Rules and Feedback

This thread is for house-rules and feedback.

General E6
  • We will be using gestalt as described here.
  • Feats will be gained at levels 1,2,5,6. Afterwords, character growth will consist entirely of feats.
  • I am willing to consider "Prestige Feats" once you have reached 6th level, but you will have to meet the requirements for the prestige class in question.

  • Due to the nature of PBP combat, You may post your actions for the round as soon as I have made the status post &/ uploaded the map for the new round. I will try my best to accommodate your actions for the round. This will help to speed combat significantly.
  • Please maintain your post for a round in ONE post. You may edit this post, just remember to add any new dice rolls to the end, so that the system won't accuse you of cheating!
  • Critical threats will be automatically confirmed on a natural 20. All others (i.e. 19, 18, etc.) will still need to be confirmed.

On Leveling Up
  • After 1st level, Hp will be (1/2)+1 (d6 = 4, d8 = 5, d10 = 6, d12 = 7)
  • Please make a note somewhere in your character sheet as to where you have spent your favored class bonus.
  • Half-elves or humans with the Eclectic feat may take both of their gestalt classes as favored classes, and gain both benefits. You may only gain a number of hit points or skill points equal to your HD. (You can't be 6th level and have 12 bonus hp)

Pathfinder E6 Feats:
Unless otherwise noted, each feat can only be taken once.

I think that covers all of the classes. Let me know if it doesn't.

PrC feats can be requested(or you can make a series of feats similar to these: [link] (Note these are for 3.5 and will have to be adjusted))