Act 2, Scene 3: Techuhltli

Phase of the Stars; HP: 83/83 AC 27 Fort 23 Ref 24 Will 27 AP 1 Surges 0/9 used

Soon, my bloodlust will abate, but until then these enemies will burn. Still running on his "anger" from the handmaidens, Rune steps forward to call the cosmos down upon the enemies in the other corridor.

Keeping his shield up Greil lowers his hammer. Surveying the battlefield he grunts looking around at the wounded and dead. Hmph well is that all of them? Taking a few steps back the Goliath finally notices the lack of movement the martial artist has made. Hey Orion you alive back there?

Finley walks into the center of the hall and tries to line up so he can catch the eye of a Xoltanaca through the columns, but his verbal assault fails to grab his attention.

Boone also walks closer to the center of the room and a ball of silver energy flies from his sword hitting a Xoltanaca in the chest, felling him.

Seeing two Xoltanacas still in a corridor on the side of the hall, Rune walks towards them with his heavy metal boots and summons a hail of falling stars which perforate the painted men, spilling their blood all over the floor.

The Tecuhltli rush past Greil as he takes a second to catch his breath, and they swarm the remaining Xoltanacas, killing the last of them. With that the hall falls silent as you survey the carnage around you, dozens of men lie dead.

Yet, the next instant, a bestial mad howling arises from the lips of the few remaining Tecuhltlis. It is not a human cry of triumph, but the howling of a wolf-pack stalking amongst the bodies of its victims. It sends a shudder down your spine and it makes you feel suddenly apart from these people who seek your aid.

Olmec approaches, covered in blood from a battle of his own and with a wide grin on his bearded face, "We have won! The feud is ended--forever!" he clasps Orion on the shoulder with a bloody hand, "It is good to look upon their dead faces--but oh, for a captive to flay alive! Twenty dead dogs" he says, "Twenty Red Nails for the Black Column!" but there are scarcely that many Tecuhltli left alive to count them.

Olmec explains, "They'd not have split the clan on a foray like this. I know them--rather, I knew them, Still..." he pauses thinking for a moment, "Yes! You'll go to Xoltanac itself, to see if any remain alive. Yanath and Topal here will go with you."

Having moved to lean against a wall as the battle closed Greil's eye's startle slightly at the Techulti's revelry. Their mannerisms are of men but their battles and actions are more of savage killers. Moving towards Orion and Olmec, If their are any left they will surely be upset at their loss, and the cornered dog bites first. Turning straight to Orion, So it should be then that we should go he says emphasizing the last words to the Monk.

Orion nods solemnly, "Our place is not here, we can help these men no more," he says looking at the men on the floor and surreptitiously at the others around them. He gently crosses the room, weaving amongst the blood slick stones, and slowly opens the door and looks out, "Come, great warrior. Let us scout and keep watch." He turns to the others, join us when you are ready."[/B]

Rune's eyes are no longer glowing bright red from his bloodlust induced anger and he realizes that the "enemies" are dead. Now that he can think again, he strolls over to Boone and asks him to convince the others to track down those handmaidens. Something just does not feel right about this place Boone, we need to track down those handmaidens that tried to keep us captive. There has to be some way that we can identify who they are working for, or at least go track them down. It appears they fled down into the crypts below and as much as I know I can survive, I need everyone else to go with me in order to truly take these monsters out. If not, then I will leave this place and go toward the Xoltanac with the rest of our party.

Turning away from Boone, Rune walks toward Greil and Orion and asks them to join him. "I am not sure how you two got here or what caused you to partake in this fight in this hall, but Boone and I were waylaid by these two handmaidens holding some black flower over us and they escaped from us down in to the crypts. I feel that we must go after them, but I cannot do it by myself to make sure we find out everything we can. Will you two be willing to join me, or shall I have to accompany you to Xoltanac to leave these humans," Rune spits out the last word contemptuously since these humanoids are anything but human it appears. Waiting for an appropriate answer, Rune walks forward to the hallway he entered from in hopes that everyone will follow.

"Agreed, Rune," Boone says. "There is more here than we see. Were it a matter of simply fighting all comers, I think I would prefer it to this constant skulking, ambush, and counter-ambush. So then, let's make this a simple matter. We head down to the crypts and confront... well, they be either friend or foe, and we must find that out, no? Either way, the answers lie in the crypts, I believe."

Greil stares at Orion for a long time. His thoughts complicted however when Rune and Boone join them he listens to their tale. with a qucik rap of his knuckles across his shield he finally opens his mouth. I do not wish to help the Techulti, they have already aroused too many suspicions for me. However Let it not be said that Greil Silex will not help those that were wronged and I'll back my allies when they need it. If you're going to the crypts to find out Information I'll join you. They're are probably some Xolotanacan's alive but perhaps out little group can seperate them enough that it stops. He ends his last sentence looking over to Orion, vying to get the monks opinion


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