 am
(12:16:48 AM): "I see," Kertenkele mused from Rakesh's head. "Someone built a partition across half the foyer at some point. The room was larger, but someone decided to shrink it." ||
Erin 12:18 am
(12:18:06 AM): "Feng Shui again?" Erin suggested. ||
Ilkin 12:18 am
(12:18:37 AM): "Who knows?" the lizard replied.
OnlineHost 12:18 am
(12:18:40 AM): Ilkin rolled 7 10-sided dice: 9 10 1 8 8 1 6

(12:18:44 AM): Ilkin rolled 1 10-sided die: 5
Erin 12:19 am
(12:19:06 AM): [kertenkele seems to]
Ilkin 12:20 am
(12:20:26 AM): "But if I had to guess," he continued, "I'd say this wall is the source of our dear Colonel's consternation. Someone changed his floor plan, which could have disrupted his geometry.

(12:20:44 AM): I think he wants you to take the wall out." The lizard finished authoritatively, like a professor giving a lecture. ||
OnlineHost 12:21 am
(12:21:27 AM): Caelan rolled 5 10-sided dice: 7 5 6 4 3
Erin 12:24 am
(12:24:57 AM): "Well then," Erin said, rubbing her hands together, "do you have any tools in this house, Mr. Morgan, or shall I get some of mine?" ||
Storyteller 12:25 am
(12:25:59 AM): "I believe there's a hammer, a saw, and some nails in the closet." Rakesh said. ||
Erin 12:28 am
(12:28:28 AM): "Thank you, sir," Erin replied, chipperly wandering off for a moment. She came back a minute later with said tools and a large sheet, which she laid at the base of the wall to gather up all the plaster. She spent a little time carefully taping it down.

(12:28:49 AM): Then she started smashing at the wall.
OnlineHost 12:28 am
(12:28:59 AM): Erin rolled 7 10-sided dice: 5 1 3 3 7 8 7

(12:29:22 AM): Erin rolled 1 10-sided die: 5

(12:29:28 AM): Erin rolled 6 10-sided dice: 4 5 9 3 10 10

(12:29:33 AM): Erin rolled 3 10-sided dice: 1 1 1
Caelan 12:29 am
(12:29:34 AM): Cae jumped a foot in the air and yipped. "Warn someone, would you?" ||
Storyteller 12:30 am
(12:30:31 AM): Rakesh winced. His wall now had a large hole in it. Still standing, however. ||
Erin 12:31 am
(12:31:00 AM): Erin didn't really respond, smashing into the wall over and over again. She has a particular cadence when she swung, each hammer blow following in a certain rhythm. One sound thicker, one sound thinner.

(12:31:08 AM): *Tick. Tock.*
OnlineHost 12:31 am
(12:31:16 AM): Erin rolled 7 10-sided dice: 8 8 3 7 7 7 8
Ilkin 12:31 am
(12:31:22 AM): Ilkin stepped back to watch. Kertenkele decided to return to his Mage's head, finding it much safer than the creepy werewolf weirdo. ||
OnlineHost 12:31 am
(12:31:28 AM): Erin rolled 3 10-sided dice: 10 10 4

(12:31:33 AM): Erin rolled 2 10-sided dice: 7 6

(12:31:52 AM): Erin rolled 4 10-sided dice: 3 1 9 7

(12:31:55 AM): Erin rolled 1 10-sided die: 5
Erin 12:33 am
(12:33:58 AM): With one final smash of the hammer, and a doleful *Tock*, the wall finally gave way and crumbled down. Erin stopped, dusted herself off, and began to gather up the plaster bits in the sheet.
"I'll sand the walls in a moment, Mr. Morgan. It'll look good as new," Erin said. ||
Storyteller 12:35 am
(12:35:13 AM): "I was hoping for larger interiors in any case." Rakesh said, regarding the remains of the wall. Erin had taken down a fairly good-sized wall very, very quickly.
Ilkin 12:35 am
(12:35:39 AM): "Changeling magic," Ilkin beamed, "It's excellent at remodeling." ||
Caelan 12:36 am
(12:36:14 AM): Cae looked around and toward the ceiling...
OnlineHost 12:36 am
(12:36:20 AM): Caelan rolled 8 10-sided dice: 4 8 10 10 4 7 9 3

