The Trials - Group Thread

Lars Sigurdson

Lars looks around the room before picking out a halberd much like his own. To that he adds a healer's kit, a map-making kit, then after some deliberation picks up a small barrel; he opens the top, puts the other items inside, then secures the lid once more, before hefting it onto one shoulder. 'Ready' he says.

The Master of Lore nods to you both, marking a ledger with your items, and with your time. Separately, he sends you in.

Erol first, and then Lars.

As each of the others take their choices and move up to mark them with the Master, Javek watches them intently. Each owns their own style and grace, each takes what they think will best suit them in the upcoming tests. Javek remains where he is until he is sure he is ready. He clasps the bracelet around his wrist and then goes about looking through the items to choose from. A thick wool blanket catches his eye and he's reminded of the cold nights aboard the ship, I do not know how long the test shall take. he concludes.

Next is a set of manacles, If I am to catch one of the others, I will not want to harm them, his imagination drifts to the idea that the test will be individual against individual.

Third, and only on instinct, he grabs a hardy shovel. The desert folk were know for their gifts with burying food, crafts, and other items to save them from the sun during the summer months. A shovel is as a tool any desert dweller should have.

Finally he stands in front of the weapons rack. He wanted to choose another item from the chest, but his heart told him he may need to defend himself. Lying on the rack is a boar spear, one much finer in quality than his own. He hefts it about before nodding his pleasure on his decision.

He wraps the shovel and spear in the wool blanket and tuck them all under his arm. His other hand carries the manacles and they clank and clatter together. He stands before the Master of Lore, confident he has made the right choices.

Watching the others, Fallim tries to guess what they imagine lies ahead, and to take their own estimates into account. But there are too many possibilities. In the end, he chooses 4 square yards of canvas, folded into a tight package, a coil of silk rope, a dagger, and a canteen full of water.

Rogar watches the others as he adjusts the bracelet on his wrist. He takes a moment to admire it, curious as to what the runes might mean. Shrugging to himself, he moves towards the items. He takes a greatsword similar to the one he had left in the crate, admiring its heft and balance. He then grabs a coil of silk rope, an iron pot, and a longbow. Happy with his choices, he walks up to the Master of Lore and presents himself and his gear.

The Master of Lore nods to you both, marking a ledger with your items, and with your time. Separately, he sends you in.

Fallim first, and then Rogar.


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