The Richardson Case - Scene V

The Richardson Case - Scene V

The Storyteller has entered the room. 11:59 pm
Caelan has entered the room. 11:59 pm
Ilkin has entered the room. 11:59 pm
The Storyteller 11:59 pm
Hello all
Ilkin 11:59 pm
The Storyteller 12:00 am
Alright, Kage, decide if you would like to run any preliminary checks before arriving at the scene while I fill in Julie, alright?
Ilkin 12:01 am
The Storyteller 12:03 am
Alright, got anything for me mage-boy?
Ilkin 12:05 am
I can't think of anything in particular other than putting Sybil's Sight and Fortune's Protection on myself
The Storyteller 12:05 am
The accounting office in question is called Field and Sons Accounting, small, privately owned, after tax income of $800K, consists of Mr. Jacob Field and his son Robert, and daughter, Jessica.
And can the werewolf and vampire get into the fortune protecting goodness? :-P
Ilkin 12:06 am
And also asking the Courts and the Council if they've heard of anything -- and notifying the Council of what's going on

I'll have to pick Ilkin's official position within the Council based on his status sometime
The Storyteller 12:06 am
Alright, will do.
Heh, you seem to be aiming for Interfector, based on events. >_>
Roll for me a... Presence+Politics+the hgihest of your Allies for the Courts, and Presence+Politics+Status (in the Consilium) for the Council.
The Storyteller 12:08 am
Or Manip, either one works
OnlineHost 12:09 am
Ilkin rolled 6 10-sided dice: 9 9 9 8 10 4

Ilkin rolled 1 10-sided die: 9
Ilkin 12:09 am
That'll be the Spring Court, I guess, since it's listed first on my sheet
The Storyteller 12:09 am
You added untrained penalties, right?
Ilkin 12:09 am
The Storyteller 12:09 am
If you have no dots in Politics, you take a -3 to the roll.
Ilkin 12:10 am
Well that's stupid. Okay
The Storyteller 12:10 am
OnlineHost 12:10 am
Ilkin rolled 3 10-sided dice: 2 7 3
onlinehost 12:10 am
Ilkin rolled 3 10-sided dice: 8 3 3
Ilkin 12:10 am
there, I got 1 on the council
The Storyteller 12:11 am
The Council hasn't heard of anything unusual about the accounting office, but wishes that you be careful and that the matter will be brought up with the Adamantine Arrow in time.
Ilkin 12:11 am
And yes, I suppose the other two can get Fortune's Protection.
The Storyteller 12:11 am
Alright! Shall I set the scene?
Ilkin 12:13 am
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The Storyteller 12:16 am
Field and Sons Accounting was operated out of a pleasant brownstone on 294 Argyle Place, in the City. It had a kind of charm to it, a sense of stability and worth. The discreet sign said that Field and Sons had been in operation since 1958. It looked, on the whole, trustworthy and reliable. Almost homey, in a strange sort of way.
Less homey was the presence of an ambulance and a police car immediately outside the brownstone. ||
Ilkin 12:18 am
"We may be too late," Ilkin murmured. He hurried up to the edge of the scene and tweaked Fate just enough that they'd be noticed by an officer or EMT friendly enough to let them in on what's going on.

( I believe that's Winds of Chance but it may be something else. Looking for that spell I used to get the old lady to let us in at the apartment building )

( Ah, the Perfect Moment. The mage effectively chooses some small thing that he wishes to see come to pass and makes it so through his magic. )

( More a roleplaying consideration than anything else. )
OnlineHost 12:20 am
Ilkin rolled 6 10-sided dice: 6 3 8 4 10 10

Ilkin rolled 2 10-sided dice: 5 3
Ilkin 12:20 am
( Easy enough to make. )
The Storyteller 12:21 am
There was, in matter of fact, a policeman taking a statement from a distraught young woman outside the front building. He was an older, portly man, who seemed to be less concerned with taking notes and more with calming the young lady down. He glimpsed you and held up a brief hand that he'd be with you in a moment.
"Any idea what's going on?" Rakesh said, running along with Ilkin and glancing uneasily at the simple brownstone. ||
OnlineHost 12:22 am
Ilkin rolled 7 10-sided dice: 2 1 6 8 9 4 2
Ilkin 12:23 am
( Occult to make an educated guess based on what we've learned so far. All I really remember is that it was some kind of numbers monster. )
Caelan 12:23 am
Cae ran alongside the other two, feeling vaguely out of place. Really, accounting? That was the least supernatural thing in existence. She made sure her gun was out of sight.
OnlineHost 12:23 am
Caelan rolled 8 10-sided dice: 2 2 1 1 10 1 4 8