(12:36:27 AM): Caelan rolled 2 10-sided dice: 1 6
Storyteller 12:36 am
(12:36:53 AM): ....and observed that there was writing forming on the ceiling. ||
Caelan 12:38 am
(12:38:14 AM): "Um." Cae pointed up to the letters. ||
Erin 12:38 am
(12:38:38 AM): Erin blinked, stopped what she was doing and looked up. ||
Storyteller 12:39 am
(12:39:56 AM): Thank you for your efforts, Sirs, Madams. They were large letters, raised from the ceiling and angled in a way as to be broadly legible to you. Gold and mahogany, or polished brass at any rate. Manuscript style lettering. They are sincerely appreciated, from the bottom of my heart. ||
Ilkin 12:41 am
(12:41:08 AM): "It has been our pleasure, Colonel," Ilkin beamed.
Erin 12:41 am
(12:41:09 AM): "Think nothing of it, sir," Erin said with a big smile. She liked being told she'd done well. ||
Caelan 12:42 am
(12:42:29 AM): Cae sat down on the floor in wonder. "I like the words, Colonel. Thank you for the sentiment," she said as formally as one could sitting on a foyer floor likely littered with plaster wandering too far from Erin's mat. ||
Storyteller 12:46 am
(12:46:24 AM): It appears that you are already acquainted with me, more so than I with you. Surprising, yet perhaps less so than I should expect. To formally introduce myself, my name William Henry Russell. To what do I owe the pleasure of your presence? ||
Erin 12:48 am
(12:48:16 AM): Erin shifted her eyes around, pointed at Rakesh, and got back to work. ||
Caelan 12:50 am
(12:50:24 AM): "I--err...yes, sir. Rakesh has, ah, purchased the occupy." She gestured to the werewolf, but she wasn't sure if it could see its occupants.

(12:50:29 AM): "We're all associates. But...if I may ask? How did you end up, your current state? In your house?" ||
Storyteller 12:52 am
(12:52:19 AM): Much is explained therefore. A botched ascension, I fear, into a grander state explains my current situation. An attempt to merge my consciousness with that of the entire city, ultimately reduced to a mindless occupant of a lone house. ||
Caelan 12:56 am
(12:56:03 AM): Cae frowned and looked to Ilkin. This was more his territory. "There is a mage here," Cae replied quietly. ||
Ilkin 12:57 am
(12:57:51 AM): "Merge with the whole city?" Ilkin asked, shocked, "What...London was very large, even when you were doing that. I don't even think it's possible." ||
Storyteller 12:58 am
(12:58:48 AM): I'd have been satisfied with a borough, but as you can see, it did not quite work out according to my designs. ||
Ilkin 12:59 am
(12:59:25 AM): "Dare I ask why?" ||
Storyteller 1:02 am
(1:02:28 AM): Insufficient precision, I expect. Though by this day and age I cannot even feel so many of the buildings I once designed. A poor time, it is certain. It is thus that I would ask of you one final favor, if you would be so kind. ||
Ilkin 1:02 am
(1:02:42 AM): "What is that?" ||
Storyteller 1:06 am
(1:06:23 AM): I have no desire to continue as such a limited entity, nor to risk being trapped in such a mindless form once more. You will find, in the center of this building, under the stairwell, a series of formulas. Erase them wholly, and I shall pass on to whatever awaits. ||
Caelan 1:08 am
(1:08:09 AM): "I hope he's right," Cae said to the others. ||
Erin 1:08 am
(1:08:42 AM): Erin twisted her lip into a frown at the request, but said nothing and looked to the others. ||
Ilkin 1:09 am
(1:09:42 AM): "I think we can do that," Ilkin said. ||
Storyteller 1:10 am
(1:10:32 AM): [Do so now, or chat with the ceiling a bit more?]
Caelan 1:12 am
(1:12:07 AM): (now)
Erin 1:12 am
(1:12:16 AM): [i'm running outta time, so now]
Storyteller 1:12 am
(1:12:41 AM): [Then let us do this and wrap up]
Storyteller 1:14 am
(1:14:11 AM): With the directions of the house, finding the set of formulas was not really very difficult. They were hidden by a few boards, easily removed by Erin with her one-changeling demolition squad, and then defaced with the same application of tools and effort. They looked simply like mathematical formulaes, albeit of a peculiar sort. But they were erased, and then it was done.

(1:14:57 AM): Just like that, the house was empty once more, with no mind for Caelan to see, and no more twisting of the house itself. Hopefully the secret room would at least remain accessible in some workable fashion.