Voodoo Girl, Part III

The Storyteller (5:57:03 PM): "I have to say, dates with you are never dull, Jay." Church said, snatching Whim's shopping bag and rushing into the barrier. Whatever else, Deborah was fast, and she was across the ward before the final entity present could react. "Now wh--"
The Storyteller (5:57:05 PM): The ghost, which had been hovering around the green shopping bag, reacted with a vengeance. The light dimmed, and Ilkin's line of sight darkened for no earthly reason, the one light bulb in the storage unit beind reduced to a faint glow. By the door, a set of metal shelves began to bed and deform, as though under great pressure, and then were ripped bodily from the wall and sent spinning at Deborah... only to stop dead at the edge of the barrier, falling to the ground with a loud clatter. "...Never dull. Never dull." [Wits+Composure on the surroundings, you may roll Wits+Investigate on the bag if you like] ||
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Ilkin is available (5:59:17 PM)The Storyteller (6:02:01 PM): "Hey, did I say this was a badthing?" Deborah grinned, her face flushed with sudden adrenaline. "Though they don't teach you siege situations in the RAF. Know anything about ghosts? Like why it can't hurt us?"
The Storyteller (6:02:34 PM): The black serpent slithered to the side now, making more room for Deborah. The area behind the barrier was beginning to get a little crowded. The snake and Deb eyed each other uncertainly. ||
Ilkin is available (6:04:31 PM)Ilkin (6:08:01 PM): "The ghost must be anchored to something in that bag," Kertenkele observed, "They tend to get protective of such things. Have you found anything in there?" "Not yet," Jay replied. The lizard hopped off his shoulder and began rummaging. "Let me try."
Ilkin (6:09:10 PM): Jay sighed. "There's a magical barrier here to keep the ghost out. Whim must've put it up to keep the ghost out, but I have to wodner why she had a ghost here in the first place." ||
Ilkin is available (6:13:26 PM)Ilkin (6:14:25 PM): Jay took the picture out and held it up toward the ghost. "Is this you?" he asked. ||
Ilkin is available (6:14:39 PM)The Storyteller (6:16:54 PM): The reaction to this indicated a certain strong affirmative. To whit, the ghost ripped off the steel doorof the storage unit and sent it smashing into the Whim's ward. Sparks of green and purple light flew from the contact, the steel door falling to the ground, and Ilkin could make out a vaguely humanoid figure now in the doorframe. More than that, Deborah could make it out too. "What. Are. You. Doing?"
The Storyteller (6:22:13 PM): Kertenkele, meanwhile, was examining the notebook. It was in a rather neat if slightly schoolgirlish scrawl, but deciphering was complicated by the fact that about half of it was in French and another portion in some kind of French-Spanish-English mix. Complicating matters further was the fact that the author (Whim presumably) was in the habit of taking mental shortcuts when writing. Nevertheless, the lizard could decipher the notebook as an account of several days' investigation into the death and haunting of a man listed as 'H. Kincaid.' ||
Ilkin (6:26:25 PM): "Checking to see if one of these people is the ghost." Jay showed Deb the picture, then checked the back to see if there was any writing showing who these people are. ||
The Storyteller (6:29:53 PM): The picture, it soon emerged, was that of Henri and Angelique Kincaid, with their daughter Ines. "Having much luck?" Deborah asked, as the black silhoette stalked just at the edge of the barrier. ||
Ilkin (6:32:21 PM): "Apparently," Kertenkele and Ilkin said at the same time. They looked at each other, and then the lizard deferred to his Mage. "Apparently," the Acanthus restated, "Whim was looking into this man's death and haunting." He pointed at the man in the picture. "I've no idea how the voodoo comes into this, but it is somehow related. Unfortunately we may not find out unless we can wake her up." ||
The Storyteller (6:34:38 PM): "She's stable so far, but she needs to get stitched up and some bed rest at the very least. She's close to freezing." Deborah commented, looking at the green-haired girl with some concern. "In which case it looks like we might need to get rid of the ghost first. Or at least get past it." ||
Ilkin (6:36:22 PM): "If we leave the picture, it shouldn't bother us," Jay said and looked about. "With any luck we can keep it here and nobody will find it. Kertenkele?" The pair sought a place to hide the picture safely. ||
Ilkin is available (6:38:30 PM)The Storyteller (6:40:34 PM): "Just so long as it's not the vengeful sort of ghost that wants to hurt us or your friend." Deborah said, more in the nature of one pointing out a possible danger. "Where do we go after this? I don't have a car and taxis might not be a good idea." ||
Ilkin (6:41:25 PM): "I don't suppose we can fly back to my car?" he asked with a faint glimmer of hope. ||
Ilkin (6:43:11 PM): "There are car keys in here," Kertenkele mumbled from inside the bag. "Use them to follow her movements back to her car." ||
Ilkin is available (6:48:03 PM)The Storyteller (6:49:06 PM): "Alright. then let's go. You grab the reptiles and the bag, I grab the girl, let's scram." Deborah said, picking up Whim carefully her arms. "Just hold in there..." ||
Ilkin (6:50:03 PM): "Doesn't that seem a little backward to you?" Jay asked wryly. But he did as he was told. ||
The Storyteller (6:52:16 PM): "You are talking to the snake. I am nottalking to the snake. Therefore, you get to carry the snake." Deborah said, stepping carefully out of the barrier, ready to duck back in. The ghost had faded away almost entirely by this point, only a vague silhoette that disappeared altogether. Nothing seemed to be happening. "That's a relief." ||
Ilkin is available (6:54:05 PM)The Storyteller (6:59:08 PM): It was at this point that, quite coincidentally, the building's fire alarm began to ring.
Ilkin (6:59:49 PM): "That wasn't me," Jay flashed a cheeky grin.
The Storyteller (7:00:15 PM): "Yuh-huh." Deborah said. "Just get the snake." The fire alarm continued to ring, which caused a great deal of havoc, a great deal of confusion, and quite guaranteed that but no one noticed Ilkin, Deborah, and Whim make it to the parking lot. ||