Caelan rolled 1 10-sided die: 3
Caelan 12:23 am
The Storyteller 12:25 am
[The Anumerus is a non-corporeal entity thats basically a supernaturally bad case of luck. It's created from twisted or criminal numbers, and tends to respond by spreading an area of misery around itself. The simplest way to stop it is to fix whatever numerical issue brought it from the Abyss in the first place. From the looks of it, the Anumerus has already gotten started on the "inflict hideous luck" on people bit.]
Ilkin 12:26 am
( Is this showing up in the Sybil's Sight? )
The Storyteller 12:27 am
[The entire place is pulsing with Abyssal taint]
Ilkin 12:28 am
"The Anumerus causes bad luck through probability," Ilkin said, "I may be able to mitigate it a little but it will be tough. It looks like it's started its bad luck run already." ||
The Storyteller 12:30 am
"Better and better." Rakesh said, then fell quiet as the police officer approached. The rotund man examined you before asking kindly. "How can I help you gentlemen? Ma'am?" ||
Caelan 12:31 am
Cae moved her hands away from her belt where the gun was stashed. "Seems like there's some trouble," she commented, and said no more. ||

((of all ironies <_<))
The Storyteller 12:33 am
"Tragedy, for certain, but not trouble." The officer's face darkened. "Suicide. The senior Mr. Field killed himself earlier today." ||
Caelan 12:34 am
She kept her mouth shut and looked to Ilkin. ||
Ilkin 12:34 am
"He what?" Ilkin was aghast. "How? What happened?" ||
The Storyteller 12:36 am
"Don't know why, not yet, but money was involved I expect. Took a revolver, put it in his mouth..." The officer spread his hands. "No suicide note, not that we've found. Are you customers of his?" ||
Ilkin 12:38 am
"Bloody hell," Ilkin said, then shook his head. "No, but a friend is. She asked me to look in on him. Thought something was wrong. Sodding scary to think she was right." The mage shivered. ||
Caelan 12:40 am
Caelan merely looked more disturbed. Her confusion was equal. She glanced up to the building. ||
The Storyteller 12:40 am
"Premonition." The officer nodded knowingly. "It's a messy business, death, however it happens. Too bad about poor Mr. Field, he was a nice man. Anything else I can do for you?" ||
Ilkin 12:43 am
"No, I believe that is all. Please convey our condolences to the family." ||
The Storyteller 12:45 am
"I will. Good day to you now." The officer said, then with a polite nodded turned back to where the unhappy young woman was.
"I take it that this is unexpected and unwelcome." Rakesh murmurred, still eyeing the building. "Do we have a plan, or just dodge inside when the officer's back is turned?" ||
Ilkin 12:47 am
"That's what my plan was," Ilkin said cheerily, "Perhaps a little nudging of Fate to expedite the process. Or we could wait for them to move along."
Caelan 12:48 am
Cae grimaced. "I suppose I could look ahead if you wanted to wait," she said in a low voice. ||
The Storyteller 12:49 am
"Probably best not to loiter around." Rakesh said, watching the policeman, engrossed in his discussions. "Let's just quietly head inside." ||
Ilkin 12:54 am
"Indeed," he said, "There's a coffee shop nearby. We can wait until the most of it clears out and then quietly get inside." ||
Caelan 12:54 am
Cae shrugged and followed the boys. ||
The Storyteller 12:56 am
It took three quarters of an hour before the ambulance and the police left, the ambulance only after a prone figure on a stretcher was carried out. The sheet covered the head. Then all was quiet, and even the people that normally worked in the accounting office went home. ||
Ilkin 12:58 am
Ilkin returned ot the scene and headed for the back door. With any luck, someone would've forgotten to open it. (Using Perfect Moment to try and make that a possibility. )
OnlineHost 12:59 am
Ilkin rolled 6 10-sided dice: 8 8 7 5 6 1
Caelan 12:59 am
((don't you mean lock?))
The Storyteller 1:00 am
[You are, I suspect, stretching Perfect Moment far beyond what the spell can do, but in the interests of expediency... the door is unlocked!]
Ilkin 1:01 am
( :P )
The Storyteller 1:01 am
[Don't get used to this, Mageboy]
Caelan 1:01 am
((tsk tsk))
The Storyteller 1:02 am
"That was convenient." Rakesh muttered, looking around. He really had very little interest in getting arrested at some point in the nearby future. "Where to? The elder Mr. Field's office, or...?" ||
Ilkin 1:03 am
"Being an Acanthus means a lot of things are convenient," he said, "The Anumerus will be where the numbers are, so either in the computer or in the records room..." ||
The Storyteller 1:04 am
"I am forced to ask whether either of you two knows how to use a computer well." Rakesh said. "Since I don't." ||
Caelan 1:04 am
"It means you're a thorn in peoples' sides," Cae joked. Inappropriately. Unless anyone knew botany. ||
Ilkin 1:05 am
"A Lunargent Thorn," Ilkin agreed amiably. "And no, I know enough to write my articles and browse the Internet." ||
Caelan 1:06 am
"What exactly do you mean, Rakesh?" || ((no points in it, shucks))
The Storyteller 1:07 am
"Because if it's in the computers, and none of us know computers..." Rakesh said. He closed his eyes. "Right, let's hope the Anumerus is lurking in the records room somehow." ||
Caelan 1:08 am
"Well I can open the stupid box up," she said defensively. ||
The Storyteller 1:09 am
"I shall take that under advisement." Rakesh said drily. His cheek was twtiching like he was trying not to smile. ||
Ilkin 1:12 am
Ilkin chuckled and headed for the records room. "Here," he said. "Before we go in." The Mage wove a few simple spells and placed the Sight on the other two. "This should give you a better chance of recognizing it." ||
The Storyteller 1:14 am
Like the rest of the Fields' brownstone, the entirety of the records room was covered in dark, Abyssal taint. It was hard to describe, perhaps. A feeling, or a sensation, perhaps a steady sound. Rasping, grasping, not quite painful but decidedly unpleasant. The taint, however, was no greater there than anywhere else, not that you could tell. ||
Caelan 1:15 am
"Do you see anything?" Cae asked Ilkin, skeptical of the spell on herself. ||
Ilkin 1:16 am
Ilkin shuddered and bit his lip. "The Abyss is nothing like what you've seen before," he murmured, "Be careful." || (Is there some kind of check I can make or is it just "It's not here?")
The Storyteller 1:17 am
[Occult+Wits, but at first glance it doesn't look like it's here]
OnlineHost 1:20 am
Ilkin rolled 5 10-sided dice: 2 10 7 5 1

