Exploring Castle Rivenroar

Sengir looks at Gardain, "Gardain, I'm sorry to hear of your family issues. May Selune guide you safely to your family. Don't put us in your thoughts as we travel forward in to this danger filled place, we'll pull through as I hope your father and brothers do. What lurks ahead in the unknown should not even compare to the horror that you must be dreaming of now with your family. The mission we set out to do will survive through us as you take upon your own mission to see to your family, which we would gladly help with after this. Sengir looks towards the sky and sighs, "The nights will be long and cold here, and I will be without my goddess looking down at me from above, but we will prevail even though your strength would help connect me faster to her loving arms in the outside." With that Sengir waves farewell to Gardain and sits down to wait for the others.

Zorn nods at Gardain, a concerned look on his face. "Do what you must, good friend." Zorn shakes Gardain's hand, and then holds out the red sash worn by Shert Rhed. "Since you were close with Shert, perhaps you could tell his kin of his loss. We would have done so ourselves, but I am sure you would have liked to have been there when we did. It that viable? I am not certain if it would be along the way for you or not."

Slygoth takes Gardain's hand in his when it is offered. "You shouldn't be feeling guilty about leaving us here, but leaving me here with all these elves. Without a dwarf with us how am I going to cope?" He grins at everyone, then adds "Safe journey."

As Gardain moves on to others in the party Slygoth eyes up the belt. "Give it to Zorn. It looks as if it will go better with his armour. I'll get by as I am for a bit longer."

Gardain tucks the red sash away in his pack. He puts away his weapon and then looks to the others, "May Moradin guide you all... even the elves.."

Gardain smiles, waves, and heads up the steps to leave this crypt behind.

"That's enough waiting around. Let's get going. I'll take up Gardain's position up front."

"Yes, I feel rested enough to use my healing powers should the need arise again." Sengir says as watches Gardain leave.

Panitari looks at Gardain as she leaves and says says"Travel safe and I hope your family gets better." Then she looks at the others and says"Well... Now that everyone is as well as they are going to get then let us be off."

*cough* Ahem

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She looks over the others, "Which of you has a free hand to carry the torches? Slygoth and I operate best with two handed weapons or double weapons."

She suggests, "I suggest we start our search in the entry chamber. I suggest we always go right as much as possible, so as to not get lost too badly. In case of retreats make lefts to exit if you are lost. Sound reasonable?"

Slygoth Einherjer, Human, Fighter

"Right sounds as good as anywhere. If no one else can take a torch, I can carry one. It just means I'll have to use this." He hefts the flail looking at it with a dissatisfied expression. Slygoth recovers his torch and forms up with the others.

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