House Applications / Matrons (no pics here either :p)

House Applications / Matrons (no pics here either :p)

Matrons and Houses will be selected first. They will have the option to do a draft pick of other players/PCs for their Houses. You may submit both a Matron and a non-Matron application, if not chosen as a Matron, your other submission may then be considered. If selected as a Matron, you may (if you choose) take your other submission as a cohort. It is good to be the Queen.

Having trouble slinging together a Drow Name? Check out the link, roll some dice.

Application Format

House Name: Try to avoid house names form the various novels and game suppliments.
House Crest: Be descriptive, but try not to over do it. Example: House Nizzre's crossed lightning-bladed daggers.
House Information: here I would like to see an interesting blurb about your house. What is it known for?
Private Tags should likely be used here for anything you don't want as common knowledge. Example: Our House all secretly worship Kiaransalee instead of Lolth. If you don't know how to make private-tags, PM me.

Matron's Name:
Matron's Build:
Matron's Personal Info: Again, use private tags as appropriate.

House Name: San'druu (Commanders of the Weak)
House Crest: A spider immolated in orange flames.
House Information: Nickname:
If that isn't already redundant for Drows..
The Manipulative House.

The House who specializes in outsourcing its work and responsibilities to others with a weak (or no) will. Within this house, planar bindings and desecration circles are common, each summoning or reanimating its helpers for various reasons.

Themes: This house favors those that deals with demons, enchantments, and especially necromancy. Into slave trading and soul-devouring.

Looking for: Enchanters, Necromancers, Conjurers, mainly those that excel in controlling a
Enchanters control the living, Necromancers control the undead, Conjourers control the creatures they summon (specifically Demons for this House)
certain aspect of others. Druids are welcome as well, for their affinity for (and control of) nature and plants. Half-Fiendish Warriors, Undead Knights, Torturers and their slaves are welcomed in this House. Very flexible about classes, as long as a control aspect is prevalent. If you think that your character might be welcomed to this House, drop a message or PM.

Matron's Name: Lin'essa San'druu

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