Ilkin rolled 1 10-sided die: 2
The Storyteller 1:21 am
[Nothing you see seems to indicate that it's here]
Ilkin 1:22 am
"I don't think it's here," the mage said, "Let's check elsewhere." He headed out into the other rooms, scanning for an area of concentrated Abyss. ||
The Storyteller 1:22 am
[Toss me a Wits+Investigation roll, both of you? Remember Untrained penalties. :-P ]
//roll -dice7 -sides10
OnlineHost 1:22 am
The Storyteller rolled 7 10-sided dice: 10 2 4 10 3 6 6
The Storyteller 1:23 am
//roll -dice2 -sides10
onlinehost 1:23 am
The Storyteller rolled 2 10-sided dice: 7 7
The Storyteller 1:23 am
[For Rakesh]
Caelan 1:23 am
OnlineHost 1:23 am
Caelan rolled 1 10-sided die: 2

Ilkin rolled 4 10-sided dice: 2 8 1 8
The Storyteller 1:26 am
It took some time, but eventually you found what appeared to be the source of the Abyssal infection. It was in Mr. Field's office, a simple desktop computer that all but hummed with tainted energy. It felt slightly nauseous, as though something you ate disagreed with you. And was now trying to crawl out of your throat. ||
Caelan 1:27 am
"Of course." Cae crossed her arms. "Anyone want to break it?" This was a stupid thing to say, and she regretted it immediately as her stomach dropped with the thrum of bad joojoo. ||
The Storyteller 1:27 am
The door closed behind Caelan. This might have been the wind. Then the door locked itself. This was probably not the wind. ||
Ilkin 1:29 am
Ilkin bit his lip again and growled a little. It was odd hearing the normally composed Mage growl like that. "All right, be on guard," he warned and headed toward the computer. ||
The Storyteller 1:31 am
The lights flicked on. ||
Ilkin 1:32 am
"I'd settle down if I were you," Ilkin warned the spirit, "You don't belong in this world." ||
The Storyteller 1:32 am
The light-bulb in the middle of the room shattered, showering Ilkin with little bits of sharp glass. ||
//roll -dice3 -sides10
OnlineHost 1:33 am
The Storyteller rolled 3 10-sided dice: 3 1 5
The Storyteller 1:33 am
[No damage, however]
Ilkin 1:33 am
( Admittedly, I really don't know what I'm supposed to do here. )
The Storyteller 1:33 am
[Exorcise it? Or failing that, smash the computer into itty-bitty pieces?]
Caelan 1:34 am
((Yay I give good advice!))
Ilkin 1:34 am
( Yes but I mean...How do I exorcise it? )
The Storyteller 1:35 am
[Fix whatever accounting crime brought it into the world in the first place]
Ilkin 1:36 am
"Well, let's see what can be found." Ilkinsat down at the computer and began tinkering. ||
Caelan 1:38 am
"Click the button. No, the other button." Cae helped. ||
The Storyteller 1:39 am
The computer powered up slowly... even as a little flicker of static electricity began to appear from the light fixture. Rakesh observed it uneasily and forebore to help. He was an anthropology major in any case. Finally, the computer turned on. ||
OnlineHost 1:41 am
Ilkin rolled 1 10-sided die: 5
Ilkin 1:41 am
( That's a chance die )
The Storyteller 1:41 am
[Ooooh dear.]
The computer began to make some odd noises. A sort of shuffling, humming sound. Immediately followed by the computer flashing a bright blue screen. The electricity stopped flickering up above. ||
Ilkin 1:44 am
"Oh, stop being so sodding obstinate," Ilkin snorted, "Sit still and shut up and let me send you home." ||
OnlineHost 1:44 am
Caelan rolled 10 10-sided dice: 9 4 9 10 7 2 8 5 4 8
Caelan 1:44 am
Caelan, ever so slightly, convinced everyone that she wasn't there. ||
The Storyteller 1:45 am
