Exploring Castle Rivenroar

Exploring Castle Rivenroar

"I'm not trying hard enough if you've forgotten me that quickly." Slygoth steps forward, using the small amount of momentum to generate a huge overhead strike.

The double-axe buries itself deep into the back of the beasts head. It nearly collapses on top of Sengir and Zorn as it falls to the ground.

Slygoth Einherjer, Human, Fighter

Slygoth nudges the drake with his foot and grins. "By Bahamut's platinum bal.." Looking up his gaze catches on Bel and Panitari and he stops in mid-sentence. Then clears his throat before continuing. "By Bahamut, that was... ah... invigorating. How's the paladin? Do we rest a little, to get him on his feet, or push on?"

Slygoth squints as he stares at the various exits, as if by doing so he will be able to tell what is through them.

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Panitari looks at Slygoth and says " I think a short rest is what we need but nomore then that,Because We still need to hurry...So please catch your breath everyone but please do so quickly" as she carefully search the room.

Slygoth Einherjer, Human, Fighter

"Right you are, then." Slygoth walks over to the dead archer and cuts a couple of strips of cloth from its clothing with a dagger. Then returning to the Rage Drake's body he sits down, leaning against it, and sets to cleaning his axe.

"Well, Katsogul," he says, clearly speaking to the weapon. "We went better in that skirmish, maybe my memories of fightng along side you ain't false after all... maybe..."

Happy that the blade is clean, Slygoth moves on to strapping his wound...

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Bel agrees, "A short rest here, careful of the mushrooms." She
Unable to find the game forum NOTE: others get +1 perception from Bel
searches the room as she
Use two surges, +12 hitpoints to 22/26. Leaves 6 more if needed.
catches her breath.

Once that room is searched, Bel suggests, "Panitari, why don't we go look over the entry room. Preferably without disturbing either of the side chambers. See if the guards had anything of importance."

She heads upstairs to
Unable to find the game forum

Zorn awakens, the pain reminding him that he is still alive—once again, he was haunted by dark dreams while on the verge of death. "Thank Amaunator that we prevailed." After
use 4 healing surges to get up to 28/29 hp (total used = 8)
resting a few minutes to regain his strength, he reclaims his weapon and shield, then goes to search the entry chamber.

Dice Roll: 1d20+2
d20 Results: 8 (Total = 10)
Perception check

Bel stops and
Second though, use 1 more Healing Surge to bring me to full. Since we are pressing on with bad luck, I may need it.
recovers some more.

Bel looks to see if any of her arrows survived. She states, "Down to a dozen and a half arrows. Sadly, I may be up close and personal before this delve ends."

Slygoth Einherjer, Human, Fighter

Remembering his need for a hand weapon, Slygoth levers himself to his feet and jogs through the darkness to the entrance chamber. From the doorway he says loud enough to be heard by those in the room. "When you come back, bring back one of them flails for me. I might need it if we're going to be fighting in tight spots or if I'm going to be lugging a torch about."

Then not wanting to leave the Mushroom Chamber unguarded for too long, not with the exits and ropes leading to who knew where, Slygoth quickly makes his way back.

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