Curiously, the Abyssal taint was beginning to fade away. ||
OnlineHost 1:46 am
Ilkin rolled 7 10-sided dice: 7 8 7 10 3 3 6

Ilkin rolled 1 10-sided die: 10

Ilkin rolled 1 10-sided die: 4
Ilkin 1:47 am
( Int/Occult, what is going on? )
The Storyteller 1:47 am
[Remember how I said your options were to either exorcise it by fixing the financial misdealings, or just blowing up the computer? Well, it appears that Ilkin has just blown up the computer.]
Caelan 1:48 am
((...he gave it a blue screen of death? that's it?))
The Storyteller 1:48 am
[Well, at the very least he's scared it significantly.]
Ilkin 1:48 am
( What can he do to scare it more significantly? )
The Storyteller 1:50 am
[Well, you can either keep trying to fix it, (Int+Computer or Int+Crafts), or you can put the thing out of it's misery]
Ilkin 1:52 am
"You ought to just go back on your own," Ilkin chastised the spirit and then turned toward the computer box. "I s'pose I'll have to smash you since you won't leave." He picked up a something to smash with. ||
The Storyteller 1:54 am
A large, stone paperweight came to hand. ||
OnlineHost 1:55 am
Caelan rolled 10 10-sided dice: 8 3 10 8 9 1 6 4 5 3
Caelan 1:56 am
There was a very, very loud bang. Cae shot it. And then she waved at her companions as they noticed she was, in fact, still there. ||
Caelan 1:57 am
((note: she knows to shoot at the box, not the SCREEN))
Ilkin 1:57 am
Ilkin jumped back out of the way and stared, aghast. "Bloody hell, warn me next time." ||
The Storyteller 1:58 am
The abyssal taint curled up some more and began to disappear.
Caelan 1:58 am
((oh, also...))
OnlineHost 1:58 am
Caelan rolled 1 10-sided die: 9
Caelan 1:59 am
((LMAO: 5 success?))
The Storyteller 2:00 am
"Brilliant." Rakesh said, observing the sputtering computer as it died. Caelan's bullet seeme to have sheared the hardrive in half, diagonally. Then the werewolf tilted his head. "Aaaand I do believe we should get out of here before someone calls the police to report gunfire in a nice neighborhood at night." ||
Ilkin 2:00 am
"Agreed," Ilkin said, "Hurry along now!" He headed for the door. ||
Caelan 2:00 am
"I don't know what you're complaining about," Cae tsked." ||
The Storyteller 2:00 am
"The loud noises, mostly." ||
[Alright! Shift scenes to Lisa's place?]
Caelan 2:02 am
((yes but I think I should switch to the laptop))
Ilkin 2:02 am
( Yup! )
The Storyteller 2:03 am
[k, let me know when you're ready, Julie]
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Caelan 2:08 am
((do go on!))
The Storyteller 2:08 am
Lisa Richardson, Melissa's former patient, lived in a ratty, dirt-cheap apartment complex in the middle of one of London's lowest rent districts. It was not quite a slum, but it escaped this fate only by a hair's breadth. Ringing random door-bells eventually let you into the house, where Rakesh and Ilkin lead the way to Lisa's apartment. It was... highly noticeable.
Bundles of elecrtical wires and fiber-optic cables fed into the door, seemingly mundane external wiring that just so happened to lead into the apartment. A fully articulated security camera was near Richardson's door... a camera that looked cheap but tracked the three of you as you arrived at the door. ||
Caelan 2:11 am
Caelan was tempted to disappear again. The situation made her uncomfortable, and the camera, well...she just turned away. The smudge would confuse anyone watching. ||
Ilkin 2:12 am
( What is the spirit called again? I forgot. 01? )

"01?" Ilkin called, "You remember us, right? I've some good news for you. Anumerus is gone." ||
The Storyteller 2:14 am
The camera's lense didn't move, but there was a whirring of gears and motors, and the door to Lisa Richardson's flat opened. Rakesh, without any great trepidation, headed inside. ||
Caelan 2:15 am
Cae followed with the aforementioned modifier. ||
Ilkin 2:16 am
Ilkin also went inside and made his way toward the door. ||

( Er, to the bedroom )
The Storyteller 2:20 am
The apartment looked precious little like an apartment at this stage. Kitchen cabinets had their doors removed, boxes of electronics poking out of them. Instead of lightbulbs, dim LEDs illuminated the way to the Spirit-Claimed's 'nest'. A dozen small cameras examined every inch of the corridor leading to the bedroom, and it was in this strange location that you arrived.
It would be difficult to think of the bedroom as a place to sleep any more. There were racks upon racks of video-monitors now, and various computers and bits of computer in different stages of assembly. In the middle of it all, the Claimed sat on an office swivel chair and ran her hands along some circuitry, master of her little domain.
It would be impossible to mistake her for a human. Her skin was dark, a matte-black covering like a painted computer casing. Her eyes were flat-grey photoreceptors. Her nails were made of hardened silicon. Lisa Richardson had been a somewhat attractive 20-year old prior to her meeting with 01, and she had kept her figure, but now it was all hard edges and metallic coverings. ||
Ilkin 2:20 am
"01, how do you do" Ilkin greeted, "We've sent the Anumerus back to the Abyss. You recall our bargain, yes?" ||
Caelan 2:22 am
Cae just stood and tried not to shatter her teeth forcing a plain smile. ||
The Storyteller 2:22 am
"01 recalls." Lisa said. Her voice was a flat monotone, as it had been the last time she had encountered Rakesh and Ilkin, but now there was a distortion to it, as though speaking through a microphone only poorly tuned. "01 is willing to abide by the agreement. I do not like this. I think it is poorly thought out." ||
Ilkin 2:25 am
"Why?" Ilkin asked. ||
The Storyteller 2:27 am
"Consider the cost-benefit analysis." Lisa offered, causing a lengthy series of charts to appear on the computer screens around her. "In this form, I shall live longer, I shall not suffer from disease or debilitation. I can be useful to you, with my information. 01 alone, and I alone, are none of these." [Wits+Empathy] ||
OnlineHost 2:28 am
Ilkin rolled 5 10-sided dice: 4 5 5 8 5

Caelan rolled 7 10-sided dice: 9 8 1 6 5 10 9

Caelan rolled 1 10-sided die: 3
Caelan 2:29 am
...(+1 >.>)
OnlineHost 2:29 am
Caelan rolled 1 10-sided die: 10
Caelan 2:29 am
((>D HAHAH))

Caelan: ((>D HAHAH))
Caelan: //roll-dice1-sides10
Caelan: Caelan rolled 1 10-sided die: 2
Ilkin: "You've got something else, something you're hiding and don't want to say," Ilkin raised his eyebrows. "Some other reason you don't want to leave." ||
Caelan: "Ilkin, shut up." Cae nudges him gently. Her expression has gone to one of understanding. "Why do you think this is best for her, exactly?" She was still talking to Ilkin. ||
Ilkin: "Mm," Ilkin said, "She's content, it's content, but that does not necessarily make it right." ||
Storyteller: "She gets her own mind back." Rakesh murmured quietly. "And there's rules against letting spirits run amuck in the physical realm."
Storyteller: "01 does not 'run amuck'" Lisa said. She apparently had very good hearing. ||
Caelan: "If she wants it, it's still not right?" ||
*** Storyteller has left the conversation.
*** Storyteller has joined the conversation.
Storyteller: [Back! What was the last message]?
Caelan: "If she wants it, it's still not right?" ||
Storyteller: Rakesh murmurred quietly. "There's rules against letting spirits run amuck in the physical realm."
Storyteller: "01 does not 'run amuck'" Lisa said. She apparently had very good hearing. ||
Ilkin: "Just because someone wants something doesn't make it right," Ilkin said, "The Anumerus wanted to destroy, but that is not right." He turned to Lisa. "What does 01 do that we should let it stay? It does not belong here." ||
Caelan: "...It makes her happy," Cae said faintly. "I'd have done anything to be able to choose what I am." ||
Ilkin: "It makes the Anumerus happy to do what it does, too. And the vampires that did what they did to you." ||
Storyteller: "I have no desire to destroy." Lisa Richardson said simply. "I desire to exist, that is all. What would you have 01 do?" ||
Caelan: A muscle in Cae's face twitched. "She should be able to choose," she said firmly. "Why go back to something she hates, something that debilitates? There's no guarantee she'll do something 'wrong' just because she's different!" }}
Ilkin: "According to Melissa, she was making excellent progress," Ilkin said firmly, "This could endanger them both. If not from us, then from others that will come along when they find out.
Ilkin: You know the werewolves have rules about this sort of thing. Many Mages do, too. What do you think will happen when they find out? Do you think they will just sit and nicely ask 01 to leave?" ||
Storyteller: "If you did stay, we'd have to relocate you. Spirit-Claimed in the middle of an apartment block is a disaster waiting to happen." Rakesh said, wincing and rubbing his eyes. "I can't believe I'm even considering this. My pack would skin me." ||
Storyteller: "If that is your concern, I can protect myself." Lisa Richardson said firmly. "01 is not helpless. I am not helpless. I have no wish to harm others. That is not the same as weakness."
Caelan: "Rakesh, you know it's about choice!" Cae's volume rose, but she wasn't shouting. "She has the right to bloody choose when she's given the opportunity.
Caelan: Just because the rest of us couldn't doesn't mean she shouldn't. She'll face the consequences of her own choice." ||
Ilkin: Ilkin pursed his lips. "I do not mean to suggest you are weak, but that others will come and they will not be as pleasant. But just so we are clear, did Lisa accept this freely?" ||
Storyteller: Rakesh glanced at Ilkin. The werewolf was, on the whole, a generally non-confrontational soul, at least in the realm of arguments. Ravening bloodlust was a different matter, but significant moral steadfastness had never been a defining trait of Rakesh's. "I suppose... it isn't wholly unheard of. Keeping spirits out is, at the least, not a part of the Oath of the Moon. Dealing with them in kind is, however." ||
Ilkin: "By which you mean as long as the spirit is not hostile, you can leave it be?" ||
Storyteller: "I do not know. I said yes. 01 was beyond my understanding, so I did not know what I said yes to. But I am content with my choice, even if I did not understand it." Lisa said simply. It was probably the least computer-like thing she'd said since you'd met.
Storyteller: "That's the gist of it, yes, Ilkin." Rakesh said. ||
Ilkin: Ilkin sighed. "Very well, then," he said, "We'll make arrangements of some kind. Melissa will be rather ticked but she'll get over it." ||
Caelan: Cae exhaled the extra air she'd been saving up for her next defense. ||
Storyteller: "My pack is going to skin me alive." Rakesh said mournfully.
Storyteller: "Thank you." Lisa Richardson said. She looked at Caelan as she did so. Her eyes were flat, grey. They didn't show emotion. They couldn't. "Thank you." ||
Ilkin: "You'll regenerate," Ilkin muttered, "Well I suppose there is nothing else to do here. Good evening to you, Lisa, 01. We shall see you soon." ||
Caelan: She nodded, knowing there was emotion even if it didn't reveal itself. ||
Storyteller: [And that, I think, is a wrap!]

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